Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind (Part 1/3)

Self-Realization - Transcending the Mind's prison

Transcending the Mind

Although seeking liberation through the mind or transcendence through the heart/devotion lead to the same Truth, the path of the mind seems to be intellectually arduous and requires deep self-inquiry and constant observation of the mind’s misleading traps. The main obstacle that arises with embarking on the quest of enlightenment through mastery of the mind is the development and investment into the intellect as being valuable and reliable. As the intellect becomes strengthened, logic and reason dominate all aspects of life and the mind and its abilities seem to be the source of all power. However, quite simply, this is all an illusion. The following is a clear and direct perspective on how to transcend identity with the mind in order to awaken to unconditional love and enlightenment.

Honor Thy ‘Opponent’

For starters one must honor the fact that the ego mind is incredibly clever and sophisticated and is in fact the greatest con artist there ever was. Yet it is not an ‘enemy’ to be vanquished, rather it is simply an inheritance that comes along with being born human. This initial clarification offers self-compassion and inner courage knowing that transcending the mind is not about ‘defeating’ the ego but instead releasing identity with it and simply abandoning it as the false self that it truly is. Yet, the con of the mind is to convince us that ‘its’ thoughts are ‘our’ thoughts and that the mind is in fact who we are. However, this is the first and foremost greatest illusion of the mind. Simply and directly, the mind is not a thinker at all, instead it is simply a receiver of thought patterns from the field of consciousness aligned with and thus thoughts are being given to it through patterns of potentiality within consciousness. In other words, the mind is not even capable of its own thoughts; it doesn’t exist as an actual ‘creator of thinkingness’. If the mind then is not capable of its own thoughts but rather is being given thoughts through consciousness than it is clearly a false, limited self-identity and self-inquiry therefore must progress.

Transcending the Mind

The Mind is Impersonal

The mind is a complete illusion of identity for the mind and its thoughts are not coming from a ‘me’ at all but rather are being observed by something beyond it. However, the ego mind doesn’t want this to be realized for to do so would lead to a breakdown in attachment to its vanity and ultimately lead to its demise. The ego mind is essentially animalistic and fights for its survival by incessantly ‘thinking’ in order to keep us trapped by its illusions of fear and always trying to control life. By constantly being immersed in thinkingness the mind is able to create an inner reality in which it is believed and identified with as ‘me’ due to its persistent vanity and need to comment on everything in life. Yet the mind is only a pawn and a tool of consciousness to communicate the level of awareness of a being and has no actual power of its own. Thoughts, beliefs, and values are completely dependent upon the alignment with attractor fields within consciousness (themes of conscious awareness).

The quickest and easiest way to bypass the mind and the investment in the intellect is to realize that the mind is being observed by something beyond it, which instantly saps all its narcissistic delusion. This usually requires an acceptance of a spiritual reality that therefore requires the notion of a soul or consciousness. However, even in the scientific community due to the progression of quantum theories it has been accepted that there is an energetic presence deemed consciousness/the observer that is radically within and beyond the mind. For thoughts to be recognized and even acknowledged there must be something in which they arise ‘within’, a context for existing. Thoughts cannot experience their own ‘thoughtness’, they have to be made aware from something outside of them. Just as the cloud passes within the context of the sky or the fish swims within the context of the ocean, thoughts passes within the context of the silent, unconditional, immutable observer/witness.

As this is accepted one begins to accept the notions of the mind being given its thoughts and therefore are separate from the true sense of ‘me’. The question then becomes if the mind is not thinking its thoughts and the mind is therefore not ‘who I am’, than who am ‘I’ really? With this question understood, one then begins the quest of deeper self-inquiry and ventures into the realms of conscious awareness expanding to the realms of the observer/witness. Therefore the mind is actually being observed by what one truly is, the impersonal aspect of consciousness as life itself. This creates a massive shift in power over the mind and one can truly begin to truly tame it because it is no longer attached to. Once consciousness stops identifying with the mind it losses all power and is seen as an impersonal ‘it’ rather than a personal, egoic, ‘me’.

