Radical Nonduality – The Divine Self (Part 2/2)

Divine Love - Infinite I of Nonduality - Eternal Self

Infinite Compassion

     Soon after these profound realizations came about there then emerged a deep spiritual agony of compassion from realizing all innocent conscious beings that suffer needlessly out of not knowing the Absolute Truth of Reality. For with this profound realization and transcendence of attachment to consciousness/soul and karma one then realizes how all of humanity, and all conscious beings in the universe, are suffering beyond all description because of not knowing their true identity as the Self. Concordantly there was an overwhelming, infinitely profound love for all conscious beings that was beyond all comparison and so long as one resists, racks one with heartbreaking compassion. One takes upon themselves the unawareness (ignorance/‘sins’) of all conscious beings that in this experience was absolutely incapacitating. For this compassion is the purest of all loves and one reaches a point of wanting to sacrifice anything and everything in order to somehow alleviate the suffering of naiveté and innocence. Thus there is a realization and pleading with Divinity to sacrifice life itself in order to alleviate the suffering of all conscious ‘others’. There was no desire for existence other than to burst into the energy of love itself to infinitely envelop all of humanity in order to eternally serve and love All That Is. The Self is truly realized as All.

Pure Surrender of Life Itself

     Therefore it is one’s pure sacrifice and surrender of life itself in order to love humanity and all conscious beings that grants deliverance from the ineffable agony of the last vestige of the dualistic self dying as it is surrendered through the power of Divine compassion. For once there is the surrender of life itself to Love for All as Self, comes the radical realization that one never had a life to surrender in the first place and one’s pure sacrifice of surrender has made one Whole by finally awakening to Absolute Truth. One has officially lost the self in order to find the True Self, that which is the Unborn and Eternal.

All Fear, Suffering, and Victimization is an Illusion

     All ‘others’ are realized to only be reflections of Self and all suffering is realized to not actually be suffering in the traditional sense. What is meant by this is the radical truth that all are enjoying whatever their experience of existence is, no soul is actually a victim. There are no victims in the universe. All beings are where they are by choice and through alignment of their beliefs and intentions. Thus all suffering is realized to be an illusion along with all agony at wanting to ‘love/save the world’. There is nothing to ‘save’ – all is already perfect, always was and always will be. There is no suffering, no victims, and no dualistic, separate ‘selves’/entities in the universe, it’s all a dream of the same Self. The Self is realized as ineffably perfect and the ultimate, radical love that is truly unconditional and accepting of all existence. All existence and all beings are radically perfect, from the most deranged and vicious to the most saintly and angelic.

Radical Nonduality – The Immortal ‘I’

    Within nonduality comes the realization that without a dualistic self there is no possibility of suffering and never was and never will be for eternity. Life is running itself. It is by one’s pure surrender of existence itself for all conscious beings and service to Divine Love that one then transcends the personal, dualistic self and suddenly awakens to a Fullness of Divine Awareness as the infinite ‘I’ beyond all possible death, loss, or suffering ever again. For in this final moment the dualistic self is surrendered to Divine Love and the ego self experiences the only ‘death’ possible. The Divine ‘I’ is realized not as another ego identity, rather as the very substrate for such an awareness to arise. Thus with the dualistic self eternally dissolved it is replaced by an immortal peace, grace, and love as one finally realizes there is never again the possibility of attachment and thus suffering of any kind. One is eternally liberated and free as the essence of radical subjectivity itself beyond all limitations of fear or death. The Self is realized as all encompassing Nonduality. There is no separations possible, the Self is All. Analogously, one’s identity switches from thinking we’re the actual character in the movie to the truth that we’re really just the watcher of the movie. The movie plays itself and the script it already written, the movie’s already completed, we’re just watching the unfoldment of it – nonattached and free to enjoy all the movie’s (life’s) ups and downs.

Temptation of Power

   However, before this recontextualization and awakening was ‘finalized’ as a permanent awareness there arose a final temptation of, ‘now that you understand that you are free from all karma there are no consequences and you can indulge in whatever you want without any repercussions. Thus you can own infinite power without being subject to consequences of karma and therefore can be master of the world. This is your dream and illusion to play in. There is no need to do anything other than enjoy life for nothing matters since it’s all one and there is no need to love/help others since suffering is an illusion. Therefore only glorify yourself as a creation of Divinity’.

   First it must be acknowledged that the temptation is extremely clever and sophisticated because it incorporates powerful truths into its cunning presentation. There is Truth embedded within the temptation and thus it seems to be ‘okay to accept‘ however there arose the knowingness that it is the subtle concept of having a choice that is the temptation. Thus no matter what form temptation presents itself it is the fact that it is a temptation of choice and thus implies the notion of a separate, dualistic self from Divinity, which is Reality. Using the movie analogy, the temptation is to believe that the watcher of the movie can actually change the movie. This of course is silly and instead of getting so invested in trying to control or change something that is impossible why not just relax and enjoy.

