The Power of Surrender

     I’d like to take moment to discuss the power of surrender in hopes that we may better understand this life changing concept. The concept seems to have a negative feeling behind it and so many of us tend to be resistant to it accordingly. We commonly associate surrender with weakness or defeat but this can only be so if we are using the ego’s framework for reality. By “surrendering” the ego sees it as failing or as losing something but in truth it is only in surrender that we grow for life naturally wants to grow it is only our resistance that causes all struggle. What I specifically want to discuss is the concept of surrendering our lives to God/Life/Love and the incredible power and reward that comes as a result. With our new understanding from the two previous posts we can now begin to grasp this concept fully.

     To begin, it’s important to have read, God and the Illusion of Need, and God and the Illusion of Judgment otherwise we will possibly overlook some of the key aspects to the power of surrender. When we realize that there is no need in the universe and thus no judgment we realize that God’s will is actually our will and thus our will is God’s. That means that if I intend to be happy and focus my intention on that, naturally the universe will provide the circumstances to perpetuate my happiness. This is a good place for a reminder however, that all happiness is within us, never without. So as we create happiness within ourselves first, it then manifests in our reality through favorable conditions. We then continue to attract that energy to ourselves by the laws of the universe. With that being said we can also take a moment to ponder that our greatest happiness is the greatest happiness for all. Many fight this idea because they feel they are being selfish for wanting to be happy but when we think about it a little longer, and perhaps to a greater depth, we will find that by us not loving ourselves we can never truly love others. Or in other words, if we deny ourselves we deny others.

     An easy example to help understand this is to think of when you do something that you really don’t want to do. The whole time you’re doing the activity you are out of alignment with your true desire, whatever it may be at that time, and you’re giving off a negative energy about the situation. Of course, we can transcend this by simply accepting the situation for what it is and love/accept it but the majority of us will be upset and frustrated, consciously or unconsciously, that we’re doing something against our true heart’s desire.

     Think of how so many of us do things that we deep down really don’t want to do but because we feel obligated one way or another, we do it. But this doesn’t make any sense because we’re not doing anyone a favor. If we’ve ever been a part of a community service group/project team we can immediately notice those who are happy to be there and those who aren’t and are there out of obligation. It’s all in the subtle energies and attitudes. So even though you may be doing a “good” thing but you have a heart set on something else your blessing is turned to stone. Christ mentioned this many times about giving with a grudge or giving without the wholeness of heart and how that gift is meaningless and turns into your own condemnation(meaning your negative feelings/energy being reciprocated back to you as a consequence, not punishment). In other words, we put ourselves into a situation we didn’t even want to be in and therefore help no one. Once again we see, we are the cause of our own struggles.

     The reason why I bring all this up is to make it clear to us that if we don’t follow our true hearts desire and follow our bliss we aren’t doing the greatest good no matter how it may seem. So many people tell us that we ‘should do’ this, or that it  is a good thing to do. Yet unless we are following our own bliss it doesn’t matter because its irrelevant. All we have to do is follow our own internal guide based on our honesty with ourselves and do what brings us happiness and joy. Thus we need to find our own happiness before we ever try to share it with others, this is an ego vanity to think that it can give what it doesn’t have, trying to be the image of happiness or selflessness but not the embodiment of it.

     Others tend to make us feel bad or selfish for following our own blissful desire but this is just their own ego/mind’s projection onto us. Their ego is either annoyed because they wish they had the strength to do what they truly want or they feel like they might lose something by us doing what we want. People doing this to us is also something that will drain us immensely along with all other ego projections. Furthermore, it will drain us to listen to our own ego that is telling us to do what we should or what we feel obligated to do but if it’s not our hearts desire then don’t force it. Don’t force righteousness, kindness, selflessness, happiness, peace, or any other desired state, instead inspire yourself to pursue it on your own accord without judgment. The ego framework for life is extremely exhausting and in fact is the root for all our stress, unhappiness, and illness. When we are in alignment with what we truly want we are energized and invigorated by our actions and life path, but if we do what we think we should do, or is good, or are obligated to do when we don’t really want to, we are only hurting ourselves and others. Now with this clearly understood we can begin to truly understand the power of surrender.

     When we surrender to the greater good or to God/Love what we’re really saying is that we surrender to our own joy! Remember that Life/God’s will is our will and vice versa, I and the Father are One. Buddha and Krishna also taught this concept very clearly by constantly reminding us of the unity of the universe and Essence/Spirit of Life. How then could we ever fear surrendering our lives to Divine Love! Divinity wants nothing but our greatest and grandest happiness, because that’s what we want. We can also think of it as surrendering to Happiness, or to Love. All we’re really giving up/surrendering is our own resistance and suffering. Yet we can note that it is only through the illusions of a wrathful, vengeful, and judging God that we came to fear God and thus any forms of surrender to such an image. Whenever we have struggle in our lives it is not because of any reason other than our own selves getting in the way. We are the only ones blocking our own happiness. I have mentioned this many times throughout these writings but it can never be emphasized enough, at least not for me.

