The Power of Surrender II

There was somethings that I feel were left out during the first discussion of surrender that I wanted to make sure and discuss. For starters, we often find ourselves fighting current situations in our life so furiously because one way or another we want it to be a different way. We become entrapped by the need for either something specific to happen or be, or we wish something didn’t happen or wasn’t the way it is. Generally these are the two basic types of resistance to the present moment and what is.

Thus, we see that the ego/mind is always trying to escape the moment by either dwelling on the past or by anticipating the future. The classic examples being how things were either hard in the past, better in the past, or the future will be either better or uncertain/dismal. When the ego/mind focuses on the future the thoughts that usually come about are about how we will be happier when certain things happen. Common examples are, “when I get paid I’ll be happy, once I take that trip, when I own that car, once such and such event happens, or I’m at that place, etc.” But these are all escapes from accepting and loving the current moment without needing to change it. That isn’t to say we can’t look forward to things in life or work to get paid of course, but the difference is in what we’re thinking about in the process of ‘getting’ there.

Essentially, the only moment that exists and ever will exist is Now. That is such a powerful truth I’d like to repeat it, the only moment that exists and ever will exist is right now, the radical present. The moment of now is infinite in possibility and order. There is nothing else other than Now. Even the past and future are experienced in the moment of Now as thoughts that we perpetuate or create through imagination. Even in the future we only get there through the infinite series of moments until it becomes the time we project to. We’ve discussed this in the post, Past and Future Remembering what is Real. It is important to remember the infinite power of the present moment when reflecting on surrender.

We often overlook that we are always demanding something from life, we’re always wanting it to be different from what it is one way or another. Thus we find ourselves in a constant battle of trying to change the unchangeable. By releasing this need to change the moment we are able to accept it for what it is, a beautiful, perfect moment of Life. This is where surrender comes in. If we accept this new perspective of life and appreciate the moment we can’t help but release our need to control it/change it to the ego/mind’s liking. Instead, we can free ourselves from this impossible task and turn our intention over to unconditional love. In other words we can trust that whatever happens is perfect and for a reason. Most importantly, there is only the greatest good unfolding in every moment.

A great example of this was the zen master who would always reply inquisitively when people would state that things were good or bad for him. In response, for example, to the master’s house being burnt down someone might say “oh what a horrible thing that’s happened to you,” in which the master would reply, “is it?” Or even when things seemingly go right for us such as getting a raise at work someone might say “oh how wonderful that this happened for you,” in which the master would reply, “is it?”. This might seem like a silly example but it nevertheless shows the power of not jumping to conclusions. We can never assume that we know why things happened or if it was ‘good’ or ‘bad’, doing so leads us to a state of judgment, expectation, and ultimately, suffering.

By releasing judgment we can accept the perfection of everything and unconditionally love the moment without having to judge it and have an opinion. Also we have no reason to change the moment for to believe such is a vanity. This is true surrender, when we release ourselves from thinking in the dualistic terms of good and bad and fortunate or unfortunate. We surrender the ego/mind’s perspective on reality and allow ourselves a perspective of higher consciousness that accepts all as it is and sees it as ineffably perfect and in Divine Order. Thus we release ourselves from any possible negative emotions or blocked energy within ourselves. By surrendering in this way we release all resistance and are truly free to be present and enjoy and embrace what is. We become free from all suffering since suffering can only come from attachments and from resisting what is.

At this point in understanding we are able to appreciate all life as it is and honor and respect the fact that all is exactly as it should be. It is through this kind of surrender that we find peace because there is no reason not to be at ease with life. One can not even comprehend making the decision to be unhappy or unsatisfied with the moment due to its, now, obvious fallacy. If everything is Perfect and all in Divine Order/unfolding for the greatest good, why would we ever have to worry, stress, or need to control/change anything. This isn’t to say that we don’t follow our inspirations/intuitions or ambitions in life but rather we make sure and listen to our inner selves and follow our true bliss not the ego’s illusions of happiness that rely on external conditions. With Love as our guide and the surrender of resistance, we are able to realize our ambitions and goals much faster and easier as we are guided to our greatest good fueled by our passion and love of Life. The beauty of surrender is that we actually gain immensely from it even though the ego/mind tells us that we will lose.

True Success, Love, Light, and Happiness only can come from surrender of resistance and surrender to Life/Love. It comes from having faith and trust in ourselves and in Life to lead and direct us to our greatest good. Leading us to that which will benefit All for the greatest good and in perfect harmony with the collective. Often we think we know what is best for us (which is just the ego’s illusions) and don’t realize that something so much greater is always waiting for us if we surrender the ego’s expectations and illusions/fantasies. Life gives us these moments of transcendence all the time if we allow for them. If we are open to Life it will continuously give us beautiful perfect gifts of joy and happiness. Life will give us endless opportunities to experience growth and development in our conscious awareness and thus our happiness if we choose to be open to it. As our conscious awareness expands and we become more grounded in Truth/Love we transform continuously into higher elevations of happiness and eternal peace.

In reflection, as we remember to embrace the moment at hand for what it is and Love it for its infinite perfection we will find peace and happiness continuously. This can only come about by surrendering our resistance to the moment, by letting go of our need to change it to something else or stating that if only things were different we could be happy. When we surrender our expectations we release ourselves from disappointment. Remember the Truth that we create our reality through our perception of it. Thus, the act of perception is the act of creation. If our perception is one of unconditional love we will help promote that vibration and that level of peace for All. We do this in our personal lives by allowing others to have a loving space to find their own inspiration and enlightenment. Ultimately, as we choose unconditional Love, we express our highest loving selves and grow in Joy, Happiness, Love, and Understanding.

Ponder this concept of surrender further if you’d like and think of its awesome power if we apply it in our everyday lives. Think of perhaps, how liberating it feels to let go of needing a situation or moment to be a certain way, think of the peace that comes to us when we stop trying to change the current moment and accept it as it is. Think of the joy we find in knowing that all is divinely perfect and exactly as it should be. I love you indescribably, may you walk on a blissful path.

Peace and Love always-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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