Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind (Part 2/3)

Going Beyond the Mind - Self-Realization - transcending the mind's illusions

Transcending the Mind

Seeking enlightenment through the pathway of the mind is extremely challenging due to the mind tending to be incredibly difficult to tame and required absolute concentration and focus above all else. During this time there were months spent in which every day was devoted to pure concentration and observing the mind and its incessant thinking. This was mainly accomplished through persistent meditative contemplation. Contemplation is simply the constant exercising of the spiritual will as the sense of concentrated focus throughout all daily activities. As one focuses completely upon a spiritual truth all learned opposition to it within one’s consciousness will be brought forth to be addressed and transcended. One has to maintain an absolute persistence and be resolute in one’s dedication to Truth/Divinity.

When first beginning to observe the mind it was immediately noticed that it is constantly chattering about the past/regrets, future/anticipations, grudges, judgments, recalling prior conversations, reciting lyrics from music, replaying scenes from movies or other media, thinking about tasks to do, and a myriad of other senseless ‘mental noise’ to try and distract from silence. The untamed mind seemed to be afraid of silence because it believes if it stops thinking it will cease to exist. It lives from the sense of ‘if thoughts are ‘me’ then who am ‘I’ if there are no thoughts?’ Thus out of a desire to ‘survive’ its stream of thinkingness is endless and ultimately it is constantly paranoid about its inevitable demise. The mind is essentially the greatest con artist because its trick is to make naïve consciousness believe that it is real as an independent identity. In Reality the ego mind as a dualistic entity is completely an illusion.

Silent Mind: Peaceful Mind

When faced with silence the mind will even think of random tunes and senseless musical beats, anything to distract from peace. By trying to silence the mind and control it overtly it was realized that this is an impossible task and the harder one attempts to do so the more unruly it becomes. It was then noticed that observation, contemplation, and exercising of the spiritual will were incredibly powerful approaches to mastery instead of attempting to directly silence the mind. Therefore the devoted will could simply override the mind’s nonsense and reprogram it to focus its mentation on a spiritual concept or principle that replaces the constant chatter with concentration and intention.

It was important to withdraw all interest in believing in the mind as a source of truth and to realize that all thoughts and opinions are just vanities stemming from a limited point of perception. Knowledge of quantum physics and metaphysics was helpful by realizing that the mind doesn’t actually ‘think’. There is no ‘thinker’ behind thoughts, rather thoughts arise out of a potential energy field within consciousness and are impersonal waves passing by in the infinite ocean of divine potentiality. With closer observation it was then noticed that this impersonal stream of thinkingness seems to be dictated by a combination of prior programming (themes of self-identity/karma) and the spiritual will’s current intentionality. Focusing solely upon the will gave a sense of grounding and control and seemed to tame the mind through contemplative concentration.

As contemplation became more frequent the mind was observed at all times and constantly perceived the world through the clarity of applied spiritual principles as a way of, in a sense, turning its own stream of thinking against itself. So by clarifying the truth that all perceptions of life are projections of ego vanities, it then began to be quite obviously recognized in life experience due to assimilation of the new radical awareness. Life therefore subjectively changed with persistence and commitment to accepting the liberated approach to viewing life and therefore letting go of prior illusions. Truth revealed itself as a dawning of clarity and peace as past programming that seemed to have been hindering true vision, fell away. There is great relief in releasing the ego’s limited perspective because of the guilt and fear that is surrendered and let go of in the process. However, in alignment with surrender brings up all resistance to be addressed and transcended through devotion to Truth, which is radical acceptance/non-resistance.

At first, this was challenging and overwhelming task and required absolute dedication in every moment throughout the day, even while interacting with the world’s endless distractions. One had to be dedicated and devoted strongly enough to be observant of the mind at all times throughout every moment of waking life, even while interacting with others. This required an incredible amount of energy for the first several months and a loss of focus was common. However, with intense perseverance and devotion it eventually became effortless due to the inner-reward of peace and happiness that accompanied success. As consciousness withdraws investment in the mind as an arbiter of truth and sense of identity, it loses all power and becomes increasingly silent which brings peace as if one can breathe fully again.

Transcending the Mind

To accomplish this feat of control and taming of the mind the self came up with clever tactics to constantly keep the mind focused through mantras and contemplation of spiritual truths or principles. For example, throughout a given day there was focus upon the essence of unconditional love and applying it to absolutely every situation without exception. All opposition would then arise either within the mind such as argument against believing in it, or resistance would be demonstrated in the life experience in order to be recontextualized and healed through forgiveness. Forgiveness came from realizing the innocence of all and how ignorance is still innocence, for the ‘negative’ and immature know not what they do. Therefore by approaching seemingly negative experiences with unconditional acceptance the subjective awareness would expand to a novel degree of peace that consciousness just simply didn’t recognize before. And whenever investment and attachment to the mind as the ‘thinker’ resurfaced it was by the power of observation and the spiritual will that then allowed the attachment to be replaced by the dedication to lovingness and surrender. As one embraces and surrenders to love the mind would become more still and peaceful due to the awareness of the presence of unconditional love that is effortless and serene.

