Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to the Salvation of Unconditional Love (Part 2/3)

What is unconditional love, awakening inner peace

The Mind

The path of the mind (Advaita) can be sophisticated and cunning and requires constant psychological analysis and inner work regarding the nature of the ego and radical self-inquiry. The ego mind is the most cunning of all con artists and is in fact the greatest con there ever was. Simply put, the mind wants us to think that it is who we really are. It wants us to think that its thoughts are ‘our’ thoughts and that we in fact a dualistic ego. In Reality this is simply not true. The mind is a tool just like the body, which receives/reflects thoughts rather than actually thinking them, and therefore is completely an illusory sense of self since it operates impersonally and the majority of the time, beyond volition. In order to transcend the cunning of the mind it requires incredible discipline and keen observation at all times in order to not get pulled back into its sly tricks. Due to its significance we can refer to the section transcending the mind that will be immediately following this. For now let it be said that the mind’s editing, judging, and opinionating are eventually found to be erroneous, impersonal, and thus love and radical acceptance become the only relevant choice simply because all else is realized to be arrogant and misguided.

The path of heart/devotion and mind eventually arrive at the same conclusion, that all is lovable and perfect simply because of existence. This love can be realized by focusing first upon the newly discovered ability to create our subjective experience of life’s conditions through our internal perceptions and belief systems. Recall the truth, it is not the events of life that affect us; rather it is how we perceive and respond to them that create either suffering or joy. Thus, all suffering only arises due to a perceived loss or disappointment due to an attachment to the external world/outcomes stemming from a limited perspective or identity. One way or another the sense of self perceives that something ‘shouldn’t be happening’, life is unfair, I didn’t ‘choose’ or create this, and ultimately playing the ego’s favorite game of victimization no matter how sophisticated its appearance may evolve to. Essentially the limited ego fights the way things are through denying and resisting what is.

To bypass this temptation one can yet again recall the truth that all is exactly how it’s supposed to be without possible accident, mistake, or error. To resist otherwise is to fight the entire universe being what it is, which seems rather silly and childish. All is perfectly aligned by Divine Will and karmic alignment/consequence in order to promote the most growth and evolution, all we must do is surrender resistance and accept it. Thus, we can have faith and trust through acceptance of these truths in order to shift into a positive state of empowerment and a re-owning of our internal reality of innocent optimism. As the projections of judgment fall away we are then clear to endorse our own love for life regardless of its circumstances or others’ perceptions/judgments that may be otherwise. By doing so, we are able to then actualize states of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, humility, happiness, peace, and overall lovingness for all of life. We begin to realize that there doesn’t need to be any ‘thing’ in particular for us to be happy, everything is literally an inner subjective creation and therefore happiness is only dependent on our own inner choice. Happiness and love are a lifestyle.

Love is a Lifestyle

Happiness is a Lifestyle Choice

This ability becomes perfected and as such our rate of happiness and love rises to an incredibly constant rate due to the obviousness of ‘why would I want to endorse anything else?’ When we have truly re-owned the power of our inner world of perception the subjective experience of life radically changes to a constantly enjoyable essence. All of life begins to be appreciated exactly as it is without needing to use limiting labels or change anything. Things become quite clear to be exactly as they should be and the karmic/spiritual essence of situations begins to stand revealed. In other words, since we realize that all things are an inner creation or a projection of our internal reality, what others bring forth only demonstrates their true nature not our own and therefore is not taken personally. Hence the teaching, by their fruits you shall know them.

When we truly understand this truth of all things being a projection, all human interactions or messages stand revealed as quite obvious projections of spiritual/contextual awareness. For example, when someone is angry it actually has nothing to do with the circumstance itself, rather it is a projection of their own inner anger due to the limiting perception that believes that life shouldn’t be the way it is. Thus out of this frustration against what the universe is being anger arises as a form of resistance and fighting the universe, which we can note is an impossible task. With this understood we have compassion because it’s quite obvious this person is only creating suffering for himself or herself and literally just angry with themselves whether they realize it or not. This same concept applies to all states and all projections other than love and peacefulness become immediate opportunities to extend compassion, kindness, and unconditional love.

As result of this new awareness all things external in life become incredibly impersonal and therefore everything is lovable and equally enjoyable simply because it exists. Once again, it is not what others do or say to us but rather how we perceive them that determines our response to them. Therefore as we officially understand the prevalence of projection we begin to truly see others for who they really are. We begin to see through the exterior projections and see the true nature of their inner reality as well as our own by noticing what it is we project. For example, if someone is consistently loving it is because their inner reality is that of love and acceptance for themselves.

Furthermore, as one is continuously judgmental, angry, spiteful, or otherwise negative it is because their inner reality is that of judgment, anger, spite, and negativity towards themselves. When this is clearly understood and realized all of life becomes lovable, even negativity, because it is known to only be arising from a limited awareness and therefore skewed perception of reality. Thus there can only be compassion for others because it is known that nothing external is personal. Nothing in life is technically personal, even love is only an inner decision and has nothing to do with actual external circumstances. When others extend love or things are beautiful and magically aligned in our eyes it is just simply easier to make the loving choice. However, with true discipline this can be expanded into true love as that which is changeless and permanent regardless of if the circumstances are obvious or not. We can choose love every moment whether the circumstances are ‘good/favorable’ or ‘bad/unfavorable’, it’s purely a choice.

