See All ‘Failures’ as Blessings in Disguise

Overcome the temptation of negativity - see all setbacks as blessings

“See all ‘failures’ and setbacks as blessings in disguise. There is wisdom within all things, thus leading us closer to what it is we are seeking.”

Another powerful reminder to keep with us throughout our journey is to faithfully, without doubt, see all setbacks, disappointments, and ‘failures’ as perfectly orchestrated lessons and guides to our goals. More important than the goal itself is what we become during the process of overcoming our obstacles, and it is through our trials that we become the person we are desiring to be. Dwelling on negativity only stagnates our growth and could only be coming from negative influences of selfishness from within or outside of us. These things are not of truth, and are a clever con to distract us from our evolution. Negativity is the constant nagging of the demonic world pulling us into self-loathing and self-defeat, keeping us from ever accomplishing our dreams and rising out of mediocrity and imprisonment. For the truth is we are capable of more than we could ever dream of, are loved beyond comprehension, and are cherished, valued, and specifically needed more than we could imagine.

As we replace negative habits with right habits leading towards our enlightenment we will quickly feel the empowering effects that come from withholding the emotional energy negativity is craving. Negative habits are like addictions that can run deep and often twist and connive our thoughts into making us believe we will be better off if we give in. Yet we can use this fact about addiction and temptation to our advantage by seeing that it also demonstrates our power if we are able to say no to them. It may be helpful to think of this experience as literally negative forces desiring to feed off of our negative energy thereby satisfying them through our misery. If instead we chose to see all seemingly negative experiences as blessings, our emotions and energy regarding the events will be shifted and therefore no longer give refuge to negativity and we will be empowered as conquers over our mental and spiritual state. All of that energy we would have given away we now get to maintain, bolster, and utilize to vitalize our efforts. This becomes self-fulfilling and inspires us to greater heights, unlocking new levels of self-discipline, power, and presence within us that we never knew were hiding.

[Photo Credit: Chris Burkard]

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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