The primary sources of peace came from realizing the silence in between thoughts, observation of the mind as an impersonal quality of consciousness, as well as realizing that one’s true nature is more so the infinite silence from which thoughts are arising and that which is allowing them to even be noticed. By analogy, there must be the background of silence in order for noise to be heard. Therefore it is the aspect of consciousness that is silently observing thoughts that identity shifted to. Upon doing so, it was realized not only are thoughts impersonal but also the aspect of consciousness as the serene observer is unaffected by the experience of the content of physical life as well as thoughts. All just simply is. This sense of a silent observer is the context while thoughts and the body’s actions are the fleeting content, like clouds passing by in the sky.

Going beyond the Mind: Surrender vanity

For example, let us suppose the mind thinks ‘turn and walk left’ and the body turns and walks left and the mind then claims origination for the entire experience, first that it ‘thought’ the thought and then that the body cooperated thus reinforcing the mind as the source of experience. The mind also takes claim of the body’s reactions to life experience and believes that life is happening to a ‘me’ and therefore attachment is reinforced through continued investment. The mind projects itself into life as if it is actually real and an independent existing identity, which is the comedy of the illusion.

Through an alignment with knowledge of neuroscience and metaphysics it was realized that in Reality the ego mind is interjecting within an incredibly small fraction of a second after something was already going to occur and then claims that it was the author of the experience. So using the example, this means that the body was already going to turn and walk left but a nanosecond before the process unfolds the mind receives the thought, ‘turn and walk left’ and then perceives itself as the source of the action. To realize this incredibly small gap is the window to transcending the ego into the silence in between thoughts, serene and innocently observant, free from all illusions.

Learning this scientific concept became fascinating given its implication. This meant that absolutely everything the mind thinks is actually completely illusory and unnecessary because all of life was already going to unfold perfectly whether the mind was thinking about it or not. And in fact once the mind’s constant editing of Reality through its limited perception, senseless commentary, judgments, directions, and advice was disinvested in it was realized that the mind is completely insane and cannot be trusted in the slightest. The ego mind’s perceptions of life will always be inherently limited and are never justified or remotely applicable to Reality. The Immortal Self of Reality is wordless, thoughtless, and beyond all conceptualizations.

Transcending the Mind: Surrendering Vanity of opinion

Another example of shifting investment away from the mind was to simply laugh at the mind whenever it’s random chatter would start to take over and simply add to the end of its chatter, ‘says the illusory ego’. This would then immediately put the consciousness into an observer state of awareness because the spiritual will just ‘called the ego out’ on what it really is, an illusion of insanity. The trick was to shift identity to awareness not the actual thought because it technically still comes from the mind and it is more so about the subjective transformation that takes place. As this becomes mastered the resurfacing of random mental chatter diminishes due to the lack of investment or interest in it and as a result, observation and concentration become easier and eventually effortless. The more one can humiliate and show complete disinterest in value of the mind as a sense of self-identity and observe thoughts as erroneous, impersonal illusions causes vanities to be exposed and eventually shrink away.

Mastery of the mind came through transcendence of attachment to it by simply realizing that all thoughts are vanities/narcissism of a limited perspective and are completely unnecessary, nor true. As investment is withdrawn from the mind, truth is able to awaken through self-evident gnosis in which full comprehension arises nonverbally and is more so like discovering something that was already present and just wasn’t noticed before. It is the ‘ah-ha’ moment or epiphany, in which one’s subject of contemplation becomes stunningly clear and simple. All truth is realized by letting go of illusion and therefore revealing that which is radically obvious and already self-existent. There is nothing to ‘learn’ or ‘gain’, truth just is and is always present, that is to say, always true.

Nevertheless, the path of transcending and taming the mind was incredibly challenging, especially in this technological age while participating in society. This required intense dedication to observation and pure concentration of intentionality. There could be no distractions and observing the mind had to be the absolute priority throughout every single moment and eventually the mind became quiet and easily managed. With enough dedication the ego mind’s illusory control begins to break down as one repeatedly observes its impersonal nature and therefore surrenders attachment to the desire to think. By not giving thoughts attention the focus shifts to simply being aware as that which is beyond the mind, peacefully observing. By doing so one is disinvesting in the mind as an identity, which takes all its ability to create stress, reactive emotionality, and suffering. The mind is impersonal, limited, illusory, vain, and completely irrelevant. The Self is beyond the mind.

