What do you mean by the “Evolution of Consciousness”?

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Q: You often mention “the evolution of consciousness”, are you talking about “individual” consciousness or “Universal consciousness”? I have seen that theme in other works, and I’m not sure “consciousness” needs to evolve since it is Infinite and eternal. Could you please elaborate.

A: Yes in this case I am referring to the individual consciousness, or soul, that evolves as an aspect of the universal consciousness. Which I say loosely, as perhaps you’ll understand why in a moment. It could be likened unto a particular sunbeam becoming brighter yet it is nevertheless still the entire sun. The sunbeam is the individual, while the sun is the collective that it is comprising. Another analogy is the individual drop of water within the ocean is still technically, a part of the entire ocean. In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna refers to it as the Supersoul comprised of the countless individual souls. Or in the Upanishads, the self is being sustained by the Self/Lord of Love which is what the self truly was/is the entire time. All these are depicting the exact same concept of duality actually being Nonduality only perceived as separate.

So then we could say, the ‘individual’ evolves only to realize that it was technically never an independent individual to begin with, rather, was an aspect that came out of the Infinite and Eternal, as you put it. Recall that ‘enlightenment’ is simply, yet profoundly, the realization of Nonduality, thus we realize the illusion of duality, separation, or ‘individualism’. Our perception finally evolves to the point of Self-actualization by awakening to the truth that ‘we’ literally are the Infinite and Eternal and there’s never been any separation – we are all connected. All duality and separation has been a belief we thought we’d entertain but that doesn’t mean it was the actual truth, it was only appearing as such. Like agreeing to be plugged into the Matrix and forgetting that it was a mental illusion. This is the spiritual concept of the Divine Dreamer (Brahma/Shiva/Vishnu) creating ‘maya’ or illusion – the dream of God of which we are all projections of the Dreamer.

Yet in the realm of the Absolute, all separations and dualities are an illusion and as such the journey was actually a hilarious ride only to arrive at that which was obvious and present the entire time. We can only laugh with relief at any sense of duality that was embraced for so long. All our sense of suffering, struggling, and searching was just a game of perception we played into, but it’s not real – unless we want it to be.

Suffering is actually self-created through our judgments of life, there is no one else to blame, there is no one else doing anything to us, God is not a judge and has no needs, preferences, or agendas, all of which are our own projections and stories that we’re playing into, yet eventually we have to accept that all victimization is self-imposed. We can be liberated of all of this in any moment, most just choose not to. We are the creators and investors of all fear and strife, we are in control the entire time, only pretending that we’re not because we seem to enjoy it more that way.

To help understand this, I liken it unto playing a video game in God-mode and how that would maybe get boring extremely fast. If there’s no challenge, no obstacles to overcome, no perception of having to grow and evolve we would get bored. This is why roleplaying games such as the most heard of, World of Warcraft, are extremely successful and addicting because they ultimately present infinite possibilities for our projected avatar characters to explore. This of course is just a projection of what real life actually is into a video game. Inevitably technology will allow us to do the same thing in a completely all-consuming virtual reality video game, just like The MatrixInception, Total Recall, Vanilla Sky, The Thirteenth Floor, or Avatar.

So we seem to enjoy believing in our separation from each other, the planet, animals, universe, and Divinity because then it makes things more interesting, we get to be victims and heros of our own projected fantasies. Yet the interesting situation arises when we forget that it’s all just a game or dream and thus we become like an actor who loses themselves and becomes consumed in the role they’re playing. It’s like playing a game with someone who takes it a little too far and too serious and it’s not fun anymore because they’re super intense. Like someone playing the game Monopoly being a total jerk and screwing everyone else over who are just having fun playing while the other person is being obsessed with domination, ‘winning’, and thinks it’s real and doesn’t care about others’ experience. It actually sounds very similar to our current world situation doesn’t it… the irony being eventually all the pieces have to go back in the box… so the only question will be, was it worth it?

