The Many Faces of the Ego

The Faces of the Ego - The many masks of limiting beliefs and identities

With the return to writing the first thing that I’d like to revisit is the concept of the ego in hopes of solidifying a clear, working definition in order to facilitate the greatest comprehension. For starters, this is not the ‘ego’ as outlined in psychoanalysis by Freud and Jung but rather is a more spiritual perspective that is referring to a self-identity, ‘character script’ with its likes, dislikes, attractions and aversions, and attachments all of which we believe is who we are, the ‘me’ and ‘I’. This ego identity is formed within our consciousness and to best understand the ego we must …

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The Evolution of Compassion

The Evolution of Compassion - Glorious sunset reflection everything is within us

Developing compassion has been on my mind lately and I’d like to take a few moments to share some thoughts that have occurred to me. I hope that they may assist in your own understanding and growth. Respecting the Relativity of Truth We start by understanding a working definition of compassion as something that is developed through a deep understanding of another being’s reality. True compassion can only come from a realization of their truth. In other words compassion can only come from surrender of our personal ego perspective. It is only once we let go of our own ego/belief …

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A Perspective on Vulnerability and Judgment

I would like to share a few thoughts on vulnerability and judgment that occurred to me as a result of pondering the previous post.  It seems that we hold back from expressing our true selves because we are censoring ourselves one way or another. We are censoring ourselves because we are not unconditionally loving ourselves, one way or another we are withholding Love from ourselves. One of the most common methods of withholding Love and acceptance is through judgment. Judgment is a barrier to unconditional love since judgment is a dualistic system that can not abide within the realms of …

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A Perspective on Unconditional Love

Let Go of Right and Wrong     Unconditional love is letting the other be ‘right’ by realizing there in fact is no right or wrong. We do not need to get so attached to a particular position of rightness for it is only our ego attachments that invest in such a vanity of pride such as, only my perspective is correct. Within non-attachment there is a complete reduction in ego inflation and staunch positionality (position of opinion that is taken and then defended out of investment) and it is replaced by only appreciation for all of life. The ‘other’ therefore, is not …

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The Power of Surrender II

There was somethings that I feel were left out during the first discussion of surrender that I wanted to make sure and discuss. For starters, we often find ourselves fighting current situations in our life so furiously because one way or another we want it to be a different way. We become entrapped by the need for either something specific to happen or be, or we wish something didn’t happen or wasn’t the way it is. Generally these are the two basic types of resistance to the present moment and what is. Thus, we see that the ego/mind is always …

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A Perspective on Anger, Frustration, and Resistance

Something has come to my awareness that I would like to share in hopes that it might perhaps inspire you. Upon pondering the concepts of anger and frustration a realization came to me that these emotions can only be experienced when we are in resistance with the current moment/what is. Furthermore, all energy of anger, aggression, or frustration is an attempt to control our reality through projection onto others making them the enemy and making us the victim, thus in control(even if it is in control of being a victim). This may seem conflicting since we are nevertheless a victim …

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The Power of Surrender

     I’d like to take moment to discuss the power of surrender in hopes that we may better understand this life changing concept. The concept seems to have a negative feeling behind it and so many of us tend to be resistant to it accordingly. We commonly associate surrender with weakness or defeat but this can only be so if we are using the ego’s framework for reality. By “surrendering” the ego sees it as failing or as losing something but in truth it is only in surrender that we grow for life naturally wants to grow it is …

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God and the Illusion of Judgment

     Today I’ve decided I would like to discuss further the concept of judgment in relationship not only to ourselves and others but the illusion of it coming from God. This illusion has taken me quite some time to transcend and cleanse from my consciousness and I admit that from time to time I still struggle with it. The unfortunate thing about this illusion is that it is so easy to see everywhere in our interactions with each other today. After pondering this for many weeks, months and perhaps years now, I have finally begun to understand how this …

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God and the Illusion of Need

Washing Away Illusion - God has no needs

Mankind’s Illusions It has become apparent to me that it is time to discuss the concept of God and the illusions that mankind has created. These illusions are important to understand and notice in order to help heal the wounds they have facilitated. Countless lives have been not only ended in the name of these illusions but also completely controlled, misguided, and mentally imprisoned by them. Countless lives have been spent lost and confused because of these illusions, and it’s time to think about humanity’s inherited belief systems and if they really serve us. The first and main illusion that …

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Creative Meditation

Lately I’ve been discovering the meditative power of creativity, specifically in the form of music. From creating music I have found an amazing source of peace and energy of unconditional love. Some thoughts on the experience are: Creativity is the direct flow of source energy coming through. When in an environment of unconditional love pure creativity pours through us but only once we are in a state to receive it. Meaning we have to rise above the ego and be present in the moment to express our true creative desire as our true authentic selves. This is a state of …

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Insight from Fight Club

Insight from Fight Club - transcending the shadow ego

    In light of the review of Revolver I’ve decided to review one of my other favorite psychological movies/books that has always intrigued me and that is Fight Club. Fight Club taught me to think for myself and challenge social norms that might not be in our best interest and to therefore transcend ego limitations.  (This review will be based off the film since I don’t have the book with me at this time)    The movie is focused around Robert Norton’s character ‘the narrator’ or ‘Jack’ going through continual life crisis situations to be liberated of all ego …

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Insight from Revolver: The Formula to Enlightenment

Insight from Revolver - going beyond the ego and all limitations

One of my absolute favorite psychology movies showing the relationship of the ego to the Self is in Guy Ritchie’s, Revolver. While the movie is violent and vulgar at times and is based on a classic Guy Ritchie plot of gangsters and con men, the deeper message of enlightenment is astounding and spot on. The movie gives a perfect example of the ego’s interaction in our mind and throughout the film we get to watch the main character, Jake Green (Jason Statham), battle and transcend his ego with the help of his liberators, Avi (Andre Benjamin) and Zack (Vincet Pastore). …

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Realization of Perfection

 I had a profound realization the other day that really sunk deep into my consciousness and I wanted to share it in hopes that it might resonate with someone else out there and bring the intense level of peace that it brought me. It is a simple thought that I wrote down and I am grateful I did because it has brought amazing clarity to reflect on. This realization came to me amidst some relationship trouble I was having and I couldn’t seem to figure out where it was coming from. I was trying to trace my thoughts in hopes …

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Past and Future – Remembering What is Real

The illusion of Time - Past and Future - remembering what is real

The Illusion of Time A concept that has finally hit me after months of studying it is: Now is the only moment that is actually real. Everything else is simply a thought stemming from now and thus an illusory mental fabrication. The past and the future only exist within our minds. I’ve read this idea over and over again and it didn’t really sink in until recently. I want to take you through my thoughts on this concept and share with you what I realized in hopes that it might help others understand because I believe once we understand it, it will …

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Law of Attraction and Our Vibrations

I would like to discuss the concepts of the Law of Attraction and the vibrational beings that we are and the energetic universe that we are a part of. We have discussed before how we are all connected and how scientists can show this now through fields of study such as quantum physics. With that being said, I’d like to elaborate on our connectivity and discuss how we can use that knowledge for our benefit and for our growth. A great understanding of this is from Ask and It Is Given: “You are, even in your physical expression of flesh, …

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