Radical Nonduality – The Divine Self (Part 1/2)

Self-Realization - The Divine Self of Nonduality

[It must be noted that the contextual awareness’ being described throughout are not literal, the words are irrelevant, they are only attempting to point to that which is entirely subjective, wordless, and completely indescribable. All attempts at wording that which is wordless is obviously meager as a substitute. Yet it may be helpful to offer inspiration for one to realize such radical truth for one self.]

Ineffable Remembrance of Union

    The overwhelming bliss at the initial experience of ‘returning home’ arises through truly discovering the fallacy of duality and personal control of the body/mind. This realization leads to an incredible incapacitating joy that is difficult to comprehend and function within as all fear and suffering is obliterated forever. All is ineffably perfect and glorious without blemish or possible error because it is known that All is Divine Love and completely free from ego control or distracting editing. Therefore, everything is realized to be karmically aligned by Love as Divine’s Creation and therefore infinitely perfect. Life is realized to be absolutely gorgeous beyond possible comprehension. All of existence is finally seen as the most profound gift of Divine Love beyond all time or space –  timeless, ineffable love. There is only infinite bliss and pure love for life as a result of awakening to this Truth. It is a state of pure wonder and ecstasy and the body feels as if it is full of pure divine light and energy. Gratitude and humility have reached their completion and attachment to the ego is eternally surrendered.

Subtly of Attachment to Bliss

     If aligned to continue in the evolution there eventually arises the realization that there is enjoyment being the observer/witness of such a state and therefore the act of enjoyment of the bliss has to be surrendered in order to move into the realms of infinite silence and serenity. This serenity comes from realizing there is no personal self to enjoy the bliss in the first place and thus one must surrender attachment to the bliss itself since it is being subtly valued. Also this allows for more appropriate participation since the majority of the world cannot handle true bliss and happiness, it’s too radical and challenging to the ego. The truly liberated are able to allow for all human emotions to come forth and are no longer attached to that which is coming forth. Whether at work or play, amongst  happiness or sadness, it is all the same.

Radical Nonduality - The Divine Ineffable Self

Nonattached ‘Is-ness’ and ‘Beingness’ of Life

    Accordingly, this moves consciousness into a sense of divine indifference as appreciation encompasses the very is-ness and beingness of life that is based in purely essence of existence rather than any particularity of form. Consciousness has shifted to a contextual view rather than getting caught up on any of the content. Analogously, consciousness as the observer is the screen and context while the movie and all its forms, characters, and situations are the content. One has realized that the Self is more closely associated with the immutable screen/context rather than the actual movies that all come and go. In other words because something exists is all the reason one needs to be absolutely ‘in love’ with it because everything within existence is seen to be eternally perfect and beyond all limitation of labeling or mentation (even bliss). Thus everything is exactly as it is without anything necessary to be added for all is simply only the Self and is known as is.

‘I Am’

     The state is also the concordant realization of ‘I Am,’ which is a complete all encompassing statement within consciousness without anything more necessary. The essence of ‘I Am’ encompasses all of existence as a Self-realized, illumined being that therefore transcends attachment to the body and views all Creation with the same disposition. All is the same essence of divine perfection expressed as life. Hence Krishna’s counsel to Arjuna that the one seated in Krishna Consciousness views all seeming tragedy and joy as the same, as well as all beings with an equal eye. Thus consciousness at this point can be likened to an infinite presence of divine appreciation of perfection as all of life is seen to be equally a reflection of the Self. Everything is ineffably perfect beyond comprehension of the intellect and therefore elated, infinite bliss itself doesn’t even do the subjective, wordless awareness true justice. Thus one falls into a complete awe-inspired silence that is infinite and all encompassing. (Often referred to as samadhi)

