Transcending the Themes of Consciousness: Awakening to Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance, and Courage (Part 1/2)

Awakening to courage and empowerment

Introduction With the final editing process for the book coming to a close, the vision for continuing to serve through this site is really exciting and I’m looking forward to devoting more time to writing here and honoring the thousands of hours I’ve been pouring into the book. I’m currently in Bali, Indonesia as I write and am inspired and eternally grateful to have finished the book here. As a final intuition regarding it yesterday I took out around 80 pages or so that I felt weren’t necessary to include in the book itself but instead to be shared here, which …

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Life is Divine Synchronicity

All of life is synchronicity

[Inspired from a paper for my masters program] Everything is Connected If we consider synchronicity to be the intimate connection between our life experiences and the collective unconscious then we will inevitably realize that all of life is ultimately a continuous revelation of synchronicity. Carl Jung offered the world a stunning view into the collective unconscious by doing his best to make the symbolic nature of the unconscious visible to humanity. According to Jung, within the unconscious there are themes, archetypes, and symbols that present themselves to us to guide and align our lives according to that which we resonate …

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Understanding Projection – Others’ Opinions Are Not Personal

Reality is not objective - understanding projection

   In light of the recent discussions regarding the themes of awareness and the ego and its attachments, let us further discuss the concept of projection. Once the ego has formulated its belief systems and established its sense of identification within its energetic theme of consciousness it then perceives all of life with such accepted intentions. This then becomes the source of all opinions, perceptions, values, interests, and ultimate subjective experience of life. However, all of which are relative and only true within the field of awareness from which they are arising in. Meaning, to one theme there are certain values …

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Insight from The Tree of Life

Insight from the Tree of Life

Terrence Malick delivers yet another profound masterpiece with The Tree of Life that offers an inspiring look into human development, parenting, philosophy, religion, grief and death, karma, spirituality, and God. The movie stars Sean Penn (adult Jack), Brad Pitt (Mr. O’Brien), Jessica Chastain (Mrs. O’Brien), and Hunter McCracken (young Jack). The story is essentially about a family of three boys with a former Navy officer father (representing the way of nature) and a kind, loving mother (representing the way of grace). Furthermore, it clearly depicts a son’s fall from innocence into shame as disappointment and rejection are constantly projected onto him …

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Releasing Judgment, Understanding Consequence

Letting go of judgment completely

        In conjunction with the post, God and the illusion of Judgment, I’d like to further elaborate on this misunderstanding given its profound importance in seeking true growth. Furthermore, this concept and notion of judgment is so limiting it is absolutely heartbreaking what it is capable of and it is vital to understand in order to be protected from its negative nature. In my own journey judgment caused endless struggle and suffering and to escape its arrogance/ignorance brought infinite peace and serenity. Because of this freedom it is my pleasure to assist others in enjoying the same …

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Our Spiritual Evolution

The Evolution of Consciousness - The evolution of life, God embodied, reflected, and projected

Our Spiritual Evolution     Ever wonder why recurrent types of situations or issues keep arising in our lives no matter how many external things change it seems that there are similar issues that just keep coming back in differing forms? Well, throughout our spiritual evolution we will notice that there are distinct themes that are prevalent and serve as reflections of what our soul, or consciousness, is currently working to transcend and heal through acceptance and forgiveness. By accepting our current inner resistance and forgiving what they represent for us we can move into an expanded awareness of love. …

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Identifying and Understanding Ego Attachments

Identifying and understanding attachments and limiting beliefs

In light of the recent redefining of the ego, let us discuss the ego’s proclivities and methods of attachment that are the root of all human suffering. As a reminder, the use of the term ego is referring to our sense of identity that was formed through our identification with beliefs, opinions, thought patterns, context for who and what we think we are, and our overall attachments to ‘me’. All Truth is Relative For starters we must clarify that all truth is relative to the the level of understanding from which it is arising and therefore applicable to. For example, to …