Now of course, we all agreed to letting these megalomaniacs try and dominate the Earth and enslave humanity through a fake economy and consumerism because we could have played differently as well but we choose not to. For example, I choose to write this, spread peace and liberating truth, be happy and free from stress because that just so happens to be what suits me, but I very well could have been that egotistical being trying to dominate the world and control the galaxy, it just didn’t seem like a fun game to play. In my life so far I have explored my options of perception from suicidal lows, homicidal rage, anger, vanity and materialism, and suffering to joyful play, love, happiness, gratitude, and innocent liberation enough to know that radical acceptance and living in awareness of the Absolute are most fulfilling for me, but that’s just me. Everyone can do as they please because no choice is actually better or worse than any other, just different.

If we accept our own infinite potential, including accepting our darkest possibilities, we then are able honor everyone else’s experience, because to them they’re having a blast being that role, so more power to them, who am I to say what character they can or can’t play. The only reason it’s okay though is because I know that everything is actually wonderful and divinely perfect and no unfairness is actually taking place. There are no victims in the universe. Life is eternal and the game never actually ends. In the realm of the Absolute there is no such thing as ‘time’ or ‘beginning’ or ‘end’. Those are just fabricated concepts of the human mind. So we can create and recreate infinite scenarios and possibilities, it’s ultimately all bliss with no ‘where’ to get to.

So once we’ve had enough of believing that life is serious, there’s something we have to do or find, and suffering and struggling is around every corner we seek for something to grant us freedom and liberation from the common beliefs of reality. Religion and spirituality become great sources of validation for this quest and another game to play that offers enticing ideas and perceptions to explore. But ultimately they’re just creating new characters, stories, goals, struggles, and agendas. So once we’ve had enough of that we pursue this thing we call ‘enlightenment’ as the symbolic realization of the Absolute. Then through releasing all our stored up attachments of perception/judgment of our stories and character identities, it dawns that the Creator and the created are one and the same – the Father and I are One. Thus, the ‘individual’ and the ‘universal’ are realized to be one and the same. All personal karma, which is just attachment to the stories and identities, ceases, along with all suffering, death, loss, or fear which are only possible if we’re attached to the games and illusions. This is the Buddha/Christ/Krishna Consciousness.

So then where does this leave us, well the exciting part is Consciousness (with a capital C, referring to the ‘Universal’ as you put it) is as you said, Infinite and Eternal, which means its expansion and power of creation is in fact Infinite and Timeless! When that really ‘clicks’ it becomes radically profound and incomprehensible in the joy and epic relief such a realization offers. We are all equally aspects of the Divine Consciousness infinitely experiencing expressions of life and happiness as the All-Present, All-Powerful, All-Knowing Self that we truly are. All is the Self, the Self is All. I am a beautiful unique wave amongst the Ocean that is Divinity. Hence the creation of the word namaste to signify honoring this Absolute truth that the same Light of Awareness within ‘me’ is equally within all sentient and conscious beings. 😀

Lastly, we can observe that as our perceptions of life (conscious awareness) evolve we become increasingly more loving, for the evolution of perception is in fact the evolution of divine acceptance for all ‘others’ which eventually are realized to be the Self. No point in the evolution is better or worse, higher or lower, for all have their place, just like a tree not ‘better than’ the grass, just different and equally important, needed, and divine. Also we can observe that as a soul evolves the perfecting of the qualities of compassion, love, and happiness  naturally come along with such radical, unconditional acceptance – the true meaning of God is Love.

This is why it was mentioned before that Divine Consciousness is essentially Infinite, Eternal Love and Happiness without beginning or end. Creation is for the sake of sheer utter joy and bliss it is only our perceptions and judgments of reality that block us from seeing this. In common scripture it is said “God is Love” which is referring to this profound acceptance of All That Is – from the seemingly ‘vile’ to ‘angelic’. All is Bliss, All is Divine, it’s all perfect, there is no injustice in the universe, the universe is perfectly self-balanced and all victims are an illusion that we play into. We all get exactly what we really want whether we want to admit it or not – which is just a game we’re playing…

The evolution of the soul then is the journey back to realizing the innocent and childlike wonder of the divinity of our existence and magnificence that IS. Fear is only an illusion that we can go along with or not, as with anything else in life, it’s simply up to us.

The Infinite and Eternal is Now or more accurately, Always/Forever.


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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