Self as Existence

     After adjusting to and exploring the radical perfection and eternal serenity of this awareness, if karmically aligned to do so consciousness then expands by realizing that not only is one the essence of the observer, but that which gives rise to that quality of consciousness as Existence itself. Thus all existence is equally the Self, pure and perfect beyond even the essence of beingness, for beingness is redundant and limited. Awareness as the Self is now known to be eternal existence itself as a unified perfection of only the Self within every moment. Thus to say ‘I Am’ is now redundant as well for there is no need for the sense of am-ness, is-ness, or beingness due to existence encompassing such things as the fundamental, immortally subjective ‘I’. Within this ‘I’ of Existence there is clearly nothing separate from Self and all existence is realized as beyond and outside of time as one amongst infinite Creations. The ‘I’ of Existence is all encompassing of All That Is. All That Is only is because it is beheld within the Eye of the ‘I’ that is the Self.

Radical Nonduality - The Presence of God

The Profound Stillness and Silence of God

     The inner reality during these extremely lucid contextual realms of awareness is that of silent, divine indifference due to the radical humility and serenity that arises due to the profound awe of Divine perfection. Return to function in the world is often impossible and only occurs according to the body’s karmic alignment – catatonic states of ‘God-struck’ consciousness/samadhi are common. All that exists is beyond all labels and there is no need to comment or have a personal attraction or aversion to anything for there is no ‘one’ to whom such a thing would occur – all is radically the same. Duality is removed and thus all sense of there being some ‘one’ and any ‘other’ is actually realized to be an illusion.  There is actually only existence as a Nonduality meaning no separations or parts. Accordingly, there arises only profound inner stillness and silence – the divine presence. In fact, life’s ebb and flow itself doesn’t seem to matter since the Immortal ‘I’ is certainly beyond all existence of the body/mind and therefore the body is of absolutely no concern. One’s true Self is realized to be immortal, thus death is irrelevant. This may be difficult for ‘others’ to understand and may lead to confusion or fear that the persona has ‘gone crazy’ or on drugs and thus the inner reality wasn’t shared with others who weren’t capable of understanding it.

‘I’ of Divinity Manifest

     Eventually from within the awareness of the ‘I’ as the essence of Existence, it becomes obvious that ‘I’, literally is one with all that exists, ever has existed, or ever could exist for there is nothing in existence that is separate from the ‘I’ of the Self (Nonduality). Accordingly, Self-awareness is realized as literally the Infinite Manifest of eternal existence without beginning or end, the realized ‘I’ of Divinity Manifest. Awareness is of the Mind of God manifesting Creation continuously within every moment, always and forever. Therefore this state is a sense of ‘I’ as an eternal all encompassing source of awareness for existence itself. One is eternal existence forever and always as the Self continuously is without beginning or end, beyond all causality or duality. Thus Self is the sense of ‘I’ as the Ultimate Reality and there is nothing possible other than eternal existence. For within all experiences of existence the immortal ‘I’ will always be the Source of all such experience, it is inseparable. For anything to be the Self must be present – it is impossible to be otherwise.

Radical Nonduality - The 'I' of Divinity

Distraction of Attachment to the Void/Nonexistence

    However, eventually arose from this sense of Allness the possibility of true Self-identity as nonexistence or voidness as the fundamental source of All. With deep reflection it became clear that nonexistence cannot beget existence and it is only infinite existence as the Allness of Creation that could even allow the context of existence and nonexistence. Thus out of the infinite void arises the Allness yet they are simultaneous/interdependent and actually one and the same rather than dualistic. Nonexistence is not its own independent reality or even a possibility. It’s an illusory distraction of dualistic positionality. The illusion of nonexistence can only arise due to existence and therefore isn’t technically True Reality but rather is a subtle temptation of attachment to radical negation or voidness.

