The Concept of the Ego

The first and technically only road block that arises in our path to enlightenment, personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives is called ego thinking(aka, shadow, “evil”, persona, false self, etc.) The ego is a mindset, a type of thinking, that gives us the thoughts, feelings, and thus circumstances of separateness, fear, powerlessness, and lack in our life. The reason why ego thinking is so important to address, understand, and transcend is because it is the only true barrier to the amazing power that we possess within ourselves. Also it is the only thing stopping us from experiencing endless love and abundance which are rightfully ours.  The good news is that we have the power to control this. However, naturally ego thinking will want to resist the truth that is coming to you. So as with all areas of the search for truth, we must be open minded.

The evolution of the species has come about and is absolutely necessary if we are to continue for generations to come. The time for change and revolution of the mind is here and now in every moment. The evolution is not some physical manifestation or change as we’ve seen in the past, at least not right now. The next big step, or quantum leap, in man’s path is going to be a shift in thinking, or in what many have referred to as the shift in consciousness. There is something inside our mind that is hiding a very important truth from us. There is something that is trying to control us, there is a thought process that is trying to keep us trapped in struggle. The more power we think we have in the ego’s view of the world the less we actually have in the real world. The ego thinking is the identity that the majority of us associate ourselves with throughout our day. It is a primitive thought pattern that tells us we are just a body, we are the things we own, we are the memories we have, we are the things that have happened to us, we are separate, we are powerless, we are victims, and we should live in fear of our many “enemies,” to name just a few of the major thoughts it promotes. But these and the many other thoughts the ego promotes are all untrue.

Ego is a generalized name that psychologists and spiritual leaders use to describe a way of thinking and viewing of the world, it is not an actual entity per say, although it would like us to think so(e.g. the devil). The ego is simply an erroneous thought pattern that has controlled and been using man from the beginning of our development. Many masters have tried to teach civilization how to transcend this type of thinking for thousands of years now. However, ego thinking is a survival technique, it is a survival method of thinking and as such it has endured. It is a primitive animal instinct that is left over from our evolution and is keeping us stuck from moving forward. It creates the feelings of being separate from each other, plants, animals, and all the universe in fact. It creates the feeling that there’s not enough to go around, therefore, I protect my investments and dominate everything that opposes me and thus my life is full of enemies. Everyone else is my enemy because they’re all against me and want what I want. In fields of competition today we have glamorized ego thinking and it is readily seen everywhere in the world.

The ego is easily seen in the interaction between men and other men, between women and other women, and of course the great superiority and inferiority complexes of the male and female relationship. The ego is infecting our lives in various ways and in some people almost all ways of thinking. Every crime ever committed has stemmed from ego thinking, all pain and misery and heartache stems from ego thinking. All war, all abuse, all mistreatment of others, all injustice, all unfairness, all of it… ego thinking.

This thought process has hardly kept us alive all these millions of years and it is time to move on. We are not animals anymore and thus we should stop acting like them. We are civilized beings and no longer need this type of ego thinking to maintain survival, it is outdated and determinable at this point. It is only slowing our progress as a whole. Many people have seen this throughout all time and have tried to bring our attention to it so that we can become the more enlightened beings that we are capable of becoming. Particular masters of the mind/body and the ego would be figures such as Jesus the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and many others, especially those in the east who have seemed to maintain much more of the spiritual truths of life. But this thought process is still incessantly working its absolute hardest to stay in command. It doesn’t want to lose power. You have to think of the ego as a separate part of your mind because it helps us separate ourselves from it so that we can realize it’s not who we truly are. It is not truth, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. It’s the biggest con artist of all time and the cleverest liar that swindles us with the only lie there ever was, separation.

The ego’s influence is all around us, it is easy to see when we look out at the world and see how human beings treat each other. There is violence, hatred, thievery, murder, rape, war, degradation of the land, hoarding of resources, destruction of the planet, and all other realms of pain and suffering. ALL, I repeat, ALL of it is created by an ego mindset! Acknowledging and accepting this fact is the biggest progression there ever has been and will be in the human species! With this realization comes infinite power. Really think about this for a second… Every problem ever created comes from an ego mindset. Now with that being said, that means every issue can be solved by ridding our life of ego behavior by controlling our thoughts, by reclaiming our truth, our power, our free will, and ultimately remembering what/who we really are, eternal LOVE.

Naturally, the ego will fight this message, when it’s identified and attacked the ego recoils and goes into various defense mechanisms that it’s learned throughout our life. It doesn’t want you to identify it, it doesn’t want you to conquer it. You have to think of the ego as an animal, because after all it is very similar to an animal mentality, and it is literally fighting for its survival. So when you’ve noticed it and all the sudden start to recognize it more and more through monitoring and controlling your thoughts you take it’s power and reclaim your own.

It is important to point out the fact that the ego is ultimately powerless, yet the con of ego thinking is to make it seem like it has all the power. One of it’s methods of entrapment is for you to think it’s you. It wants to make you think that it knows what’s best for you, when in fact it’s the opposite. Remember no matter how much the ego voice is trying to tell you it’s you and that it’s in control it ultimately has no power unless you let it. It’s just a thought and is a learned pattern. By taking control of your thoughts you, the real you, your Higher Self, the self-conscious you, the you who has true free will, can decide to choose the ego thinking as your reality or choose another option. Perhaps with this realization we’d choose the option filled with the highest forms of love and happiness for ourselves and for all.

Your Higher Self is the ego’s counterpart, the true essence of what we are, LOVE.

