The Holographic Universe – ‘Co’-Creation is an Illusion (3/5)

The Holographic Universe - the mind is a receiver - life is a gift of God

This is part three of Stephen Davis’ Holographic Universe workshop series presenting recent discoveries in quantum physics. The first half of this we are reminded again of the profound discoveries from the last video identifying that the mind is a receiver and there is actually a time delay between mental stimulation and action. What this means is the mind is already heading towards a decision before we actually ‘decide’. The implication being that we as the ‘finite I’/ego don’t actually ‘do’, ‘think’, or ‘feel’ anything of our own but instead receieve these stimuli, which the sages and teachers of enlightenment have actually been reporting for thousands of years. Ramakrishna was a major advocate of this reality and would frequently remind his devotees to always say, “I do nothing, God alone is the Doer, I am only the servant.”

According to these new findings all of life is actually unfolding to us, in that it is occurring without us actually ‘choosing’ it in the traditional sense. Rather shocking facts to ponder and perhaps not something we’re ready to accept.
So what are we to make of this? Well the video goes on to outline that since life is unfolding to us through being projected out from our mind in order to seem like a physical reality, we are like passengers on a bus. The important clarification being, we are not the driver. Our only job is to perceive our situation not try and ‘create’ anything because we’re not actually in a position to even do that. It’d be like sitting in the back seat of a bus and thinking that from that seat we could actually control the bus’ direction or speed. Through these findings we uncover and truly see that all ‘co’-creation is an illusion. And the reason we feel struggle and suffering in life is because we’re ‘trying’ to do something that is literally impossible. On this side of the Field, we as the ‘finite I’ are the effect/result of creation and therefore have no power of causality.

Essentially this scientific approach is reminding humanity that our job is to surrender to Divine and that we as egos don’t have any power of our own except that which is given to us. While at first these ideas seem very scary, limiting, or ‘cold’ we can quickly redirect our energy to realizing that the true joy comes from realizing humility, surrender, trust, and gratitude.

Humility to realize that we are not dualistic, independent creators of our life, that our life is a gift and extension of Divine, and we are ultimately not the authors of our life.
Surrender to realize that we have no actual power or control on this side of reality and that Divine Love is guiding and creating all things.
Trust to realize that there is no injustice in the universe and all of life is perfectly aligned to lead to the greatest love and desire of all beings. Everyone is actually completely happy being where they are – even if it’s being stuck struggling and believing in limitation.
Gratitude to realize that everything is exactly as it should be, there are no mistakes, accidents, or coincidences, and Divine Love is brilliantly shining through all things.

If we use these new scientific findings in conjunction with radical spirituality we will find that they are actually leading us to what is traditionally referred to as enlightenment.  Our job or pursuit is not to become the whole Ocean (God), instead our job is to simply enjoy being the gloriously unique wave of divine expression that we are and see the true wonder of that. While this holographic universe concept may seem limiting at first, especially realizing that we don’t create anything, if we start to accept and remember these radical truths we will actually find more joy and liberating abundance than we ever could have imagined. Stop trying to ‘create’ of our own, for it is clearly impossible and only leads to disappointment and frustration. Instead surrender all power and trust to the actual Creator and watch as life begins to drastically change as we trust and express gratitude along the way.

The Holographic Universe Part 3

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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