We are Not Separate Beings

     I wanted to go over this topic of the illusion of separation again because it’s the most important thing we could learn and really accept. By understanding and accepting this fact it changes how we view every interaction and relationship in our lives. Therefore, to me it seems to be one of the most important things to grasp.

    Mystics from all various backgrounds have said that we are definitely more than just our bodies. And in fact from a psychology perspective this makes sense, seeing how the ego mind wants us to think we are limited and separate. It indulges and promotes this thinking in order to maintain its control and belief in victimization. And as we’ve learned again and again, ego thinking is the root of all unhappiness through its perceptions of victims and perpetrators, for it is the notion of separation that is the root of all unhappiness.

      The beauty of our time now is that our technology and science has caught up with what masters have been trying to teach us for thousands of years now, that we are all connected and one with All That Is. A quote by David Bohm, an amazing physicist of our time said this in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order:

“It will be ultimately misleading, and indeed wrong, to suppose…

that each human being is an independent actuality

who interacts with other human beings and with nature.

Rather, all these are projections of a single totality.”

     Here Bohm is saying that through his observation and studies that it is quite impossible to think that we are separate. And not only are we not separate from each other but from everything in the entire cosmos. When we get down to the smallest units of measurement/observation we can see that everything is just vibrating energy. And not only energy but all the exact same energy! This is what I was referring to in a previous post about how we’re all made of the same God essence. Energetically speaking we’re all the same, same as the trees, the animals, the ocean, the air, the rock, the earth, and you and me. This idea might make some people uncomfortable but like I’ve said many times before, I’m sure hearing the world was round scared and confused people too. But we must not reject Truth if we are to grow and evolve. We have to be educated or at least open-minded if we are to progress.

Albert Einstein said, in reference to this topic of who we really are:

“A human being is part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest- a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living things and all of nature.”

     When we think we are just the ego mind, we are denying the limitless powerful being that we really are. Our True Self identity, or Spirit, Higher Self, Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, whatever name you prefer, is greater than we could imagine and is connected to all of the universe. It is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, intuitive, unconditionally loving, creative, and glorious to say the least. It is our true nature that the ego is keeping from us. It is easy to see that the only way we suffer is by being stuck in ego thinking and it is certainly where all effects of self-doubt, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and inability to be loved come from.

     The ignorant ego does this by making us believe that we are separate, lacking, and thus powerless. It’s thoughts are that we are ultimately victims of the universe and that everything is “happening” to us. But the truth is that we are the only one’s responsible for our response to life. We are creating our realities everyday in every way and in every moment based on our perceptions and belief systems we adhere to.

     When we start to think about this interconnectedness we can start to realize how our thoughts, feelings, and actions, especially words, affect those around us in one way or another. We can start to see how we’re perfecting aligning with others based on our energetic vibrations that we are emulating. We can start to see how we are an intricate part of the whole, no matter what the situation is.

     A scientific experiment was designed to test this concept with plants and finding a way to measure the impact of thoughts and emotions projected towards them. Scientists noticed how destructive music and thinking hurtful and negative thoughts about a plant would slow it’s growth or even kill it. Whereas when the plants had classical music playing and loving thoughts projected towards them, they flourished and grew healthier and faster.

A similar study was with labeling water with loving words or phrases. They found that when you label water, with say the word love, the water molecules will form beautiful snowflake like crystals. And each intention or word had different formations of the molecules! So the water labeled “thank you” looked different from the one labeled “love”! This was fascinating to me and it is the most beautiful thing to see ever. Furthermore, they noticed how when they labeled the water ‘I want to hurt you’ or ‘I will kill you’, the water molecules were malformed and disfigured.

    The implications of such studies are astronomical. It physically shows us the power of our thoughts on things around us and makes you think about what effects we could have on our own body’s health and state of mind.

    Another concept that scientists uncovered is that we are not even separate when observing someone or something and that in fact the moment we observed anything, we have interacted with it and ‘both’ of us have changed in significant ways. This is astounding to think about, or at least it was to me. This means that our spouse, children, parents, boss, and coworkers are not separate realities acting upon us, neither are all things in nature. We have influenced in various profound ways, how everything responds to us and essentially we are all the same and part of each other anyway, we are ALL one. We are all interacting in an infinitely intricate dance of vibrational energy where all is in perfect harmony and all are having the experience they align with.

     This means that all our happiness and unhappiness we are participating in and creating, there are no victims or perpetrators. Dr. Grayson from Mindful Loving says “Our emotional pain, our rejections, and our deprivations – as well as our moments of happiness and love – are the results of our states of mind rather than an independent reality that is acting upon us.” This is what I was referring to before when I mentioned that our states of mind are under our control and that only we can create our happiness because everything we want is within us and not external.

John Wheeler, another prominent physicist said,

“Today I think we are beginning to suspect that man is not a tiny cog

that doesn’t really make much difference to the running of the huge machine,

but rather that there is a much more intimate tie between man

and the universe than we heretofore suspected…

The physical world is in some deep sense tied to the human being.”