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Insight from The Fountain

Insight from the Fountain

Another favorite film full of profound insight on the ego and enlightenment is The Fountain, written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. This movie is absolutely visually stunning and Clint Mansell’s musical score created for it is concomitantly inspiring and beautiful. The Fountain depicts three separate stories that are nevertheless all intertwined through the storyline provided by Rachel Weisz’s character Izzy. Izzy is diagnosed with terminal cancer unless a cure can be found and her husband, Tommy (Jackman), happens to be a neurosurgeon who is trying to research a way to save her. As she prepares for …

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The Many Faces of the Ego

The Faces of the Ego - The many masks of limiting beliefs and identities

With the return to writing the first thing that I’d like to revisit is the concept of the ego in hopes of solidifying a clear, working definition in order to facilitate the greatest comprehension. For starters, this is not the ‘ego’ as outlined in psychoanalysis by Freud and Jung but rather is a more spiritual perspective that is referring to a self-identity, ‘character script’ with its likes, dislikes, attractions and aversions, and attachments all of which we believe is who we are, the ‘me’ and ‘I’. This ego identity is formed within our consciousness and to best understand the ego we must …

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The Evolution of Compassion

The Evolution of Compassion - Glorious sunset reflection everything is within us

Developing compassion has been on my mind lately and I’d like to take a few moments to share some thoughts that have occurred to me. I hope that they may assist in your own understanding and growth. Respecting the Relativity of Truth We start by understanding a working definition of compassion as something that is developed through a deep understanding of another being’s reality. True compassion can only come from a realization of their truth. In other words compassion can only come from surrender of our personal ego perspective. It is only once we let go of our own ego/belief …

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A Perspective on Vulnerability and Judgment

I would like to share a few thoughts on vulnerability and judgment that occurred to me as a result of pondering the previous post.  It seems that we hold back from expressing our true selves because we are censoring ourselves one way or another. We are censoring ourselves because we are not unconditionally loving ourselves, one way or another we are withholding Love from ourselves. One of the most common methods of withholding Love and acceptance is through judgment. Judgment is a barrier to unconditional love since judgment is a dualistic system that can not abide within the realms of …

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A Perspective on Unconditional Love

Let Go of Right and Wrong     Unconditional love is letting the other be ‘right’ by realizing there in fact is no right or wrong. We do not need to get so attached to a particular position of rightness for it is only our ego attachments that invest in such a vanity of pride such as, only my perspective is correct. Within non-attachment there is a complete reduction in ego inflation and staunch positionality (position of opinion that is taken and then defended out of investment) and it is replaced by only appreciation for all of life. The ‘other’ therefore, is not …

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The Power of Surrender II

There was somethings that I feel were left out during the first discussion of surrender that I wanted to make sure and discuss. For starters, we often find ourselves fighting current situations in our life so furiously because one way or another we want it to be a different way. We become entrapped by the need for either something specific to happen or be, or we wish something didn’t happen or wasn’t the way it is. Generally these are the two basic types of resistance to the present moment and what is. Thus, we see that the ego/mind is always …

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A Perspective on Anger, Frustration, and Resistance

Something has come to my awareness that I would like to share in hopes that it might perhaps inspire you. Upon pondering the concepts of anger and frustration a realization came to me that these emotions can only be experienced when we are in resistance with the current moment/what is. Furthermore, all energy of anger, aggression, or frustration is an attempt to control our reality through projection onto others making them the enemy and making us the victim, thus in control(even if it is in control of being a victim). This may seem conflicting since we are nevertheless a victim …

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The Power of Surrender

     I’d like to take moment to discuss the power of surrender in hopes that we may better understand this life changing concept. The concept seems to have a negative feeling behind it and so many of us tend to be resistant to it accordingly. We commonly associate surrender with weakness or defeat but this can only be so if we are using the ego’s framework for reality. By “surrendering” the ego sees it as failing or as losing something but in truth it is only in surrender that we grow for life naturally wants to grow it is …

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