Transcending the Mind: Surrender vanity of opinion and attachments

What wisdom arose from exploring the ‘dark side’ of the tamed mind?

It is worth noting, that the mind is like a computer and it can be programmed incredibly easy due to its naiveté. This is why history has proven that the masses are effortless to manipulate through mass programming of the mind, especially through media and propaganda that plays on classic, primitive ego positionalities. Once the nature of the mind and its programmability were understood, manipulation and seduction became very easy tricks to accomplish. It was quite obvious that the mind is innocently naïve and cannot determine truth from deceit and therefore is subject to extraordinary ignorance.

The temptations of control, seduction, and manipulation were in fact experimented with and found to be absolutely enticing to indulge in due to ego glorification. Learning to selfishly abuse the powers of a controlled mind is a very seductive ensnarement of the intellectual, spiritual ego and many throughout history have fallen into its trap. The majority of the world leaders, especially the leaders in media, are a perfect example. The masses are programmed daily through constant exposure to projections of fear, violence, and death among endless other tactics aimed at manipulating ego insecurities in order to control others, especially for the sake of consumerism, political favor, and war.

This is all quite easy to do with an understanding of psychology, the nature of consciousness, and the programmability of the mind, yet the temptation had to eventually be abandoned in order to continue progress. The dictums that were helpful to remember were ‘where much is given, much is expected’ and ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Consciousness can bypass temptation by realizing this newfound power of a tamed mind must be used for service and love rather than selfish gain. All selfishness and narcissism is actually only hurting oneself anyway for one cannot hold the intention to hurt or manipulate others and not attract to oneself karmic consequence for such intentions. Everything is karmically aligned, nothing goes unnoticed, and every thought and intention is recorded in the infinite field of Consciousness. There is perfect justice in Reality. Therefore, love and service became the obvious wise choice as well as being infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling.

Transcending the vanity of the Mind: Aligning with love and service

So then what arose from shifting to ‘utilizing’ the mind for love?

With this temptation of control/manipulation and seduction bypassed there then began the focus of the mind to embody energies of unconditional love. With the mind tamed there were no longer judgments and projections of ego vanities and unconditional love was able to become dominant as the natural state of being. A strong contemplative will can be used to focus upon pure love that is beyond all possible limitations of conditionality since it is completely an inner choice. Liberated from illusion, one is able to freely create one’s vision of reality by perceiving everything with unconditional love. By doing so and embodying a high state of unconditional love, one is offering love to all those personally coming into contact with throughout the day as well as simultaneously uplifting all of humanity through the collective field of consciousness.

Through devotion there was the ability to concentrate all conscious energy on lovingness, innocence, peace, compassion, and forgiveness. This became an extremely rewarding use of the heightened awareness rather than selfishness of personal gain. An example of the loving use of the will was to contemplate and meditate upon love and peace for all humanity and offering up one’s conscious energy to the universe to be used for love and service. One can recognize the incredible gift of awareness that has been allowed and then immediately surrender it back to Divinity to be used for the greatest good. The mind then becomes open to revelation and intuition that guides one towards the most loving energies as a concordant alignment. The most powerful prayer one could offer is to be a perfect reflection of Divine Love.

Therefore with continual concentration upon unconditional love, consciousness became dominantly aligned with its energy, attracting all things in the life circumstance to match its vibration. It was important to remember that all power of the mind and consciousness are not the result of causality, rather existence is already the effect of infinite potentiality becoming manifest as a reflection of consciousness’ unity. All is aligned according to the energies/themes of consciousness being what they are and thus attracting into experience their concordant energies (karma). Nothing is ‘causing’ anything else, everything is expressing itself exactly as it is.

Accordingly, the temptation of egotistically joining with power for power’s sake could be bypassed by remembering that there is not a separate personal will that is actually doing anything. The will is an extension of Divinity and thus it is Divinity becoming manifest as a concordant result of consciousness impersonally expressing itself. This brought about humility and expanded awareness of love as the ego and all sense of duality were becoming obvious as an illusion and the source of all suffering. Therefore offering up intentions without actual attachment to the outcome resulted in a more selfless approach of surrender. This took the form of, “may the most loving solution for all arise according to Divine will” or “I offer pure unconditional love to the world to be used as Divinity sees fit,” or “what will be will be for the greatest love/good.”