Transcending the Mind

Releasing Attachment to the Vanity of the Mind

With all transcendence of the levels/themes of consciousness, as well as any notions of personal identity, the challenge is simply releasing attachments to limiting contextual identities rather than anything else. Therefore the quest is not to destroy or silence the mind rather, simply realize that it is not who we truly are. The ‘goal’ then is to constantly focus upon being aware of the mind and observing it for what it truly is, a communicative tool of consciousness. Just as one would not say that we are the human body’s voice, instead we ‘have’ a voice and thus it is used as a vehicle for communication, but it is not ‘who we are’. As one draws attention and investment away from the mind as a source of identity it becomes quite obvious that what one really is, is that which is observing it rather than an actual ‘thinker’. The mind as an identity is quite simply false. For the brain, from which the ‘mind’ is derived is nothing of its own but simply organic matter just like the body. It is only consciousness that gives life to the mind and the body.

It is consciousness that allows for the creation of the mind and body beginning with each and every cell. And it is consciousness that aligns all of life karmically through infinitely intricate harmony and balance within every aspect of the universe. Furthermore, consciousness aligns the mind with its thoughts as well as controls the body’s movements. However, this concept is more so regarding transcending duality and will be discussed in the following section. For now the importance is realizing the fallacy of the mind’s judgments and constant commentary. The mind is constantly commenting on life and once we truly understand that the thoughts are not ‘mine’ and are actually separate from who/what we truly are, we can begin to actualize immutable unconditional love.

Transcending the Mind

Unconditional love emerges naturally as the mind is disinvested in because it no longer is relevant as ‘me’. Therefore everything the mind comments and projects judgment onto can be discarded as false and completely irrelevant. The mind is enamored with its thoughts and believes they’re ‘real’, worthwhile, and therefore is the source of all vanity. The mind loves its vanity of thinkingness and therefore has to always have an opinion on everything. However, these opinions are all fallacies and are all based on naïve, narcissistic, limited perspectives.

For example in all the mind’s creations of judgment it can be noticed that judgment is simply based on the ‘eye of the beholder’, or in other words a vastly limited perspective that is not even remotely close to capable of taking in all possible perspectives on any particular person or situation. To call something ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or judge in any particular way is simply based on which arbitrary perspective one takes on any given situation. Something that is ‘good’ to one may be ‘bad’ to another and therefore the more accurate, humble approach is to realize that everything just is and it is more appropriate to surrender the vanity of opinions. No matter how complicated, ‘supported’, or ‘right’ the judgment of the situation may be it still is nevertheless completely irrelevant and vain. In fact the more staunchly ‘right’ the mind thinks it is, the stronger the arrogance and vanity of the ego mind. In Reality absolutely everything the mind ‘thinks’ is vanity. All thought is vanity, unnecessary, and supported by ignorance and fear.

Letting Go of Opinions

The mind can be bypassed by realizing its opinions really don’t matter and everything just is and nothing more needs to be added. The entire universe is simply and profoundly perfect with no accidents, mistakes, or coincidences, beyond ever being accurately languaged, described, or otherwise labeled. All language or description of something is simply what a thing is not. Langauge is a metaphor and substitute for the radical perfection of Divinity/Reality. Everything is absolutely perfect beyond question or doubt all things otherwise are a projection of ego vanity and ignorance. Truly accepting this, it becomes clear there is no possible commentary necessary. What possibly needs to be said of perfection… nothing because it is all encompassing, total, and complete, to try and comment otherwise would be an arbitrary, narcissistic, irrelevant distraction and arrogance.

Transcending the Mind

To seek to take or give to perfection is a fallacy seeing how perfection is already perfect with nothing more or less required. It is only the mind and its incredible vanity and arrogance that projects a need to comment on something that is utterly beyond need for comment. An example that was poignant in this experience was when viewing a sunset or other natural beauties. The mind comments ‘that is absolutely amazing and beautiful’. However, even to comment in this seemingly ‘positive’ way is still limiting to the true perfection of the sunset for there is no possible words that could encapsulate its true essence, which is truly ineffable and beyond all words or concepts. Nevertheless, the mind in its narcissism thinks that its comments of praise and value are worthy of being invested in or even verbalized when in Reality absolutely all thought is irrelevant and actually distracts from the true essence of life. To think or say that a sunset is beautiful is extremely limiting of its true essence; in fact, all labeling is limited based on the profoundly limited perspective that it is arising from. Thus, the mind and its constant labeling of opinions, descriptions, judgments, comments, and overall vanity of thinkingness, constantly distracts from the simple, profound perfection of every moment of life. Silence is often the most appropriate way of going about life and is infinitely more fulfilling and radically peaceful and full of ineffable bliss.