Beauty and Love of Creation

Understanding True Love

When this ability has become mastered true love emerges as unconditional and limitless. Suddenly there is no longer any needs or qualifications for love because one simply always chooses love because it only makes sense. If all subjective experience of life is completely based on our inner creation through perception then it only makes sense to constantly immerse ourselves in love and happiness. Suddenly it becomes obvious that there is no point in being anything other than grateful, humble, happy, loving, kind, considerate, and joyous because it is only our own creation and nothing in the world actually has power to change it. The experience of life is literally what we make of it therefore it becomes clear that we would only want to choose happiness and love for all else is a narcissism of victimization which is the ego’s lie and illusion. Hence I constantly reiterate all suffering is self-created.

When this is perfected we have truly evolved into a state of unconditional love, at which point it becomes dominant as a given. It becomes obvious that ‘of course I choose lovingness’ there is no plausible other option, any intelligent person can see this clearly. Accordingly, love and fulfillment is no longer seen as something to be earned, gained, or otherwise bartered for. We become a permanent embodiment of lovingness itself as a way of being both because it feels incredible as well as because it only benefits all others, which only benefits us as well. Our greatest gift to the world is to love ourselves completely and be an embodiment of the freedom to be honest with what it is we deserve and concordantly live a life full of happiness. Thus unconditional love only perpetuates itself due to being the most profoundly empowering energy that offers infinite joy, happiness, and infinite fulfillment because it is always an inner choice meaning it is an eternal fountain within us. Therefore, as I continuously choose to unconditionally love life, it only benefits myself as well as all humanity. When this is then shared and reciprocated the state is magnified to an incomprehensible high awareness of bliss and joy beyond comprehension. The love that is felt becomes so incredibly powerful that one feels as if they’re going to dissolve into the formless energy of love itself. It is the true embodiment of the divine essence within the statement thank you for life!


Perfection of Unconditional Love

Love becomes unconditional by its very nature, for as we choose love and peace it only perpetuates its continuance to the point of utter bliss. The mastery of this inner creation of lovingness requires discipline and proper guidance such as given here. The easiest way to actualize unconditional love is allowing it to become obvious by realizing the Truth of Reality. To recap the truths that make unconditional love obvious are,

1.First realize that all of life is a gift and the result of consequence and karmic alignment of Divine Will. Therefore all is exactly as it should be, unfolding for the greatest good, and there is no need to judge or change anything, only enjoy utterly and be humble, grateful, and see only the progression/evolution that is being offered at all times in all things. All is simply perfect as it is without accident, mistake, or coincidence.

2.Next would be surrender any resistance that may arise from the above truth by realizing even if life’s circumstances and conditions still seem unfair or ‘wrong’ it is not the events of life that have power over me, rather it is only my perception of them. Thus, all is only an inner creation and I am the only one responsible for my joy and fulfillment.

3.If all things are an inner creation then that means that nothing is actually objective or personally offensive in life because it is only a reflection of my own inner perception. For example, even when targeted by anger, hate, or slander it is only a projection of another’s internal reality and is impossible to be my fault. Therefore, compassion is the only possible response since others’ experience actually has nothing to do with their circumstances, or me. All experience of life is subjective and an inner choice.

4.If nothing in my external world is personal/objective than I am free to make my own decisions about how I feel towards life and therefore it only makes sense to enjoy love and happiness for myself. Furthermore, I know that all are lovable simply because I know that all perceptions of others are only an inner projection to begin with. I take responsibility for my happiness and am aware of my projections.

5.Therefore, if I and I alone, am the only one responsible for experiencing love, happiness, and fulfillment in my life then why wouldn’t I want to create that for myself because no person or thing can possibly do it for me? There are no external conditions or someone else in life that ‘gives’ happiness or love, it is only the result of a choice that is made from within.

6.Thus if all subjective states are an inner choice, I choose happiness, gratitude, love, and fulfillment. And as I align with lovingness it only benefits myself and others. Therefore through my constant inner alignment with love I improve the lives of everyone and everything I come into contact with. I am an embodiment of unconditional love, honesty, and surrender simply because nothing else makes sense anymore.


Above the Clouds of Illusion : Perfecting Unconditional Love

This sequence of truths may help shifting into the actualization of unconditional love if one is dedicated to its fulfillment with discipline in every moment as life’s challenges arise. Inevitably, as we devote ourselves to actualizing unconditional love everything that could possibly oppose or block its realization arises to be healed and transcended through our perseverance and dedication to love. Thus the most important aspect to awakening to true unconditional love is the willingness to be honest and see beyond all personal/ego fabrications of judgment and narcissistic vanities. Hence, we must abandon judgment as a concept altogether, the sooner the better. Judgment serves neither self nor others; it is only destructive and completely based in fallacy. The much more powerful realization of truth is consequence. By constantly remembering consequence we realize resolutely that we are the only one’s responsible for our own fate, both in this world as well as beyond it. Therefore, when faced with adversity we know that it is only our own response that determines our fate regardless of others and accordingly it only makes sense to choose love and growth/learning.

Furthermore, as we accept this powerful truth for ourselves we can then only extend compassion and love to others for we know that they are also only creating their own fate. When others choose to suffer, or concordantly seek to wallow in suffering, we can only see them as the innocent unaware child that they truly are. All are only doing what they think is best and thus one suffers only because they lack awareness of Truth. With consequence firmly realized we re-own our power and then declare to be a constant example of compassion and Truth for others, which is love, happiness, success, and fulfillment. As consequence becomes clearly understood unconditional love concordantly only becomes natural. It then seems obvious that as I choose to unconditionally love another I only benefit by aligning with positive consequences as well as providing compassion and love to others thereby extending an opportunity to be exposed to Truth and transcend their limited awareness. It becomes clear that striving to be an embodiment of unconditional love literally only helps everyone and therefore perpetuates itself as a self-fulfilling reward. Unconditional love therefore is the means and the end of all happiness, joy, and fulfillment in life.


The Liberated Lotus - Life without Limitations

Wishing us Peace and Love always-


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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