     Nonexistence is limited by its very identity, as mentioned before, nonexistence cannot beget existence, and existence most obviously is, thus it is seen to be an obvious fallacy, impossibility, and is eventually transcended. Nothing can arise from nonexistence simply because there’d be nothing to create awareness in the first place. Again, all life only arises from preexisting life. Furthermore, if nonexistence were the final reality how is it that it is experienced, all those who would have awoken to such a state would have been voided or obliterated into the nothingness. If nothingness/atheism were true there’d be no life/existence/awareness, there’d literally be nothing… This is simply not the case and represents a final temptation of attachment to the duality of opposites within consciousness. It is clear that there has to be the Divine given gift of existence, as the capacity for awareness in order to even begin to explore the notion of nonexistence. So it becomes obvious that there must be subjective awareness (infinite existence) in order for nonexistence to even be a possibility, yet it is not an actual dualistic reality.

Radical Nonduality - Transcending the Opposites

Transcending the Duality of Opposites

     There is no actual opposite to Divinity, there is no separation or opposite to Self, there is no opposite to Existence, there is no opposite to Truth. There is only One that is then expressed along a spectrum. That is, there is only Truth or the absence of truth, Existence or its denial, Nonduality of Divinity or the ego’s illusion of duality and separation, Self or the illusion of not-Self. All dualistic opposites are a fabrication of the human mind and are in no way remotely accurate but more so an imagination of language for convenience.

      A more practical example is that there is only light or its absence. There is no such thing as ‘darkness’ as an independently existing reality. You cannot ‘shine’ darkness or ‘do’ anything with it. ‘Darkness’ is only a word conjured to describe the absence of light, the point being there is actually only light – one variable. Next, there is only life or its absence. There is no such thing as ‘death’ as an independently existing reality. ‘Death’ is only a word conjured to describe the absence of life, yet there is still only life, it doesn’t cease to be it just simply changes forms and moves on. Life is not created or destroyed only changes expression is all. Another would be heat, there is only the presence of heat or its absence. ‘Coldness’ doesn’t exist in and of itself, it is only a description of the absence or lack of heat. There is no such thing as ‘cold’ versus ‘hot’ – there is no such thing as duality in Reality, it’s an illusion of ignorant social programming.

     This concept can be applied to all seeming opposites to realize that there is nothing actually dualistic in the universe. All seeming dualities are a creation of the mind. All things such as sound and silence, attraction and aversion,  love and hatred, ‘on’ and ‘off’, sight and blindness, good and evil, life and death, light and darkness, form and the formless, and so on ad infinitum, are all interdependent and simultaneously one, there are no opposites possible in the universe. Language has become entirely dualistically programming and misleading as to the truth of Reality. Within the fundamental Stillness and Silence that is the Presence of God… it is stunningly clear beyond words or possible language, All is Self – Nonduality. Divinity is All That Is, the fundamental all encompassing, all pervasive, all knowing, all powerful ‘I’. The Creator realized as one with the created. The ‘Father’ and ‘I’ are One… Father = Creator, I = Creation, as one and the same – Nonduality Realized.

Radical Self-Inquiry

     Thus attachment to the duality of nonexistence vs. existence and of all dualistic opposites is eventually realized to be a fallacy and a limitation/barrier to Absolute Truth. Consciousness at this point if aligned moves into extremely high realms of realization of Self-awareness that is beyond all paradoxes of existence and nonexistence and is even more profoundly infinite and free, for there are presumably no possible limitations of Self. It is an extremely gorgeous, ineffably profound awareness that brings with it a stunning completeness as the Self is known to be Infinite and Eternal beyond all conceptualization, form, death, or limitation of any kind. During these radical expanses in awareness is when the body’s nervous system would frequently become overwhelmed by the amount of energy increase that would accompany each new realization. It was as if the body was carrying all the energy of the universe within it, which is actually the truth being revealed. The surge in energy was the result of limitations within consciousness being uncovered and recontextualized thus allowing for expansion into even more profound paradigms of awareness. Recall the process of liberation is that of surrendering all limiting contexts to that which is divinely fundamental to all existence – the process of radical self-inquiry.

