Realization of Perfection

 I had a profound realization the other day that really sunk deep into my consciousness and I wanted to share it in hopes that it might resonate with someone else out there and bring the intense level of peace that it brought me. It is a simple thought that I wrote down and I am grateful I did because it has brought amazing clarity to reflect on. This realization came to me amidst some relationship trouble I was having and I couldn’t seem to figure out where it was coming from. I was trying to trace my thoughts in hopes of finding the root thought or belief that was causing the pain.

After a few days of pondering I discovered the underlying belief that was causing the unhappiness in my relationship as well as once again realizing the incredible power of the mind. It is my experience that when we find the thought or belief system that is causing us struggle in our lives we set ourselves free on a spiritual and psychological level. Not only do we cleanse ourselves from our current suffering but we realize how everything is connected and arising in order to be healed and in that moment we realize our true power. We re-own our power that the ego has hidden by seeing how the limiting thought or belief system was the source of our suffering and struggle. By doing so it just proves everything we’ve been discussing here.

This reminds us that there is never an external enemy or something ‘out there’ causing anything in our lives. It is only through our own creative intentions and perspective that we experience life the way we each do. Our thoughts and belief systems run our lives and when they are not in congruence with what we want it shows up as suffering, unease, or unhappiness in our lives. I have seen this proven to be true countless times in my own life as well as in others’. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we create our reality through our perception and therefore how we interrupt events in life. If you still have trouble accepting this continue to monitor your thoughts and perspectives and look for the connections to your inner state of happiness or otherwise. Another way to see the perfect correlation between thoughts and reality is whenever there is unhappiness or in-congruence in your life look at what your thoughts or beliefs are about that particular topic or concern. Most of the time we will find that somewhere along the way we blocked our own happiness by adopting a thought pattern or belief system that acts as a dam to our flow of happiness.

The most recent experience for me was unhappiness surfacing in my intimate relationship which I eventually found to be perfectly correlated to my beliefs about relationships that I inherited from my parents’ modeling and society. Once I realized that I had an unhealthy belief about relationships I was able to release it and replace it with something else that I consciously chose. This process of realization will bring amazing peace not because of the particular thought itself, but because you see that you are in control of the happiness in your life. Stress and anxiety are feelings we get from feeling powerless (ego’s control) but when we experience moments of transcendence we feel peace and inner calm. It is this conscious awareness and presence in the moment that allows us to choose how to respond to life’s circumstances rather than letting Life dictate our emotions through ego reactions.

Once we discover our thoughts or beliefs that cause us struggle, it immediately leaves us and if we remain conscious of it, never returns. To me that is all the proof I need. As a previous medical student this makes absolute sense to me. If you have a patient that comes to you with a particular concern or illness, you search for the cause and treat the cause, not the symptom(s). So as a doctor you do everything you can to figure out what is causing the symptoms in the patient in order to truly help them heal. Once the cause is found, for the sake of simplicity lets say a vitamin deficiency, you treat the cause by giving the patient the vitamins that their body is in need of and watch as the patient’s body heals itself. This is how all true healing works, there is an underlying cause obviously at the root of all illness, pain, or suffering either physical, psychological, or spiritual. This same concept applies to our lives and our psyche. Quite simply, all problems, unhappiness, or suffering in our life are a symptom of our thoughts and beliefs.

Whenever I process issues in my life I am always left with a feeling of absolute elation, peace, and happiness because through conscious observance I have found the negative thought and let it go. This is how we transcend the ego by identifying it for what it is, simply a limiting thought, belief, or perspective. Once it is identified it loses all power over us and thus we experience the instant release and elation that comes with that burden being lifted. With that being said here is the summary of what I realized after my latest resolution to unhappiness I was experiencing in my life.

Everything is perfect as it is, there is no reason to fight or resist the present moment. There is no reason to change the world, the world and universe is exactly perfect as it is! You can only control yourself and your own life and that’s your contribution to the whole, there is no sense in trying to change anything else because everything is perfect according to free will, the laws of attraction, and the universal laws of energy and Essence. Everything is in its perfect place according to each individuals evolution of consciousness. Also, there is no reason to resist matters of the world only to accept them as creations of consciousness. When we accept the reality of life for what it is we are free from it in that it doesn’t control our happiness or unhappiness. It is only egoic resistance that causes pain, therefore embrace the pain(become conscious and see the ego for what it is) and be free from unhappiness/happiness of the world. We then overcome the world, as Christ put it.

When we realize that our own lives are perfectly created by us and no one else we can then extend that concept out into the world and realize that the world is a reflection of the collective consciousness’s creation. We then accept the world as it is just as we accept our own lives for what they are, our creation. Thus, our lives, the world, and the universe, are all in perfect order according to the one Divine creative Essence that is within each of us and within All That Is.

Ponder and meditate on these thoughts, let your own Truth speak to you. Exercise your power of consciousness by observing the stillness of the moment. The infinite depth of the moment. I wish you eternal peace and happiness.

Namaste'(the light of divine awareness in me, honors the light of divine awareness in you)

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.