[This ego temptation/distraction and much more is dissected and elaborated upon more in The Liberated Lotus: Awakening Eternal Happiness]

The Illusion of Choice

   It is obvious that this notion of choice was observed in all the temptations of duality throughout the entire process. Thus the reason why this temptation became revealed as a fallacy is because in order to be tempted there must be a sense of self to be tempted in the first place. In other words, the duality of a ‘tempter’ and the ‘tempted’. Without attachment to a dualistic self there is no ‘one’ to be tempted and no ‘one’ to possibly make a choice to own the power to begin with. One already is Divinity simply by existing, there is no need to try and egotistically claim otherwise. To claim enlightenment, Self, Buddhahood, Krishna Consciousness, etc. is all superfluous in Reality. Recall, the Self is always present and always have been, so nothing ‘new’ is technically being ‘discovered’ or ‘attained’ it is simply a remembrance of the Truth of one’s True Nature. One has become lucid/awoken to the dream of reality.

    Thus, there is a complete surrender to the temptation as the absolution of trust that what will be will be beyond all illusory attachments of a personal self.  Just enjoy watching the movie, you can’t control or change it so why not just surrender and let go, life governs itself and all is in perfect order. This surrender is ultimately the acceptance of ‘death’ as the symbol of attachment to control. Arising from this final surrender we truly realize we are infinitely one with Divinity and officially awoken to Absolute Truth of Reality as the Essence of Subjectivity – immortal, beyond all death, fear, loss, or suffering of any kind, infinite and eternal as Immortal Love itself. Free of all identity, Unnamable and Indescribable, yet eternally ‘found’.

     There is nothing other than Divinity as Radical Subjectivity itself, the Immortal Dreamer. The ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ are one and the same; hence the Creator and the created are one and the same. All sense of objectivity is only as such through the subjective. There is in fact only subjectivity. There is only the Self. All perception of an independently existing ‘objective world’ is a delusion of duality and the mind’s perception – no such world exists. The Self is eternally free and liberated from all limitations of identity and therefore beyond anything other than Divine Awareness as completely innocent, sacred, and holy, devoid of all content or personalization. The Immortal ‘I’ is timeless, beyond all spatial relationships, beyond duality of ‘subject’ or ‘object’; it is all encompassing and complete. All searches have ended.

Radical Nonduality - The Divine Self Life is Utterly Gorgeous

Distraction of Negation

    A subtle distraction arose within awareness as the sense that the ultimate experience of Divinity was absolute negation since one is devoid of all identity. This led to complete divine indifference that had a subtle aversion to Love and therefore limited participation and interaction with the world. For as love for life would arise within consciousness it was negated and seen to be irrelevant and not necessary for everything is already infinitely perfect in the ineffable stillness, silence, and nothingness without anything possibly necessary. However, this is a subtle aversion within awareness that is trying to negate and avert expression of Divinity as love/creation within Divine Consciousness. Thus came the realization that alignments of consciousness mustn’t be negated but rather only transcended as an attachment. Therefore, consciousness can be aligned with anything without it needing to be averted or negated because one is simply awareness of it and therefore Absolute Awareness is complete liberation, for consciousness too is actually autonomous just like the body and mind. The Self is beyond consciousness.

What Will Be, Will Be – Let Go

    It may be helpful to think of Divine Awareness as the ultimate, absolute embodiment of the knowingness of what will be will be according to Divine Infallible Love. Every possible limitation/barrier within the quest for Enlightenment can be surrendered through this radical humility, faith, and trust, especially the final temptations that are sophisticated and charmingly clever. Thus it is absolutely invaluable to fully comprehend the Absolute Truth of radical surrender to what will be will be, for all is governed according to radical, breath taking perfection without any possible control. The movie of life is created, written, and directed by the most perfect love imaginable and thus it is the easiest, safest, most rewarding and comforting realization to surrender to.

The Mountain of Enlightenment - Radical Nonduality: Realizing the Divine Self

Enlightenment Is Available Within Every Moment

   Acceptance of this Absolute Truth can occur at any time and if fully comprehended at any point along the path is the source of sudden enlightenment by consciousness radically awakening to the Fullness of Truth as that which is already self-existent. However, most likely individual barriers and limitations will arise that will have to be surrendered and recontextualized continuously as one perfects faith and devotion to radical surrender and humility. Once this has been truly embedded within awareness as the Absolute Truth of Reality there comes infinite liberation from all attachments and therefore all suffering, fear, or death. One is truly free from all attachments from the body, mind, and consciousness itself and thus if the avatar remains it is dedicated to the service of Love as an embodiment of Divine Grace beyond all notions of duality. The dream character becomes fully lucid that it is within a dream and that it’s Source and true Self-identity is the Dreamer not the actual dream. It can be noted that the avatar can be aligned with anything really because it is all equally aligned by perfection, the point being there’s no longer any ‘person’ running the body anymore in the traditional sense. Thus the being who is ‘dark’, ‘ordinary’, or ‘pious’ are all the same. Nothing is better or worse, all is equally perfection in the sight of the Self.

