Revealing the Light Through the Fog

The lighthouse of God's Love

“With true strength and conviction all things can be overcome so as to reveal the Light hidden behind the fog of the ego’s smoke and mirrors. With honest surrender for help comes endless support and guidance in alignment with our heart’s genuine intentions.”

Once we make the honest commitment to improve and overcome our temptations of selfishness, Divine’s infinite love and guidance comes to assist us in all that we stand in need of. Just as all negative consequences and painful situations we’ve had to endure up to this point have been the result of our own choice and making, we can now begin to embrace the positive, divinely rewarding consequences of right thought and action. As we choose to transcend our selfishness we will notice changes both immediate and long term. For starters, we are no longer burdened by the guilt and emotional baggage that comes along with selfish choices and their struggle-filled consequences. Instead, we are honest and proud of ourselves and our choice to acknowledge our weaknesses and yet our immense courage to accept them. As we choose to turn to the light we notice that it takes far more courage to do so than to follow after selfishness. This, until now, always seemed the opposite. For it is selfishness that wants us to think it is the best, smartest, most attractive, and wisest choice. Yet in reality selfishness was always the easy route, the coward’s path to self-indulgence with no accountability or care for others, ultimately leading into loneliness and self-imprisonment. But that’s the clever con, to thoroughly convince us of its importance, value, and sense of leading us to achievement and status. One look at almost all advertisements and we will see the con of the selfish ego hard at work.

Thus as we begin to open our spiritual eyes we will find Divine’s Love shining like a lighthouse guiding us through the fog and confusion of the selfish ego’s smoke and mirrors of deluded thoughts and twisted rationalizations. We see the illusions for what they are and therefore bolster growing courage for our empowered choices leading us towards peace and salvation. What awaits us is beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of, and as we draw closer to Divine Love we find expanding happiness and contentment in our lives, both inner and outer (which are one and the same).

If in doubt always ask yourself: “Is this of genuine love?” What could be more comforting to trust in than the softness and innocence of Divine Love? Go within and trust the goodness of your heart.

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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