     We always need to remember that whenever there is a hardship in our lives it is because we are resisting the flow of Life. As mentioned in the previous posts, Life/Love/God is always giving and never stops. Life is eternally giving and there is nothing we have to do to make it give to us. All we have to do is simply stop resisting it. So how do we stop resisting all the Happiness, Love, Joy, Bliss, Abundance, and everything else we may desire in life? By surrendering our lives or our situation/issue to Life/Love/God. We surrender by letting go of our fixed position and allow ourselves to look at things from a new perspective. By releasing our stubbornness we open ourselves to inspiration and allow our eyes to be opened. We surrender our opinions and vanity of thought and allow the creative flow to come forth, trusting that all is working out for the greatest good. It is this faith and trust that propels us to our greatest joys.

I’d like to share Dr. David Hawkins thoughts on surrender from his book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness:

“A spiritually oriented person values all of life’s experiences and sees each one as an opportunity to evolve spiritually. The technique of processing out involves very simple steps that all depend on willingness and the capacity to surrender.

1. Stay with the feeling and stay focused on it unswervingly. Realize that all pain is due to resistance. The suffering of loss stems from the attachment and specialness.

2. Be willing to become immersed in and surrender to the feelings without avoiding them. Notice that they come in waves and that surrendering to the most intense waves tends to decrease their emotional severity.

3. Ask God’s help and surrender the personal will(ego) to God. (It is helpful to read the Ninety-first Psalm or other favorite spiritual passages.)

4. Be willing to endure and suffer out the process. If not resisted, it will process itself out and come to an end.

Although the suffering of loss is triggered by a specific event, the painful emotions of attachment have actually arisen from multiple sources over time, and there may be more of it below the surface than was first suspected. Thus each loss actually represents all loss, for the experience is of loss itself and not just the specific event that brought it up to awareness.

A helpful source of strength during the processing out of painful emotions is to identify with all of humanity and realize that suffering is universal and innate to the phenomenon of being human and the evolution of the ego.”                   (Emphasis added by me)

     This gives us a great outline and some wonderful reminders. With them we must remember that what we are really surrendering and letting go of is our pain. We are basically humbling ourselves to the point that we are telling our consciousness “alright ‘I’ give up, ‘I’ don’t know how to fix this, or what to do, or ‘I’ need help.” When I refer to us as ‘I’, I am referring to the ego/mind. We are submitting to the fact that our ego/mind does not know what is best for us even though it pretends to. Thus, moments of surrender are actually glorious moments of transcendence if we let them be.

     We can transcend our ego in every moment of surrender if we realize the deeper intention that’s manifesting. This is the only way we find peace and the only source of true eternal happiness. To surrender is to find Love and Happiness Eternal. Krishna taught that we must surrender ourselves in Krishna Consciousness in order to be in peace at all times despite our external circumstances. The master then is one who constantly is in a state of conscious surrender to Life to the point of an absence of all resistance. As we surrender we find exquisite joy since it is only through surrender that we find the ecstatic bliss of life in the first place. We don’t strain to find happiness we just are happy. Don’t try to be happy just be happy. This can be much easier said than done for a lot of us at times however and this is due to the persistence of our ego/mind getting in the way.

     Another aspect as to the benefits of surrender is that we find peace of mind in knowing that all is as it should be. When we stop fighting what is we realize that everything is perfect just as it is! There’s no need to change it because its already here so what’s the point it’s impossible to change, thus all we can do is accept it and move forward and focus on creating a brighter future instead of dwelling on the past or being attached to outcomes. If we are resisting the current moment then we still have a lesson to be learned. Remember that struggle is only a lesson waiting to be learned and the struggle only lasts as long as we choose to resist the lesson (evolution of consciousness). For it is by learning the lesson that the consciousness accepts the new perspective of reality and thus transcends the hardship since it is no longer seen as a struggle. Thus we reach a higher level of understanding, peace of mind, and ultimately brighter joy. Throughout our growth, which can only come from surrender, we begin to trust and have faith in Love/Life/God and that everything will always work out for the greatest good, or in other words our greatest good. Remember the greatest good for us is the greatest good for all, this is true on multiple levels especially when we recall that all is One and thus what is good for me is in fact good for All since the All is Me!

    As we continue to trust in surrender it becomes easier and over time our natural state becomes one of constant peace, happiness, and Love (especially for the moment). Furthermore, the struggles/issues in life become smaller, seem less intense, and have a shorter duration since we begin to accelerate in understanding as our level of conscious awareness expands. Thus we realize that we are only struggling because we are resisting what is. Accept that everything is exactly as it should be and all is in perfect accordance with the greatest good. Everything works out for our good.

For now, ponder these things if you’d like and seek truth within yourself. I love you infinitely and eternally and wish you everything you desire in Life. May you walk on a blissful path.

Always Love, Namaste’

Further references: Mindful Loving – Henry Grayson                                      Trascending the Levels of Consciousness and Power vs. Force – Dr. David Hawkins

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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