Understanding Personal Growth and the Ego

The ego is the term used by Psychologists and others to describe a process of thinking. It is all thinking that produces three main thoughts, powerlessness, separation, and lack. Which ultimately amounts to fear. Ego thinking is fear. That’s it, it is every thought that gives you some sense of fear no matter how big or small. But with all our advancement and education today there should be no reason to continue this thinking, in fact there never really is/was. This way of thinking is a remnant of our evolution. From a Biblical standpoint it is the way of thinking that caused the first murder with Cain and Able. Cain’s ego drove him to kill his own brother because he coveted the things of his brother’s life. But such negative actions can only stem from thinking based on fear of lack and that there’s not enough for everyone. Ego thinking is the same thing that all the masters and avatars have been trying to teach us throughout time.

I read a very popular article yesterday about strengthening the ego which made me realize that I need to keep addressing this topic more clearly from every angle so people will let go of reading and writing such things. Now, this is not to be disrespectful but more of a statement of fact, helping people strengthen their ego is the same as helping people become more unhappy and create more problems in the world. The reason why I say this, is if you really understand the concept you would never want to increase your negative thinking of separation and lack which is all the ego is.

The article seemed to work off the idea that living an ego-less life is not self-serving and doesn’t truly help personal growth. This is a gross misunderstanding because in fact working towards an ego-less life is the highest form of personal growth. That’s like telling Jesus that His life was not spent in personal growth and that if he really wanted to help others He should have stuck to His ego thinking. Or that the Buddha shouldn’t have spent all that time meditating, teaching, and loving others and should have been a king instead serving his “personal growth.” These things are absurd of course. Which is why I want to set the record straight.

Learning to control and eliminate ego influence in your life does not mean that you lose all sense of growth and gain. Yes the ego is a competitive drive that makes you want more, but it makes you want more at the cost of others. Also it wants more to the extent that it’s never satisfied with what it already has. There’s never peace only constantly searching. This is the most important part to remember and that the article totally missed. You can still grow without the ego you just do it without costing someone else. Also, you grow from the perspective that you have plenty you just simply want to enjoy pushing yourself for more. You don’t do it out of fear. Using the example of competition, it’s like having a competition where the point of the competition is to see how far individuals can push themselves and enjoy what they’re capable of without having there to be a winner or loser. The point of the competition would be to enjoy and celebrate life! It would be to enjoy the capability and greatness that human beings possess within themselves!

The funny thing is that mankind would actually unlock more greatness if we started sharing our ideas. Time has taught us this with the huge surge in technology in the last 100 years directly linked to improved communication. But still there are elements of secrecy. Back to the topic of competition let’s take a specific example of a sport. Say we have a track competition, one runner is exceptionally good and there are a few others that are a little slower. The ego thinking says awesome, good for that runner who’s better! But what about a world where the other competitors can comfortably say to the faster runner, “hey do you have any tips or training techniques that helped you develop into such an amazing athlete?” And of course the one who was faster has no quarrel with helping out his brothers/sisters because we’re all one anyway and the greatness of one is the shared greatness of all. There is no sense of an ego thought such as “oh no, I might not be number 1 anymore if I help them, so I have to keep my secrets to myself so that I can stay on top.” There would be no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, etc in the traditional sense, it would just be facts of the competition. This person ran the 400meter at such and such time and nothing else. And all viewers would just appreciate what all the athletes are capable of, all would receive praise because there would be a feeling of unconditional love for all.

By having competitive placement it has built into it inherently a system that says I’m better than the others, and you. In other words strengthening and playing directly off an ego mindset. But if we move past this limited thinking our goal would be to help everyone achieve their desired accomplishments. Think about how much faster humankind would develop if people freely shared their ideas and experiences to help each other as a species and family rather than a team, nation, or some other form of segregation used by the ego. There would be no sense of ego competition as there is today it would be about enjoying the act of testing the human potential!

To people who think negatively of this idea all I have to ask you is where is it coming from? Is it so bad that we all work together to enjoy this beautiful thing called life in all our various pursuits. Not only that but pursuing growth and development for the sake of the joy we get from it instead of the illusion of joy by “beating” others. By having a system built on ego thinking, which if you start to notice is almost everything, it creates perpetual fear of losing whatever it is you just gained. This is what I mentioned before about how everything the ego says will make you happy is never true because as soon as you have it you either want more, something else, or you fear losing whatever it is!

This concept can be extended to almost anything and as an intelligent person, which I assume you are, it’s easy to see how this way of thinking and systems based off of it do nothing for our lasting happiness. We always live in the sense of scarcity and fear. So to people who say to strengthen your ego I immediately think there must be a huge misunderstanding here. I must give the benefit of the doubt that people who write and read and believe such things just don’t know better or don’t understand because there’s no way you could accept such things otherwise. Of course there is always the possibility that ego thinking is so ingrained and buried deep in your subconscious that you want to perpetuate it and infect the rest of us.

But to get back on track here the ego is nothing but bad news. It does absolutely nothing for us. Ego competition for example does nothing for us that LOVE couldn’t do a thousand times better! So to those who say that living an ego-less life slows or doesn’t promote personal growth I say this loud and clear, you are mistaken.

Love is the greatest motivator there ever is and ever was. There is nothing more powerful in the universe than love. After all, that’s all there is. Everything at it’s core is LOVE. More on this later. With that being said, the more we move towards our source, which is LOVE, we unleash more and more of our power. Science has caught up with these universal truths and has shown us repeatedly that the power of positive thoughts and emotions such as love are a thousand times more powerful than any negative ones. Loving intentions has been shown to grow plants stronger, healthier, and faster and negative intentions will literally kill it! Labeling words such as love or thank you on a water container can literally rearrange the molecules of the water to beautiful shapes and snowflake like designs! Where as hateful words or intentions cause it to look unorganized and torn apart.

This same concept can be applied to our bodies and health but we’ll discuss that at another time. So to wrap this particular concept up, the most personal growth comes from LOVE and will always lead to faster growth, higher potentials, and endless happiness! If the mind is filled with ego thinking it will not get far or it will always be in fear of losing what it’s accomplished and thus be on the endless chase of “seek but never find.”

I hope this helps give you another perspective and clears up some ideas floating around about the concept of the ego. It is so important to understand this because it’s where all problems stem from! That is why I encourage you if you haven’t already to read or perhaps reread the concept of the ego, and this post again and again until you firmly understand it and can easily identify it in your life and in the world. Beginning to understand this concept will change your life so drastically for the better that you will truly be able to see what Jesus meant when he said “that even greater things that I have done, you shall do.” There is an amazing power of LOVE and infinite joy waiting for you to utilize it and enrich your life! Education about the workings of our minds and the ego is the first and only real step there is to getting there. I love you unconditionally and want nothing but your happiness and support you in whatever you choose. I hope that you find peace my friend.

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.