We Can Perceive a World of Selfishness or Godliness, the Choice is Ours

Ascension into Self-Realization the remembrance of our eternal gift of consciousness

“Some souls are attracted to goodness, abundance, and service while others by fear, scarcity, and selfishness. The attraction is self-imposed and according to each soul being what it is. All align with what they desire.”

With the gift of consciousness we can perceive the universe unfolding to us as we see fit. Subsequently, some of us will choose to see scarcity and lack and thus respond with fear and selfishness while others will choose to see abundance and eternity and thus respond with service, joy, and peace. There is no right or wrong here, it is just a matter of perspective and opinion. All can experience as they so choose, the experiences of those perceptions however, will be vastly different in their overall joy. Which brings up a great reminder to mention, these discussions of Nonduality and freedom to perceive reality as we so choose is not to say that there is no ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘happiness’ and ‘sorrow’, there most definitely is. Selfishness will always lead to unhappiness and self-surrender will always bring peace. The point is we are the only one’s creating our misery or joy and we must reclaim our rightful empowerment first and foremost otherwise we fall into victimization and entrapment. As long as we are blaming a God or some external force for our situation we will never experience what it is we desire. This is why I am always trying to help us see that there is no right or wrong and that all are accepted as we are. We must accept where we are first without judgment because so long as we are resisting our current perceptions, we will never be able to change them. Once we have accepted our gift of consciousness for what it is, we can then work to align with what it is we are truly desiring without judgment, guilt, or anger.

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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