Transcending the Mind: Surrender control and judgementThe significance was surrendering personal authorship of the outcomes of life and accepting that life is always a perfect gift including one’s existence to begin with. Gratitude and humility were incredibly important in order to remain strong in the face of the ego’s sophisticated and seductive temptations. It may be helpful to recall that the fact one is even alive and able to be aligned with such great knowledge and liberation in the first place is a gift that is being allowed by Grace. To claim such a thing for oneself is the height of the arrogance of the ego, such as the temptation of being a ‘co-creator’.

Radical humility comes from the realization that all of life is actually impersonal and the result of infinite potentialities within consciousness becoming manifest on this physical realm of form. Existence is purely a gift of Grace and is only possible because of Divinity as the fundamental Self. Through giving thanks and praise for the ability to be at all, suffering inevitably dissolved into the realization of the Self as innocent, Infinite Love.

How did the process of awakening to the ‘beauty all around’ unfold?

With the nonattached mind mastered and temptations of the intellectual and spiritual ego bypassed, exploration and awakening into the realms of true lovingness, appreciation, and unconditional love was able to occur naturally. These realms were primarily explored through time spent with the girlfriend and spiritual companions that helped develop and explore the higher states of lovingness. Entering into the realms of true love as a dominant theme of awareness emerged as an infinite appreciation and gratitude for all life as an infinitely divine gift of perfect beauty. By constantly choosing to see only perfection and love all around, the gift of life itself became the source of limitless gratitude due to it becoming stunningly obvious that the fact one even exists is an amazing gift in and of itself. One’s existence is actually an extension of the entire universe being exactly what it is and couldn’t be any other way.

Transcending the Mind: The Infinite perfection of life's beautyEverything experienced in life within this new awareness slowly became cherished simply for its existence and aesthetic mesmerizing beauty, especially the infinite beauties of nature. The persona had a particular attraction to sunsets/sunrises, the peacefulness of the night and the inspirational beauty of the stars, mountains, forests, and ocean settings. Also interest into art and music became increasingly refined, peaceful, profound, and sophisticated yet simple. Everything in life was about the subtle overlooked details, such as the infinite complexity of even a patch of grass and its shades of colors and different patterns of growth. More obvious was the intricacy of life within flowers, trees, animals, and the human body that reflect such marvelous complexity that there was often utter awe and speechlessness at the beauty of Divine Creation. Everything became beautiful, perfect, divine, and realized to be the result of the entire universe manifesting itself.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

As we stay dedicated to the love of Truth it reveals itself to us according to our ability to surrender to it, for it is only the ego’s resistance that keeps it from us. Transcending the mind and seeking enlightenment is not something that is actually ‘done’ or ‘sought after’, this only implies more duality and is missing the point. One must surrender to Realization, for the dawning of Truth is only the simple, fundamental realization of our divine, paradoxical existence. This however, is not something that has to be ‘found’ it is actually already present, self-evident, and all encompassing, it must only be recognized by allowing for it. Truth is a dawning of realization of the obvious. Again, to awaken to enlightenment is to awaken to the realization of how it is that we exist. Pursue such a question and the Absolute awaits to be noticed and when It is there is no mistaking Divine Presence. It shall be known without question or doubt. Such infinite love and liberation is ineffable in it’s overwhelming power and awe, any remnants of a clinging ego are obliterated into the all-present radical realization of the Self. There is nothing more to know, nothing to seek, nothing to find, all searches have ended and all existence is revealed as that which it is, Divine Source – Unnamable, Indescribable.

Divine Love reigns Supreme.

Namaste my dearest love.

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


  1. Thankyou sooo much for this. I’m not sure how my brain will manage our habits. but much of what you said made great sense to me, Fear is tearing away at my insides, for a million reasons, but you’ve helped me see that i need to be more choosy disciplined and breezy when it comes to reality, manipulation (inner or outer) and Divine Grace. As someone struggling to get over alot, with pranoia also in my pot, I cannot connect with feeling better until I re-wire my lego track, that each and every thought travels down. (or better still, I could metaphorically launch it into outer space…far quicker…God Bless you for this great advice, you have helped me, so thanks muchly…Love Dawny Xxx

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your kind words. The most direct route is to focus upon realizing that all fear is an illusion. When we trace the desire for thinkingness back to its source it will always arise from a hidden fear along with the vanity of desiring to think, which could be likened unto the concept of loving to hear ourselves talk. The mind is the same way, it loves to hear itself and is paranoid about its inevitable demise. Knowing this we realize, trust is the antithesis to fear. So as we let go of fear we open up to trust and thus the mind becomes increasingly less relevant or necessary to pay attention to. Let go of the mind to find that life runs on its own and there’s never been control or need to worry the entire time. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we can enjoy this glorious journey we call life with unperturbed inner peace and serenity.
      Wishing us peace and love always-

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