The Holographic Universe – The Human Game (4/5)

The Holographic Universe - The Human Game Model - Let go of judgments and limiting beliefs and be free

In part four of this Holographic Universe series Stephen Davis continues to explore the implications of recent discoveries in quantum and theoretical physics and how it radically changes our perspective on reality and daily life. In this portion he goes over the Human Game Model (a model not a belief system) that he thinks fits most appropriately with the latest scientific findings.

The concept is, the Creator/Infinite I uses the infinite possibilities of the Field to manifest a 3D total immersion movie for the ‘finite I’, me and you, as the players. In other words, the Infinite I creates a virtual reality for us as players in it. He also says that the Infinite I can have one or multiple players but to me it’s irrelevant.

I interpret these findings in confirming Divinity (Infinite I) as the Source of our existence. Also that the infinite field of consciousness (Infinite potential) demonstrates the infinite ability for Divinity to eternally manifest/dream. Also that of course there would therefore be infinite universes and parallel realities without beginning or end. And lastly we come to the ‘finite I’ or the ego as I was taught to word it. This is the ‘me’ and ‘you’ we generally consider ourselves to be.

According to the human game model, we as players, do not actually ‘create’ anything. This too I can agree with just fine because the ego can’t do anything of itself because ultimately it is an illusory identity according to Nonduality/Enlightenment. On a pragmatic level, we (the ego/player) can only perceive the world that was created for us like a passenger on a  roller coaster ride, we aren’t the one driving. Also we do not actually ‘think’ thoughts, ‘feel’ feelings, or ‘do’ any action, those all are given to us according to our judgments, beliefs, and what we are aligned with energetically. We could think of it as based on where we are sitting on the roller coaster we will have different experiences of the ride. The most important thing to understand is that everything is actually being downloaded into our perception that we can then only choose how to perceive/judge.

This is all in agreement with the transcendence of duality and the realization that the ego is an illusory identity that never did anything in the first place. Enlightenment is actually the dawning of the realization that God was and is, in control the entire time and that it was more so like we got to paradoxically witness God being. Also the true sense of Self-identity is realized as one with Divinity as the invisible essence and source of Subjectivity – the ability and source for awareness to be aware of consciousness. Now to be most clear about this, it is not the ego/player that realizes any of this, nor is the ego literally God – which is a sophisticated trap. Rather the ego is surrendered as an independent author of life and reaches its absolute level of surrender, gratitude, humility, and trust. If it still exists it exists knowing that it is a projection of the Infinite I and has no power of its own. At that point its life is just a continued bliss of surrender of all control and expectations, release from all judgments and belief systems, and effortless flow of experiences that are understood as divine gifts. This to me is all in perfect agreement with modern science and to think the sages have been saying it for thousands of years.

Next Mr. Davis explores some of the questions that come up for us according to this model such as concerns about other players, other Infinite I’s, who’s writing the script, and ‘extras’. The main point that I gather from it is the continued confirmation of what spirituality has already been proclaiming, and I have also been sharing here over the years. Namely, that there are no victims in the universe, no accidents, no coincidences, and nothing to actually ‘fear’ in the traditional sense. There is technically no control over our lives but on the surface level (ego/player/personality level) we perceive ourselves making the best decision we can according to our beliefs at the time. So it’s not like we’re being forced into anything we don’t want, again there are no victims. We all are getting to be exactly what we want whether we want to admit it or not. So although it sounds scary to our ego to hear that it doesn’t actually have any control as far as it’s concerned it believes it does – which is fine, or it isn’t. 😉

The next level of pragmatic wisdom we can draw from this model is that our experience of life as a player is dictated by our beliefs, judgments, and therefore our overall perception for what we understand as possible for reality to be. I’ve called this same concept the ‘themes of consciousness’ which is the same concept of an evolution of beliefs, ideas, judgments, and possibilities for reality. In the human game model the first half of the game is spent exploring limitations, boundaries, and rules, while in the second half it is spent exploring freedom, breaking boundaries and rules, and radically changing what we believe is possible for our reality. I’ve put this as in the beginning of evolution we start out believing in lack, limitation, and separation from God/Love/Power and as we evolve to enlightenment we have remembered our true Self (Infinite I) and thus restored our vision to abundance, unlimited possibilities, and unity with God/Love/Power.

I can assume that since you are here you are somewhere in or near the second half of the human game and otherwise progressing in your evolution towards liberation. If we surrender and accept that we don’t actually have to ‘do’ anything anymore or ‘make things happen’, it allows us to work with what our real power is, beliefs, judgments, and therefore perception. According to the model, our Infinite I can only give us experiences that we believe are possible and thus our beliefs and judgments are the only place to truly evolve. To make the most out of this information we can begin to explore our belief systems that we have adopted starting in the womb and begin to ask if they really serve us. And this can get as epic as we want such as, can money materialize out of thin air, is teleportation possible, are miracles abundant, is gravity an illusion, or is life really serious and ‘hard’? (more on that later) Also, we can dig deep to see that all judgments, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, are ultimately limiting and so it is wisest to strive to release them altogether. We will continue to explore these concepts in much more depth in the next, and final, portion of the series.

For now, start to explore this game model and surrendering to your Infinite I knowing that all is as it should be and anything you need will be provided. As we build trust and gratitude our perception on life and our reality will change drastically. See life as a gift and release all judgments about that gift and see what happens. Also, check-in with yourself anytime you make a judgment and dig up the belief system that the judgment is stemming from and see if it’s necessary or if it can be let go of.

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  1. Info about the spectacular image used???–Who/What photographed What????


    • Hey John,
      I find the pictures from various sites online and can’t take credit for the majority of the photos on the site, they are the amazing work of other artists. I am very grateful for them as well. 😀
      Thank you

  2. Part 4 has been deleted by youTube for using a Bill Hicks clip. I imagine it contains the quote from the sample used by the band Tool. Anyway, I’d love to see this missing section if anyone can help.

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