The Holographic Universe – Radically Changing Our Beliefs on What is Possible (5/5)

Free Your Mind - The Holographic Universe - Radically changing our beliefs on what is possibleIn this portion of the Holographic Universe series Stephen Davis continues to explore the profound implications of recent scientific findings, especially regarding our perceptions and beliefs. This portion is dedicated to radically changing our beliefs of reality and what we believe is possible for ourselves.

The first thirty minutes is demonstrating the point that all of us interpret and see the world differently and so even if we are sharing the same experience we are actually experiencing different worlds. The difference arises from the fact that each of us has different lenses for perception which is composed of our beliefs and judgments about our reality. At all times we are only seeing what we want to see and in so doing we are editing the full picture of life to fit into our realm of what is possible. The implication of this is that there may be a lot of things that we are unknowingly ‘missing’ and not allowing ourselves to experience. This of course is a limitation that we are unknowingly going along with because we were never taught otherwise.

The rest of this workshop explores with great depth the implications of how powerful our beliefs can be in shaping our reality and either limiting or liberating our creativity for what is possible for our lives. Much wisdom is drawn from Dr. Lipton as well as Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe exploring the miraculous stories and research they have encountered supporting this radical theory of, “we are the product of what we believe.” One of their most obvious supports for this theory is the placebo and nocebo effect that accounts for one third of all medical healing (surgery included). The placebo effect is when a patient has a positive physiological change resulting in healing while the nocebo effect is when a patient has a negative physiological change both of which are the result of pure belief. In both cases the ‘drug’/’treatment’ administered is actually neutral such as a sugar pill, but the patient believes it will have a certain effect and thus it does!

This to me is astounding and the primary reason I left medical school. The concept that one third of all healing is purely by belief is just mind blowing to me and eventually led me to realize that in my opinion all healing is technically the result of belief. My reasoning is because the only difference between a placebo healing and a ‘regular’ healing is the doctor’s ability to be confident and convincing and the patient’s degree of acceptance. What my colleague and I concluded before leaving school was that the doctor’s role is actually to be as convincing as possible in order to establish within the patient 100% belief and trust that whatever is being administered or recommended is going to work. If the patient has full 100% trust and faith in healing then it will be so, if they have any doubt or maybe even extreme doubt then it will not be a success or any immediate success will only be temporary.

So whether the doctor gives a placebo or a ‘real’ treatment to me it’s all still comes down to the patient’s belief and consequences of belief systems previously adopted (karma). This would account for why ‘real’ treatments often can be ineffective and result in no change or even worsening a condition. Nothing is actually a doctor’s fault or achievement – so they should check their egos. 😉 It’s simply because the patient’s belief systems are interfering and actually the only thing dictating change. Doctors are therefore actually holographic actors because they don’t actually do anything. All their schooling, interning, and researching is just helping them develop practice at being confident enough in themselves and what they’re offering that they can deeply convince the patient to believe their treatment is going to help… The more confident and convincing they are, the higher success rate they will have – the same goes for all other healing modalities and therapies.
So that is the medical side of belief, let’s take a deeper look into biology and physiology.

Dr. Lipton explores the notion that all cellular activity is actually dictated by environment and not the previously believed nucleus, or DNA – brain of the cell. This was groundbreaking in its implications. The idea that cell behavior actually changes not because of the cell’s inherent nature but because of the environment it is in means that belief dictates all cellular activity. If a patient believes their is sickness in the world, they have genetic inherited deficiencies, or otherwise susceptible to certain cellular activity, then that will be their reality. Yet if we took those same ‘deficient’ cells and put them into an environment of health, empowerment (anything is possible), and abundance they would change to match their environment and all deficiencies would vanish… He explains that our genes can actually be rewritten and are only responding to what we believe is true for ourselves. The most common beliefs are that our deficiencies and inherited cellular ‘negative’ activity is inevitable and unavoidable, such as, “Cancer runs in the family.” According to this belief system (conventional medicine – actually keeping us sick and trapped) all we can do is treat the symptoms as they arise rather than ever looking at cause and therefore having true health and healing. One of the most important lessons I learned from naturopathic medical school was that we treat the cause not the symptom in order to make true radical changes. The cause of poor health is belief not the actual physical circumstances, such as cellular deficiencies – which are the symptoms or effects of belief. Treating symptoms will never change anything only delay the inevitable.

Michael Talbot also mentions that based on what we believe is happening or has happened (stories we tell ourselves about our past/inheritance) dictates our cellular activity and physiology. One example he cites is of men being marched an unknown distance and then being told how long they marched and their cellular activity changed to mimic what they believed they had just undergone. So for example, one man who was told he marched 20 miles showed signs of fatigue and cellular/physiological stress while the man who technically marched the same distance but was told he marched 10 miles showed a more relaxed cellular activity and a less stressed system. Why? All because of what they believed had taken place.

In the sutra, “We are the product of what we believe” I outlined how this concept applies to literally every part of our lives, not just health, and at the conclusion of this series Mr. Davis explores this idea especially regarding our relationship with money. Our financial state is simply a product of what we believe is possible for ourselves and actually has nothing to do with the world “out there” – in fact nothing “out there” is actually “out there”. Our life experience is only dictated by what is “in here” – our beliefs, judgments, and perception of what is possible – that is then projected “out” to the world and we experience what we believe is possible for reality to be. Remember the world and universe as we know it is technically a holographic projection of our mind and consciousness – there is no “out there”, out there. Reality is not objective, only seeming as such. This cannot be reiterated and repeated enough because of just how radically it changes our view and paradigm of reality.

I will leave it up to you to explore and ponder the depth of what is being implied here, but with some honest reflection and introspection I hope you will see that there is no denying that every belief we’ve ever had has dictated our perception and experience of life in one way or another and continues to do so in this very moment. Every belief about our body, our health, our intelligence, our life-potential, our IQ, our talents, our love-life, our abilities, our career aspirations, our financial situation, our living location, our ambition and creativity, our genius, all of it has been according to what we were and are willing to believe and allow for ourselves. May you realize what it is you are seeking.

 Go within and start knocking on the door.

The Holographic Universe Part 5

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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