The Evolution of Compassion

The Evolution of Compassion - Glorious sunset reflection everything is within us

Developing compassion has been on my mind lately and I’d like to take a few moments to share some thoughts that have occurred to me. I hope that they may assist in your own understanding and growth.

Respecting the Relativity of Truth

We start by understanding a working definition of compassion as something that is developed through a deep understanding of another being’s reality. True compassion can only come from a realization of their truth. In other words compassion can only come from surrender of our personal ego perspective. It is only once we let go of our own ego/belief systems that we allow ourselves to experience the energy of true empathy, the type of empathy that evokes deep understanding and comprehension of another. True empathy goes beyond the content/superficial and sees the essence of another being.

Taken to the grandest expression, divine compassion is the realization that the ‘other’ is ultimately only the Self. Thus in this state we are able to literally feel and sense the reality of others because it is only an extension of ourselves that is suffering in front of us. Once we abandon the illusion of separation we can more genuinely connect and feel the reality of each other. Without the illusion of separation we see that there is nothing other than ourselves. We see that we are all the same, we are all Love at our core, all else is an illusion to be used for the sake of experiencing duality and is not to be taken as Absolute Truth. When we accept separation as Truth we create infinite pain and suffering, war and famine, and an ultimate lack of love and peace. When we accept unity and oneness as Truth we create infinite joy and happiness, peace and prosperity, and ultimately eternal bliss as that which is arising within us, free from possible loss.

All Power Comes From Within

With this perspective of unification we are able to use our personal experience as a way to express what it is we choose to be and become. It is only ourselves who decide what it is we do, what type of person we’re going to be, and whether we’ll be happy or not. Remember that we are the accumulation of our creations of ourselves in every moment. We can change our lives in every moment because every moment is an act of creation. Keeping this in mind we put ourselves into a state of empowerment and acceptance. Once we realize our power in every moment we can then become more conscious of our creation of reality. We feel powerless because we forget that we are always creating our reality based on our perceptions and beliefs even when we aren’t paying attention and thus align with experiences that we don’t necessarily want.

We align with what we don’t want because our subconscious is always running the programming that we’ve stored into it. If we’ve made a habit of seeing the negative in things and we always see the glass half empty, then our reality will match that and we’ll always perceive the world full of victimization. Usually when this happens we affirm it by saying “this always happens to me…” or something else to that effect that is detrimental to our happiness. It is detrimental because the subconscious is hearing the clear statement of “always have this situation happen to me…” thus we create what we focus upon regardless of if we like it or not. The subconscious does not reason or understand sarcasm, it only gives us exactly what we ask for even if it is our complaints. This is drifting from the original discussion but it nevertheless is important to remember when considering compassion.

It is important to remember our power of perception when considering compassion because through understanding our perceptions of awareness we are then able to see the confusion in another. We can then see each other for what we truly are, innocent children who are simply confused and causing suffering for ourselves. Within each of us is the child who is full of love but is confused on how to experience it. Thus we live our lives searching, searching for something that will bring us lasting joy and peace… But alas, unless the ego is relinquished one will always seek but never find. It is only once we realize that everything is within us that we reach a level of peace and eternal happiness.

All Suffering is Self-Created

So it is clear that it is only through understanding how we perceive our reality that we may have true compassion for others. Our compassion is deepened because we are maintaining an empowering state and remembering happiness and fulfillment is always only a choice. We are empowering the other by feeling compassion for their suffering that we know is only coming from themselves. Thus we have compassion for the suffering that they are experiencing despite the content/circumstances.

If for example the other is extremely angry at us we see past the anger and see the hurt, afraid, scared little child inside who is crying out for love. We have compassion for those who hate us because we know that to hate another is only a projection of hatred of oneself and nothing is ever personal. Once we view others in this way we see that we can only love them as they struggle to transcend their limited perspective. We maintain an empowered state through our realization of the other’s confusion. Since we are all connected the other will subconsciously be attracted to our loving space in which they can feel secure while processing their struggling. In creating this environment of compassion and unconditional love the other is able to work through their perspective in a safe environment with someone who is maintaining the higher perspective and holding the door open for them. As we hold the door of unconditional love and transcendence open for others they come to find their own empowering love that is waiting within them.