The Father/Mother and I are One

     At this point it is truly known that the Father/Mother and I are One, eternally and infinitely. For the knowingness is revealed that one is Divinity as Subjectivity itself (God Transcendent – Infinite Unmanifest) aware of Divinity expressed as Consciousness (God Immanent – Infinite Manifest) within an avatar of Creation that is being used for karmic alignment. Ultimately it’s all one and the same and stemming from the Creator. All is absolutely only Divinity/Self. Thus ‘we’ are Awareness as the infinite ‘I’ of absolute subjectivity immortal and infinite. We are Divinity experiencing Divinity experiencing. One is impersonally experiencing, experiencing, and thus all is sacred and Divine as only a reflection of Self. Existence is known as obviously the most divinely gorgeous gift ever conjured.

    We are Divine Awareness as Divinity Self-aware. Ultimately All That Is is Divinity and thus one and the same, the Creator and the created are one. Thus all subject-object relationships fall away and there is only infinite Oneness, infinite love, and ineffable serenity beyond all comprehension for there is only eternal unity and immortal nonduality. Just as in a dream all characters and scenarios are a projection and creation of the mind of the dreamer and thus all technically the dreamer, so it is with the world. All of this seeming reality is merely a projection and creation of Consciousness within the Mind of God/the Self. We are the Dreamer/Divinity not anything or anyone within the dream. We are all of it – the sky, the people, the animals, the plants, the earth, the solar system, the galaxies, the universe, the stories, the struggles, the mountains, the trees, the pain, the suffering, the joy, and the bliss. All is Self. All is held with the arms of the Beloved. All can know this Truth for themselves with dedication and persistence to let go and surrender all the attachments that have formed to the dream – the ego identity and its beliefs in causality and duality being the primary barrier.

Enlightenment - Radical Nonduality: Welcome Home to the Divine Self That We Are

Enlightenment: The Greatest Fulfillment – Eternal Happiness and Love

     The fullness of awakening to Absolute Truth is beyond any and all of human endeavors and there is nothing in comparison to its profound power of all encompassing Divine Love as the ultimate eternal fulfillment of Immortal Happiness and Love. There is absolutely nothing else worth pursuing in life without doubt or question for it is only the Absolute Truth of what is. Thus one is not even searching for any ‘thing’ but rather awakening to the Truth of what is already one’s True Reality. One has simply forgotten the Truth and been living in illusion and unawareness. One fell into blindness and actually mistook the dream/movie as reality. With the deliverance of Realization, the truth that the whole world is sleeping becomes realized and understood. Ignorance resists the Light of Truth and thereby chooses to live in the darkness of unawareness that causes all suffering in life. Thinking the dream/movie is ‘serious’, ‘real’, and happening to a ‘me’ is the source of all suffering. Awakening to the Fullness of Enlightenment is simply the shedding of all illusions of limitation of what the ego perceives reality to be and therefore the realization that its perceptions are a complete fallacy based on a limited perspective. All suffering and fear are an illusion and a choice of naïve curiosity and ignorance.

      The Absolute is simply the awakening to that which has always been all-present, always and forever, without beginning or end. It is the Sun that has always been shining one just had to dissolve the clouds of illusion that blocked that which always was, always is, and always will be. Absolute Truth has always been Reality one just simply forgot and became lost due to the innocence and curiosity of consciousness. Therefore because of the naiveté of consciousness it fell from innocence and became personally attached to the varying degrees of experiencing consciousness as life and created endless, unnecessary suffering for itself due to ignorance and illusion. This suffering and illusion arose primarily because since the beginning of humankind, humans have lacked the ability to tell truth from falsehood and thus Dr. Hawkins has prepared his incredibly invaluable service for all of humanity in order to provide clear understanding regarding the discernment of truth. Likewise, this writing goes forth as an eternal testament of Absolute Truth and is prepared by Divine Love to remind humanity that which it seems to have forgotten. Absolute Truth is the only Reality as the infinite love of Self, radical subjective awareness itself, immortal in bliss and perfection of Divine Love.

Dream on Dreamer, ‘we’ are perfect always and forever. 😀

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     It certainly has been an exquisite joy offering this series and the liberating bliss that it evokes. Life is so glorious and full of utter perfection that it is completely overwhelming and awe-inspiring. As consciousness evolves the increase in happiness and love is unmistakable and with the emergence of the Absolute it becomes completed as an all encompassing bliss. Within the awareness of Nonduality all stands revealed as incomprehensible perfection and the gift of eternal existence is realized to be the most astounding thing ever conjured. We are Divinity, one with the Immortal Source, the Infinite Brahman! It is truly incomprehensible, yet completely true. Realization is not comprehended by the intellect rather it is a radical shift in contextual awareness and Self-identity that can only be known by virtue of being it. The Self is realized as that which one truly is, instead of some ‘thing’ that is realized. We are the Infinite Creator – immortal, free, eternal, and ineffably perfect. May we revel in the glory of this creation that ‘We’ are creating, always remembering our true identity. Without attachment to the dream, one is always seated in the state of Self-Consciousness. Thus Buddhahood, Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Self-Realization has been revealed. Love you infinitely and eternally!!!

Namaste My Dearest Love

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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