   What all this must make us start to realize is that our separateness, powerlessness, and victimization must all be a giant illusion. An illusion created by eons of dualistic ego thinking. We can break out of this thinking by becoming conscious, by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and speech. They are all parts of our power to create our reality. I will discuss how we create in later posts but for now review these things, understand them, truly realize that we are not separate. Reject all temptations of victimization.

     There are countless experiments that we can do to see how we are all connected and that our thoughts do effect the outside world. First you can think of times when perhaps you call, text, or e-mail someone and they say, oh I was just thinking about you or vice versa. Perhaps you can remember times when you literally call someone at the same time they are calling you. Both of these scenarios have happened to me several times and many other people I know say the same. This is not by coincidence…

     Try this, think kind, appreciative, and loving thoughts about someone for a minute or so throughout the day and eventually either that same day or soon after someone else is going to either talk about that person, mention them, or that person is going to contact you somehow if applicable. Another fun experiment is think about a favorite song, maybe sing some of the lyrics, or play it in your head throughout the day and a similar scenario will happen in which you’ll end up hearing that song without doing anything. I put this one to the test unknowingly and had this odd 80’s song stuck in my head and was laughing and thinking about it all day. Then two days later while at the pool the people next to me happened to play it on there ipod stereo and I was amazed! They had been playing music all day and it was nothing like this song and then out of no where it came on and I was blown away and knew without a doubt that I had aligned with that moment. It was far too random to just be chance. Especially since they had been flipping through songs and after skipping about ten stopped on that one and played it. That’s the fun of this, as you start playing around with ideas you’ll see how this works. Also you can come up with your own methods of testing the law of attraction, the power of our thoughts, and the ultimate connectivity of All That Is.

    An experiment that I wouldn’t really recommend but if you still need proof for yourself of your power of our creation it will definitely show you. After reading about it think about possible consequences before you perform this one.

     Pick someone who you know will be there for you no matter what, a spouse, a best friend, parent, sibling, as well as someone you’re going to interact with for at least the next couple days of the experiment. Don’t tell them what you’re doing because that would ruin the point. So for me I picked my girlfriend for example. So what you’ll do is all day long think loving thoughts about that person, throughout the day stop and just think about all the things you love about them and how much they mean to you and how much you care about them. Now when you see them notice how they behave.

     For me I found that when I did this my girlfriend was much more loving and receptive to me than usual that day. She missed me throughout the day and wanted to be close to me as soon as we were together again. Also I noticed she was complimentary more than usual as well. So I took note and then moved on to the next part of the experiment.

     Now the next day, think negative thoughts about that person all day long, throughout the day think of how much you dislike the person (even if it’s not true it will still work) have cold thoughts about them throughout your day. Think about things they’ve done in the past that irritated you, or perhaps things you don’t like about them. Then when you see them again later that day notice how they behave.

      For me it was a night and day difference. She was unreceptive and negative towards me and behaved as if she was extremely unhappy with me and as if we were fighting about something. Mind you, I never said anything and didn’t change my behavior at all just simply my thoughts. This is why I don’t recommend this experiment but I figure I can’t stop you. Plus, I suppose once you do this the evidence will be indisputable, as it was for me.

       Then the next day please go back to loving thoughts and end the experiment on a good note and tell them about it afterwords so that you can both learn from it and start to create a better relationship with your new knowledge. You’ll notice that the next day the person will go right back to being loving and fond of you. And if not, then try harder, keep thinking more intense loving thoughts and eventually they’ll come back around. Again, I warned you if you decide to try this, take caution, you will see just how powerful you are.

       To me this was fascinating, exciting, scary, and overwhelming because it was so absolutely clear to me that we create all the joy and happiness in our relationships. Everything is only the result of our own inner creation. It is clear that thoughts about our significant other is the largest part of how successful and happy the relationship is. Yet in ego thinking it’s always that it’s the other person’s fault. Ego thinking is always victimizing and externalizing why things failed or why we’re unhappy. It’s always seeking to blame and never takes responsibility for itself. It does this because if it were to take responsibility that would be claiming our True Self power… which is the opposite of what it wants. So instead it continues to externalize all unhappiness as someone else effecting us.

    So with all this information, ponder, meditate, and search for your own conclusions and answers. Find out for yourself don’t take my word for it. Research the science behind it, try the experiments, whatever you have to do to realize that we are all connected please do because it’ll change your life for the better in untold ways. Much more on this later and we will be coming back to this concept frequently seeing how it is the basis of every interaction in life. Reclaim your power, fill your life with loving thoughts, feelings, and words for yourself and others and create a beautiful life for yourself!

Always Love my friends-

This post was inspired by Mindful Loving, an amazing book on spirituality/science of relationships by Dr. Henry Grayson

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.