Insight from The Tree of Life

Insight from the Tree of Life

Terrence Malick delivers yet another profound masterpiece with The Tree of Life that offers an inspiring look into human development, parenting, philosophy, religion, grief and death, karma, spirituality, and God. The movie stars Sean Penn (adult Jack), Brad Pitt (Mr. O’Brien), Jessica Chastain (Mrs. O’Brien), and Hunter McCracken (young Jack). The story is essentially about a family of three boys with a former Navy officer father (representing the way of nature) and a kind, loving mother (representing the way of grace). Furthermore, it clearly depicts a son’s fall from innocence into shame as disappointment and rejection are constantly projected onto him …

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God and the Illusion of Judgment

     Today I’ve decided I would like to discuss further the concept of judgment in relationship not only to ourselves and others but the illusion of it coming from God. This illusion has taken me quite some time to transcend and cleanse from my consciousness and I admit that from time to time I still struggle with it. The unfortunate thing about this illusion is that it is so easy to see everywhere in our interactions with each other today. After pondering this for many weeks, months and perhaps years now, I have finally begun to understand how this …

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God and the Illusion of Need

Washing Away Illusion - God has no needs

Mankind’s Illusions It has become apparent to me that it is time to discuss the concept of God and the illusions that mankind has created. These illusions are important to understand and notice in order to help heal the wounds they have facilitated. Countless lives have been not only ended in the name of these illusions but also completely controlled, misguided, and mentally imprisoned by them. Countless lives have been spent lost and confused because of these illusions, and it’s time to think about humanity’s inherited belief systems and if they really serve us. The first and main illusion that …

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