Creative Meditation

Lately I’ve been discovering the meditative power of creativity, specifically in the form of music. From creating music I have found an amazing source of peace and energy of unconditional love. Some thoughts on the experience are: Creativity is the direct flow of source energy coming through. When in an environment of unconditional love pure creativity pours through us but only once we are in a state to receive it. Meaning we have to rise above the ego and be present in the moment to express our true creative desire as our true authentic selves. This is a state of …

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Meditation: Gateway to Peace

Meditation: The Gateway to Peace and transcendence

I wanted to bring up one of the most important things in becoming conscious and taking control of our thoughts and therefore lives and that is Meditation. There are several ways in which we can perform meditation and each person should find a method that works best for them. I wanted to share a simple outline by Melvin Saunders from his 100% Brain Course that I found helpful. “You should be very wary of visions encountered while attempting meditation. You could be easily fooled with false notions from this curious limbo region between hypnosis and meditation. Just observe, proceed and …

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