Thus compassion is a great teacher, it is the unconditionally loving saint, it is the Buddha, it is Krishna, and it is Christ on the cross forgiving those who tormented and destroyed His body. It is this energy of compassion and unconditional love that heals all wounds. It is this level of compassion and unconditional love that changes the world and is the solution to all struggles and suffering. It is this level of compassion and unconditional love that brings forth our divine benevolence that is within us all. We all our capable of this radically profound love, this divine compassion, this forgiveness.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

How we actualize this state is by truly feeling the struggle of another and be in it with them, feel it with them and honor their process without being attached to it. We must release ourselves from the attachment to it otherwise we will experience “burn out” or exhaustion. This can be challenging to remain non-attached at times since if we see only ourselves in the ‘other’ suffering it is hard to not want to help or heal them.

However, it is not our responsibility to ‘correct’ another and in fact to do so would be unloving and not honor their process and experience and is more so just a projection of our own ego vanity. We must allow personal choice, we must honor and love all paths even those that seem self-destructive and damaging. All paths will inevitably lead to deliverance one way or another so we can let go by remembering this truth. Also, note it’s not that we approve of or promote destructive choices, rather, we unconditionally accept them for the confusion they truly are in. Through this acceptance we become able to comprehend and embody true compassion and unconditional love for all regardless of their life choices.

This level of love and compassion is that which allows for pain, mistakes, heartache, suffering, and harm to the self and others without attachment. This aspect of unconditional love we may find to be the most challenging since it is so hard to watch as one destroys oneself or others, through self hate and negativity. An example to readily observe one’s conscious understanding is to think about kindly holding and loving Hitler or some other blatantly destructive figure, accepting them as they are, cuddling them, being kind to them, and forgiving them… With this example we can easily see that this level of love requires nothing and it only gives, this is a love of choice, a love of conscious divine choice.

All are Only Reflections of the Self

This choice of unconditional love can become our natural state as we accept its new level of understanding and perspective. This is developed with time, practice, and most importantly patience with the self. We must always remember to first exercise these types of understandings to ourself first and foremost. As we exercise for example, compassion for ourselves, we will not judge ourselves through our own journey and will therefore give compassion and non-judgment to others since it is what we give to ourselves. Thus we are reminded once more that it is only what we do/give to self that we project to others for in reality there is no ‘other’. All perception of ‘others’ are only reflections of what’s within ourselves. This ultimately brings us back to the conclusion that all is One and One is All. There is only God, Self, Essence, Life, Love which are all the same just different words.

Therefore as we give to Self we give to All and vice versa. We can honor and respect this truth in our lives and easily recognize its truth in others. It is a simple way to check ourselves and our understanding. If we find ourselves not being compassionate or perhaps being judging of others we can remember to look within and see that we are only doing this because we are not being compassionate with ourselves or we are judging ourselves. Thus life is purely a reflection of ourselves, we are all working towards the unification of oneness, the transcendence of suffering, reaching a state of unconditional love, reaching a state of true compassion, and reaching a state of non-judgment. These are attributes of our True Self, these are the Absolute Truths of life, these are qualities that if we always seek to embody and emulate we will know Divinity, for we will realize we are Divinity.

~The Father and I are One~

Remembering Our Innate Divinity

A profound peace will naturally accompany such thinking and behavior. The vibration of such an energy and understanding is profound and has a vast impact on the world and especially those in the presence of a being emulating it. This is the frequency of the masters and the energy of the miraculous. Thus the energy of miracles is in fact the energy of unconditionally loving compassion and pure faith in Essence, in Love, in God, in Life. Love is always the answer, Love is always the solution, Love is all we are and all there ever will be.

Observe the thoughts and feelings that arise from these words, seek the stillness and notice what arises. Open your mind to new perspectives. Ponder what it must be like to be someone else, imagine literally what it would feel like to breathe in their body, move in their body, struggle with their challenges, live with their memories, speak with their voice, and exist as they are. Just practicing this alone may open us up to a new comprehension of compassion and empathy towards others.

Thank you, Love All, Serve All.


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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