Realize your Power, Be Joyful!

I’d like to start with a wonderful thought that my girlfriend brought to my attention,

“One of the first steps you have to take is allowing yourself to understand the impact your thoughts and thus your created reality. Your thoughts effect not only on ourselves but the society we live in and the planet we live on. Once this is truly understood, you will realize the necessity of a positive loving attitude towards whatever situation you are currently in.

Every moment of every day is a chance to turn it all around. Believe in that, for it will make every situation a positive one. In each moment there is a new beginning, a new life of possibility to create without limitation. If we let go of worry and anxiety, we are free to create the most wonderful outcome to any situation.

Embrace the opportunity for self-discovery and remind yourself that true peace is found when we are at peace within. Be at peace and you create a world of peace. Do not seek to give peace to others or to create peace in the world, just become peace yourself. Your happiness is the ONLY happiness that you can create. You cannot create it for others. You have no control over the reactions of others and must only lead by example. Exuding peace, love and joy is the only way to impact the world towards creating more of those things. And always remember life is meant to be enjoyed, in every moment, in any situation. Never criticize yourself or others for falling away from peace, for again it is only another chance to learn and further your self discovery.

It is an amazing time and many would like to make you think that doom and despair, fear and attack, are waiting around every corner. Don’t believe it. Create your own pictures of reality and fill them with peace and love. Walk in joy and harmony and know that all is well. Love every moment and everyone!” – JB

This is such a beautiful thought and it’s important to remember the power that we all have within us. Often we may feel powerless and trapped. We may feel as if we don’t really have an influence over our world and that things just happen to us. This is when we need to remember most that we are the ones creating our reality. By remembering this we can regain our power and thus be free to happy and grateful. We have to be strong and willing enough to realize that perhaps our ego/mind had it wrong. Perhaps we were taught wrong. Perhaps our parents, teachers, elders, politicians, religions, etc are mistaken in thinking that we are separate and that we are disconnected from God and from each other. Perhaps the ego’s framework doesn’t work… Perhaps there is infinite happiness within. Perhaps I can accept this, I can let go of what is keeping me from realizing my greatness. No one gains from shrinking and being small.

The American culture, or the consumer culture, has perpetuated a lie that we need “things” or circumstances to make us happy. America is founded upon the “pursuit” of happiness. This is a fallacy to one who understands the truth that happiness is created from within and not some external pursuit. All humans are born with endless happiness, love, joy, abundance, creativity, joy, bliss, wealth, and all positive things they could ever want. The problem is we are taught the contrary. I know myself in my life I was taught you have to work to have happiness and that happiness and joy come from external things. Other limiting beliefs are the world is cruel, the world is hard, the world is out to get us, we’re worthless, we’re nothing, we’re helpless and powerless, we’re insignificant, we’re a failure, we will never be happy, we don’t deserve happiness, and on and on this list could go with negative limiting beliefs. Fortunately, they are all a lie, they are all an illusion. These beliefs don’t have the slightest bit of truth to them because the Truth is we are so Divine and Perfect! We have only reason to celebrate our greatness and shine!

Beingness creates the framework for experience and then the universe creates the external environment for the experience to be had. Thus we create our reality by attracting into our lives what it is we focus upon. So if we’re focused on wanting happiness or pursuing happiness we will create an environment where we are wanting and pursuing happiness. We will therefore always be searching for what we want! Basically we send out a vibration of “I want happiness, contentment, wealth, etc.” and the universal law of attraction says okay… you will get “the wanting” of happiness, contentment, wealth, etc. Do we not see how this basic law has been totally misinterpreted or forgotten. Knowing this we can then shift our attention to a more loving perspective.

We can turn to Love by being grateful and realize the happiness we already are and have, the love we already are and have, the wealth and abundance we already have within us! Even if it’s not an external reality for us yet, such as living comfortably and feeling abundant, we have seen others on that vibration, we have dreams of it perhaps, we have ideas and hopes for what that vibration would feel like. So as we project ourselves to that vibration we create a reality of where we constantly experience that which we are projecting. So as we focus on happiness and gratitude throughout our day the universe will continuously give us experiences where we can be overwhelmed by those vibrations. It does this by sending people, places, or things that allow us to express our internal state. At which point we are in full alignment with our external and internal realities. This is the feeling of being in tune with the universe that many have described as the ecstasy of life, the Love of the mystics, and one who swims along in constant Bliss for the journey.

Reflect if you choose, on these concepts of beingness and wantingness. Think of perhaps, the difference in perspective between the two and how with one paradigm the focus is external and desires to possess and gain, whereas the other is focused on internal and desires to be expressed and shared. With beingness it is about shining for all to see, sharing our greatness for the benefit of ourselves and All. Notice how wantingness is based on getting or taking whereas beingness is based on sharing and giving. I hope this helps and I wish you endless happiness and success in your life forever! May you walk on a blissful path.

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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