There is Nothing External Imposing Consequences, it is Self-Fulfilling According to Free Will

Which road will you choose to go down, that of righteousness or selfishness

All are choosing their own destiny of liberated happiness or enslaved misery according to expressing their soul’s desires. There is nothing external imposing consequences, it is self-fulfilling according to free will.”

There is no external power or entity for us to blame or project our circumstances on. Our entire reality is a holographic projection from within us that shifts and changes according to our own subconscious beliefs, desires, and perceptions. The world is perfect just as it is and has everything available within it for us to perceive, we are the one’s that label it otherwise and seek to find a perpetrator and make ourselves victim. There is nothing actually ever external to blame or point a finger at, this only takes away our happiness and makes us powerless. It is the con of selfishness and negativity. Negativity loves its own misery and to wallow in its own weakness and refusal to seek positive change. Now just because we see selfishness/ego and negativity so clearly does not mean it isn’t incredibly alluring and addicting, it most certainly is and can not be underestimated. Taking the route of the world and addiction to the senses and feeding our selfish desires is extremely easy to fall for because it is supposed to be attractive, otherwise we’d never choose it.

Yet if we are cautious and brave enough, we will see that selfishness and negativity are empty promises of power and happiness dressed in sheep’s clothing of temporary comfort. While the path of selfishness may be incredibly intoxicating, it is nevertheless the path to misery and suffering and inevitably always demeans our soul and mocks our divine greatness. On the other hand, we can push through the temptations of sense ensnarement and rise up to our highest potential and awaken our inner radiance and unshakeable happiness through illuminated gratitude. We can instead reclaim the truth that everything is stemming from within and remember that everything is a gift and a blessing in disguise to help us evolve, thus giving us eternal optimism, courage, and faith to serve our time here in unconquerable bliss. Life can be transformed to a splendid dream of abundance and peace, where joy is shining through all things if we are strong enough to choose it. Choose wisely this day whom you will serve, selfishness (the ego/devil) or Divinity (peace/self-surrender), your soul’s eternal destiny is on the line.

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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