Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind (Part 2/3)

Going Beyond the Mind - Self-Realization - transcending the mind's illusions

Transcending the Mind Seeking enlightenment through the pathway of the mind is extremely challenging due to the mind tending to be incredibly difficult to tame and required absolute concentration and focus above all else. During this time there were months spent in which every day was devoted to pure concentration and observing the mind and its incessant thinking. This was mainly accomplished through persistent meditative contemplation. Contemplation is simply the constant exercising of the spiritual will as the sense of concentrated focus throughout all daily activities. As one focuses completely upon a spiritual truth all learned opposition to it within …

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Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: The Mind (Part 1/3)

Self-Realization - Transcending the Mind's prison

Transcending the Mind Although seeking liberation through the mind or transcendence through the heart/devotion lead to the same Truth, the path of the mind seems to be intellectually arduous and requires deep self-inquiry and constant observation of the mind’s misleading traps. The main obstacle that arises with embarking on the quest of enlightenment through mastery of the mind is the development and investment into the intellect as being valuable and reliable. As the intellect becomes strengthened, logic and reason dominate all aspects of life and the mind and its abilities seem to be the source of all power. However, quite …

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Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to the Salvation of Unconditional Love (Part 3/3)

The peace and joy of salvation - returning to our natural state of unconditional love

Salvation is Unconditional Love Unconditional love is the level of salvation, which is the freedom of being completely forgiven and liberated from all negativity/ignorance/’sin’, and its energy field is truly Heaven within. There is nothing that can possibly affect us and all is seen with an equal eye. Everything is lovable and everything is seen as divinely perfect, there is no guilt ever possible again. There can be no more resistance, all is forgiven, all is accepted, all is finally understood as the projection of Self. (Recall, how we perceive the world is only a projection of our self-perception) The …

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Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to the Salvation of Unconditional Love (Part 2/3)

What is unconditional love, awakening inner peace

The Mind The path of the mind (Advaita) can be sophisticated and cunning and requires constant psychological analysis and inner work regarding the nature of the ego and radical self-inquiry. The ego mind is the most cunning of all con artists and is in fact the greatest con there ever was. Simply put, the mind wants us to think that it is who we really are. It wants us to think that its thoughts are ‘our’ thoughts and that we in fact a dualistic ego. In Reality this is simply not true. The mind is a tool just like the …

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A Perspective on Unconditional Love

Let Go of Right and Wrong     Unconditional love is letting the other be ‘right’ by realizing there in fact is no right or wrong. We do not need to get so attached to a particular position of rightness for it is only our ego attachments that invest in such a vanity of pride such as, only my perspective is correct. Within non-attachment there is a complete reduction in ego inflation and staunch positionality (position of opinion that is taken and then defended out of investment) and it is replaced by only appreciation for all of life. The ‘other’ therefore, is not …

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