Ego can be transcended, it can be overcome if properly understood and monitored. Which is why truly understanding it and being able to identify it for what it is, is so crucial. So often we read about this concept over and over again but do we really take the time to exercise our understanding? Are we really focusing on the right thing, and often enough? I’ve been studying psychology for several years now and it took me a long time to start to finally see this for what it really is. The problem is that we’re so accustomed to ego thinking that we have a hard time noticing it and thus moving past it. After all, if we can’t find the true enemy how do we defeat it. That is the game of the ego, it wants us to think our enemy is “out there somewhere” but in reality it’s just projecting itself out onto to others so that we can blame someone else for our unhappiness, lack, or whatever it is we’re upset about. But the real truth is that it’s all coming from within us. I hope you can start to see that if mankind started understanding this there would never be any aggression, crime, or war. These things would dissolve in time, through proper education. With proper education people would realize there is no “enemy” other than ourselves and thus there is no reason to ever attack another. Instead, we’d have a world full of love since we’d all realize that as we give love we receive love. But this will take a lot of work and we are in dire need of people being properly educated. So many religions have taught this concept in their own ways but it’s getting overlooked. We seem to be missing the point.

Naturally, for those of us who grew up without the knowledge of how our mind works and ego thinking we have to see that it is going to continue to work its way back into control endlessly, it will always be there trying to reestablish its reign over our mind and thus our actions. From the beginning man has been fighting this opponent. This is the old mythological serpent that caused the fall of man in the Bible, the true and only opponent to man’s peace and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. There is nothing stopping peace, happiness, abundance, and fulfillment and love for all in this world except the ego thinking of humankind! But it is possible, we can evolve past this, but it starts with proper education.

That is why it is so imperative to understand it and move into the true realm of consciousness! To finally understand the truth of our nature and act accordingly. To truly save ourselves from ourselves. Transcendence of the ego is the evolution of our species. Whether you believe it now or not at this point I suppose will eventually become irrelevant because one way or another our species is headed that way. Evolution can only move forward and that progression will only come from uniting in love for all humankind. The future of our world is a culture and community of the human species acting out of truth and recognition that we are all one family, and furthermore, that we are all one and one with all that is. We are one with everyone and everything and this truth will overpower all ego thoughts.

The ego can not survive in an environment of true unconditional love because it needs problems and enemies to survive, but if we are filled with unconditional love we are at peace with the present moment and accept it as it is and have no need to create enemies. When there are habitually dominating thoughts of peace, and unconditional love for all, the ego will subside and be done away with, first within ourselves then within the world. This was the meaning of Ghandi’s profound statement of “be the change you want to see in the world.” By acting from a place of consciousness you not only purify your own life, you emit positive frequencies to the world and universe. By you yourself making a shift in thinking you help shift the whole universe, that is our power!

When we realize this, there will be no more need for ego thinking! The mind will drop it, like an unneeded limb or organ, as seen in evolution. The ego has destroyed our world and, as stated before, is the single source behind all of humankind’s suffering and hardship throughout time. It is imperative that we move past this way of thinking and grow in our awareness and consciousness or else we risk the ego ultimately destroying itself, us, and the planet, that is, more than it already has.

Just like when the world was discovered to be round, the ego is the old way of flat thinking. It is a lie that humans have accepted because we’re unaware of anything else. Well here is the truth now, so there’s no more denying it. I’ve tried to portray it as plain and openly as possible. The ego must be done away with if we are to consciously evolve and save this planet and our species. The human species unfortunately, has the technology now to destroy ourselves thousands of times over and unless the ego is transcended there is an inevitable end to our existence lurking in our future. The ego, if left unchecked will eventually lead itself to self destruction, just look at corporations and what they’re doing to the planet with only themselves and their profits in mind, this is the epitome of ego thinking. It’s way of thinking is the opposite of love, harmony, and sustainability and thus the opposite of life! But life is meant to be filled with joy and happiness if we’ll learn to choose it. Now that you read about the truth of the negative ego thinking in your mind attempting to control your reality, you can move past it and begin to see your life change in amazing ways!

Ponder these thoughts for a while, quiet yourself and notice the interaction that takes place in your mind. Silently observe the mad thinking of the ego at times. Start to reclaim your mind, feel the joy, fill your heart and soul as you consciously choose your thoughts in harmony with love and joy. You can release your ego thinking by simply identifying it and choosing something different. Just because an ego thought comes to you does not mean you have to accept it as truth, just simply let it go. This is not an easy thing to do and it will take conscious practice and monitoring of your thoughts. When we aren’t present in the moment our mind will run on unconscious auto-pilot, this is ego thinking at work, replaying old belief systems that have been programmed in our past.

If this seems too overwhelming at first an easy way to notice your ego is based on your feelings. Your feelings will tell you whether your thoughts are mainly based on ego desires or Higher Self desires based on their nature. If you notice any form of negativity within you check to see what is your dominating thought about that situation or in your life in that moment. And if you are feeling true happiness and love in your life notice the positive thoughts of love, appreciation, gratitude, and abundance you’re holding.

I hope you will take the time to really let these words resonate with you and will begin to see how the ego has been creating pain in our lives unnecessarily. We’ll continue to discuss this much more in the future, for now let us begin to monitor, identify, and accept our ego thoughts for what they are, simply a passing thought and nothing more. It is a powerless thought and it’s negative message of separation and fear is not true. We are greater than we could ever imagine and I love you unconditionally and want nothing but your happiness.

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.