Te Amo (My Radha Devotional)

Te Amo - Radha Devotional Divine Love

My Radha Devotional “A sage once said, how shall I to open my heart, old friend? It is forbidden for me to speak. I am about to die for lack of a kindred soul to understand my misery. Simply by looking into her eyes I find the Beloved of my Heart. But rare is such a soul, who swims in Ecstatic Bliss on the high tide of Heavenly Love.” – Rampriya Das This song is a reflection of my devotion and love expressed to the Divine in the form of worshiping Her as my eternal lover. This form of expression …

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Constant Companion

Constant Companion - there is nothing to fear

We are never alone, turn your gaze within and start knocking on the door. “Oh Constant Companion help me realize that there is nothing to fear, because on that golden day I shall lift up my gaze and perceive the unseen, break all my television screens, realize what’s Inside. Open my eyes and see this Beauty cannot hide.” – Rampriya Das This song to me is a reminder that the Divine is always with us, and so long as we exist the Divine is there. For us to exist it is only through the Constant Companion giving us life and experiencing everything …

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The Mountain of Enlightenment – Transcending Duality and the Ego Self (Part 3/3)

Transcending Duality and the Ego Self

Bypassing Temptation    When the sense of self has evolved to the recognition and embrace of the nonattached observer/witness, the level of conscious awareness has reached an extremely expanded state and therefore is completely immersed in unconditional love. This is because from this level of awareness there is only perfection abounding all around. However, it is worth noting that the temptations of ‘co-creator’ and manipulating the power of ‘advanced’ consciousness is seducing to the Luciferic (sophisticated, selfish ego) realms of force and control and represents many leaders of the world, false gurus, and endless media programming that seek to enslave the …

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