Transcending the Mind

Withdrawing Investment into the Mind

Therefore, as investment in the mind’s thoughts is withdrawn, one begins to realize the profound peace, serenity, and happiness that results from letting go of constantly being concerned with thinkingness. It becomes quite obvious that the mind and its thoughts, opinions, concepts, labels, editing, and judgments are actually completely unnecessary in order to function. In fact, as the mind’s incessant interruptions are surrendered, life only improves drastically. All is simply accepted as perfect and exactly as it should be and therefore there doesn’t need to possibly be anything else added and inner silence begins to prevail. As one continuously withdraws attachment to the mind and its thoughts and the realization dawns that life continues on much more happily and peacefully, consciousness begins to truly accept its position as the observer/witness of life.

As the mind is surrendered to Divine’s perfection love becomes the only possible response to all of life simply because any other option has been realized to no longer be valid. For without the mind constantly projecting judgments and labels onto life, suddenly everything just simply is, as that which is perfect and beyond possible editing otherwise. Unconditional love becomes the only natural response to life because all of life is seen to be equally and continuously perfect and there is no longer a need to project the notion of anything different. Unconditional love then is realized to be what was always natural and was only blocked by the vanity of the ego mind’s illusions of perception. Without investment into judgment and thinkingness unconditional love prevails as the background silence of perfect appreciation for existence. Hence the useful analogy that Love is like the sun that is always shining and present and it is only the clouds of the ego that block its realization. Therefore, as one removes the clouds (ego illusions) the sun shines forth naturally as that which was always there, waiting to be realized. In Reality there is only perfection, therefore there is no possible thinking required nor any reason to ever fear, which is a core source of investment into thoughts as having value and worthwhile. All simply becomes accepted as perfect without question and it is realized that all of life will go on just fine, the body will continue to function and go about its business with the world and will actually function more efficiently due to not being distracted through the mind. Thus everything ineffably is and unfolds of its own, beyond judgment, all is perfect, all is provided, surrender vanity of needing to think and be set free.

Transcending the Mind

Final Clarification

A clarification is that by transcending the mind and its vanity does not mean one becomes unable to function or passive, there is still an awareness of existence and therefore one is still able to function within the world and stand for Truth. There is a subtle split within the mind between awareness as that which is constantly interacting and taking in all of life’s experience and the ‘thinking’ mind. The thinking mind, again is not actually thinking anything, rather it is reflecting thoughts through the interactive fields of consciousness. Thus, as the thinking mind dissolves into the realization that everything is perfect and nothing more needs to be added it increasingly becomes silent and dormant. The silence is filled with peace and bliss as love for life becomes obvious and all-present. In the silence of pure awareness, unconditional love is realized as the ‘normal’ state of existence. The soul matures and intuits the realization that all is equally qualified for love because all simply exists as that which is perfect and a creation of Divinity. Therefore as attachments to the mind’s thoughts are transcended unconditional love is able to come forth as that which is only natural.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

Embrace the pursuit of radical self-inquiry and be free from all suffering not by trying to ‘do’ anything instead the process of self-inquiry is a formless, subjective letting go of all attachments to limiting identities. To awaken unto ‘Enlightenment’ and Self-realization is to realize how it is that one fundamentally exists at all. Dive within as ponder such a thing and discover the magic of life.  As we’ve pointed out several times already the progression of identity within this life is from body, mind, spirit, then radical conscious awareness and ineffable renunciation with the Unnamable Divine Reality. The mind is a sophisticated ego trap and takes dedication and devotion to the task, the love of Truth propels one through the obstacles that arise. It may be trying at times, frustrating, joyful, peaceful, stressful even perhaps, but the goal is to surrender all that arises and accept it is par for the course. Majority of humanity still primarily associates with the body and few with the mind, thus to even be seeking after such things is worthy of love and admiration. Love and honor yourself for to even be interested in such a thing is of the greatest karmic blessing and gift of all the universe. As the Buddha reportedly said, rare is it for a soul to even hear of truth, rarest of all for a soul to pursue its realization to its fullest realization.

Join me in this eternal paradise, I wait for you there in the ineffable silence of Reality, Immortal Love realized.

Namaste my dearest love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.