We Are the Product of What We Believe

We are the product of what we believe - liberation or limitation is all according to our own boundaries of belief

“We are the product of what we believe.”

This sutra holds within it infinite depth in its efficacy and application if we are adventurous enough to explore it. What we have been told from spirituality and recent discoveries in quantum and theoretical physics is that our reality is actually a holographic experience (dream-like) in which we are perceiving our reality through the filters of our beliefs, judgments, and therefore spectrum for what we believe is possible. According to science and spirituality the Infinite I/Divinity is creating everything and anything for us according to what we are aligning our beliefs and perceptions with. Divinity has no needs, judgments, or desires and is capable of infinite exploration and creation according to what we will allow ourselves to experience. To clarify, life has everything in it, every experience we could want to have is available but we can only enjoy the things that we truly believe are possible for ourselves. This can range from the most mundane and simple such as “people are nice to me” to the most mystical such as “money materializes out of thin air for me”. There really is no limit to how far we can take this, it’s all up to us and based on what we can stretch ourselves to imagine possible and are willing to allow for ourselves. And I don’t mean just a whimsical belief, it has to be resolute and as fundamental as breathing, backed with absolute faith and trust in the radical truth of all this otherwise the doubt and collective beliefs will overpower it and we’ll follow along.

Utilizing this model we must first accept the honest fact that our current life situation is literally the product of all that we’ve ever thought was possible for ourselves – ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it’s irrelevant and only labeled by us. We can be or do anything we want if we have the dedication and steadfast belief to constantly fuel our exploration of desires. Yet, it is important to understand that our life situation, and all experiences, are technically ‘neutral’, it is only our judgments, beliefs, and therefore perception that deems anything otherwise. I’ve explained this in various different posts, most recently in the previous sutra. Nevertheless, our current situation and all its potential is contained within our current self-imposed boundaries, barriers, limitations, and rules that we established and continue to support and reinforce. No one or thing else does this, only usThere are no victims.

The realm of belief, judgment, and perception is where we actually have control over our lives, and it is not to be underestimated. Having the ability to accept or deny belief systems, and therefore perspectives of judgment, allows us the ability to perceive and experience a life full of limitation and lack as well as a life full of liberation and abundance – all according to what we want to believe or see. We are the product of our beliefs and as such we have to deeply analyze our belief systems and judgments if we are ready to explore life without limitations. There are a myriad of beliefs that we began adopting starting in the womb as those we learned from our mother, then as we aged we continued to accumulate the beliefs that others fed us and perhaps even dropped a few along the way that didn’t serve us anymore. For some of us our childhood programming was ‘damaging’ and some it was ‘helpful’, it’s all the same in the end. Because for whatever those beliefs were they brought us here now, and it is only now that we can begin to deeply analyze and uproot our belief systems to see if we really want to endorse them anymore and agree to the boundaries and limitations we unknowingly established for ourselves.

I will leave it up to you to explore and ponder the depth of what I’m implying here, but with some honest reflection and introspection I hope you will see that there is no denying that every belief we’ve ever had has dictated our perception and experience of life in one way or another and continues to do so in this very moment. Every belief about our body, our health, our intelligence, our life-potential, our IQ, our talents, our love-life, our abilities, our career aspirations, our financial situation, our living location, our ambition and creativity, our genius, all of it has been according to what we were and are willing to believe and therefore allow for ourselves. Even in being drawn here you had to have had a belief that inspired you to come explore and grow. You have to have had some sort of belief that more is possible, that there is something deeper and more radical than you ever could have imagined waiting for you to explore and it’s all within youYou had to have believed something along the lines of: you are worthy of all your dreams and desires, you have at least a curiosity or passion for the nature of our reality and existence, or at least a lingering question of is it all really ‘serious’ or could life actually be the most amazing divine playful experience ever conjured.

Exploring Our Beliefs

The tricky thing with beliefs is that they can be subtle to overt, obvious to hidden. It takes continuous monitoring to uproot them and check-in to see what beliefs we are agreeing to. Our judgments are one of the most direct indicators of our beliefs because all judgments are projections of our beliefs. The process can be quick and effortless or it can be a battle, all depending on what we want it to be. 😉 I have been exploring this model and can speak from my own experiences that it has proven itself magically true several times now and I am excited to continue to explore it. In congruence with my studies of enlightenment and nonduality, if this all really is true then I find the only thing entertaining now is to explore the limits of divine possibility and the playful bliss that this human life is. And this seems like a good time to remember a very important, radical fact when going about this exploration.

‘I’ as the ego/finite I/personality – Mathew – ‘do’ nothing, ‘think’ nothing, ‘feel’ nothing of my own. These things I know and accept are given/downloaded to me according to what I am allowing to come through me based on my beliefs and perception. The Divine is allowing me to live, breathe, exist, and experience in every moment and at any moment could also end this character’s story – truly accepting this inspires continuous humility and gratitude. It is the Divine that is writing this through me and giving the inspiration to pursue these things and uproot beliefs that It put there in the first place to explore. Playing music is another good example, I can’t take credit for where musical inspiration comes from, it’s as if the guitar plays itself and I’m listening too. The Divine is the Doer, always has been and always will be, I am just the aperture, the vessel, the conduit, or the player that experiences life/the universe/the game that It creates for me. (Thank you!)

Whatever words you want to use, the important thing to remember is that we are exploring the idea of releasing ourselves from limiting beliefs in order to allow Divinity to express Itself through us in new and radical ways. However, it is all Divinity – not us as a separate independent identity – again even the idea to study these things, ponder them, and explore them were given. So if we remain humble and surrendered to this fact we can explore without expectation and remain in a state of joy throughout – not needing to take anything personal. This exploration is not meant to be a replacement as a new belief system but rather is a scientific-spiritual hybrid model to explore and find out to be true or not. It is backed by scientific discovery as well as spiritual mystics’ teachings ranging back thousands of years and is a radical new approach to looking at life that I have found to be true and infinitely rewarding in my years of exploring it.

For now, begin to ponder the beliefs that have led you to your current life situation and really contemplate the possibility that you have been the only one placing boundaries and limitations on your life. All limitations are self-imposed and despite seeming to come from ‘out there’ actually were accepted ‘in here’. All of life is a subjective exploration in which there is no actual ‘out there’, out there. All sense of ‘out there’ is a projection of ‘in here’.

Go within and start knocking on the door.


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.