We are ALL Connected

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while and have been thinking about how I wanted to go about it for months now. I finally decided I will just go for it and try to give it to you in a way that is simple and plain. I could go into the science of this concept and all the evidence and reasoning behind it but first of all, that would take an extreme amount of effort on my part, and second of all, it’s kind of irrelevant if you just understand the concept. This is something that has to just click, you can be told over and over again but until you have that awe-ha moment it won’t truly make a difference for you.

To begin, whether you’re religious or not it shouldn’t matter, I believe that this is true regardless. Whether you hold to the idea of creation, big bang, or whatever you choose, it doesn’t really matter because there is still no denying the truth of connectivity once we understand the concept. The truth is that we are all connected, and not just human to human, humans to plants, to animals, to the ocean, to the air, but to All That Is. There is no separation in our universe everything is connected by the energy of consciousness. Without going to far into scientific discussion we can accept the idea that matter and energy is never created or destroyed and is always the same.

So when we were born we might think well I’m new and now I’m a completely new source of energy and matter but in reality you’re just an extension of everything you’ve had given to you. You came from your mother and father then all the food your mother ate, then all the food you ate, water your drank, breaths you breathed and so forth. When we step back and look at it this way we see that we all are just “borrowed” energy and are a product of the entire universe. But even more importantly we’re just extensions of each other and of the whole.

Understanding this from a creationist perspective it would say that God created the heavens and the earth. But that energy and material doesn’t and didn’t just come out of no where, it was cultivated from the universe. So God used what was there and created this world, the solar system, etc. Or a bigger picture would be that God created the universe itself right? However this concept will start to take your head for a spin because if God created the universe than where did God come from? Is it some “different” energy… I would venture to say of course not. That doesn’t make any sense. This of course we have to rely on science to make sense out of. We have to remember that all energy has an original source point shall we call it. So even God in this model had to come from something. Some might call this blasphemy but I call it reason and common sense.

Another approach along those lines is that God is never created or destroyed is the beginning and the end. First of all, notice the similarity to the scientific definition to energy in the universe. They’re exactly the same. So this life giving energy that we have on our planet is the same throughout the universe. On a quantum physical level it’s all just energy. And this energy is the same everywhere in the universe. Some refer to this as the real definition of God, the all pervasive energy that flows through all life, creates, and connects the entire universe. But that’s for another post. I don’t want to get too much into the God discussion here.

So back to the connectivity of it all. If you’ve started to notice what I’m trying to get at here, if you believe that we were all created by God, it still doesn’t effect the idea that we were created from the same source and thus the same energy. Therefore, we’re all just extensions of the same exact energy. Therefore, we’re all connected through that. There can’t be any separation if we’re all made out of the same thing.

A good way to wrap your head around it is if you think of a cup of water. Now if I pour that cup into two cups I still have the same amount of water right? Now take this idea and expand it out by billions of cups and you get the idea that we’re all just extensions of the same original water. So with that being said now start to think if we were all from one original source and are always one energy… we must still be connected we just don’t see it. This is exactly truth because if we started as one and then divided into many different forms, it doesn’t matter we’re still the one, we’re just a small part of it. So we’re all still one!

Quantum physics has discovered this and been able to scientifically prove it by countless experiments showing the obvious connections of the universe. Everything is just an extension of Source Energy, it’s just a different version and compilation of it to give us relativity. This takes us to the idea of you can’t know what you are if you don’t know what you are not. Relativity is what gives us experience. When we were all one and knew that, there was no growth or relativity because everything just was. But by dividing and creating relative parts we now can experience ourselves as who we choose to be thus providing the experience we call life, growth, evolution, and experience in general.

This idea when applied to the big bang and other scientific theories makes perfect sense as well. It all started with the one energy and then expanded out endlessly from that source. So the big bang was all this energy that exploded out to now endlessly experience itself. I could go way more into this whole concept of energy, consciousness, expression, relativity, quantum physics, but I suppose I’ll save that for other posts.

So lets get back to the idea here. We should start to realize that we are in fact ONE. You can deny truth all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still true. I always refer to it as when they realized the world was round. It probably took people of that era a long time to accept that as well… but low and behold it is in fact true. This is the same degree of new radical truth. It will change our perspectives and view on things just as intensely. I’ve referred to this in a previous post but I’ll repeat it here, in our age and in our state of evolution this is part of the next big jump, realizing we are all one, realizing there is no separation. However there is old ego thinking that wants us to believe we are victims and thus separate in our world.

For some this idea will be easy to understand and accept and for others perhaps it will take a while, perhaps one’s whole life that’s up to them. But one thing I know to be true is that the sooner we realize this the sooner our life will begin to change in untold amazing ways! The possibilities that begin to come to us with this new understanding are astounding and I’ve been studying, learning, and experimenting with everything I possibly can about how to now use this information to better myself and the world. For me, this realization shook my very core. I was raised in a very extreme religion and I had a hard time at first starting to think for myself and look at the evidence. I had to stop letting someone else tell me how things are, what I can and can’t do, what’s real, what’s the truth, etc. But I know now without a doubt through endless trials and experiences that this particular concept is true. Like I mentioned before you don’t have to give up religion to accept this concept.

So whether you’re religious or not it doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that you know the truth and stop denying yourself your amazing worth, power, and abilities. We are all so important and effect everything in our own lives and the collective world and universe. There is no end to our connection with All That Is. With that being said we can understand our power. This whole belief and thinking goes completely against ego mentality and I would hope we can surrender and accept this grander truth. Limited ego thinking will want to reject truths of this nature because it threatens its power and control. The ego loses power every time we’re unconditionally loving, compassionate, truly happy, unified and experiencing oneness and truth. It doesn’t want to let us own your power, it doesn’t want us to be anything we want to be (i.e. eternally happy and full of bliss). Yet these things are easy to embody once we start to have all the tools and the right perspective. This is a lot to soak in for now and I will stop this discussion here and resume it more later. For now mediate on this idea, ponder it, research the science, whatever you need to do but I hope you will come to the same conclusion as I have that We are ALL Connected and We are all One. I love you endlessly and unconditionally and hope for your happiness and success in life!

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.