Radical Nonduality - The Divine Avatar of the Immortal 'I'

The Divine Avatar

  Concordantly the next clarification arose that the Immortal ‘I-ness’ of enlightenment is in fact Divinity expressed as Self-awareness of a Divine embodiment. This embodiment is realized to be a Divine Avatar which is fully Self-Aware as Divinity/the Self. The body at this point, and from the ‘beginning’ of enlightenment, is absolutely known without a doubt to be of no ‘personal’ – egoic control and is seen as an expression of the Self with a consciousness that is aware of itself as its Source and Creator. In other words consciousness evolves to the realization that it itself is an extension of Divinity and is only an impersonal aspect of the Oneness/Supersoul/Divine Consciousness. Consciousness begins to realize that it too is only a gift and creation of Divinity and yet simultaneously it is Divinity Itself made manifest. The light of consciousness is only illuminated through the Father/Mother – the Divine Self. Consciousness/the Holy Spirit, is the ‘facilitator’ (not to be confused as a ‘separate’ thing only used for semantic convenience to aid in comprehension) for which Divinity becomes aware of Itself. In other words, the process through which the Creator becomes aware of Creation. Inevitably leading to the conclusion that it is all One. The Creator and the Created are one and the same, this will continue to be elaborated upon as we proceed.

Letting Go of Attachment to Consciousness/the Soul

    There arose a knowingness that even the notion of a personal, dualistic consciousness/soul is a fallacy and thus consciousness, mind, and body are all creations of Divinity unfolding of their own. One is Self-aware, pure subjective awareness of consciousness and all its creations as the Creator. With this profound, complete Revelation it is known that the Self is concordantly free of all karma because attachment to consciousness and the ego, which stores all karmic inheritance has been transcended. In a paradoxical way Existence is realized to be completely impersonal yet ineffably Personal and all encompassing, total, and complete. It is truly indescribable. One is in fact the entire Universe!

    Another way of putting it is that one realizes that they are not even an individual soul/consciousness but rather are that which is the very Creator of the soul/consciousness – the Immortal Essence and substrate of awareness – the Infinite Brahman. Therefore the true nature of the ‘I’ is Divinity as Divine Awareness (subjectivity itself) experiencing Itself (Infinite Manifest) via the essence of life (consciousness interacting with matter) that is made aware through the varying degrees of consciousness. More simply, one is that which is aware of consciousness experiencing life, which is only the Self. The Self is experiencing itself… The Dreamer is dreaming… Yet the entire dream experience is still just a projection of the One Dreamer. So no matter how many seeming characters and situations there are in the dream it is still all just a fabrication and projection of the Dreamer. You see there is no actual separation, only the perceptual appearance as such.

All is Only the Self

     Everything possibly imaginable or perceivable is only Divinity as an extension of the Self. Thus one awakens to an at oneness with Divinity as the Infinite Unmanifest (God Transcendent – Subjectivity) and simultaneously Divinity as the Infinite Manifest particularly expressed within an Avatar of Divinity (God Immanent). However, it is only a matter of semantic convenience to call Divinity Transcendent and Immanent for in Reality they are one and the same. All is radically and profoundly One. The most direct route to realizing the Self is within the Stillness and Silence of Being. All language and discussion is only for inspiration. The words themselves are not what are important but rather what they are suggesting, which can only be realized subjectively. Within the Presence of God all is known and all questions dissolve forever.

     A helpful explanation came from previous study of The Holographic Universe that clearly demonstrates that within every infinite aspect of awareness possible in the universe contains within itself the entirety. In other words, every point of awareness contains awareness of the whole hologram that is immutable; it is only the angle of perception that changes. And thus it becomes self-evident that the entire universe is infinitely large yet infinitely small as radically one Creation all contained within Awareness. Therefore the Self is realized as the infinite context of subjective awareness itself complete and total as Eternal Unity capable of Infinite Creation. All of conscious existence at this point becomes absolutely transformed as all subject and object relationships fall away as fallacies of perception. Thus all is radically Divinity Itself, infinite and eternal – That Which ‘We’ Truly Are – the Immortal, Unborn, Unnamable ‘I’ of the Supreme Lord.


Blessings from the Liberated Lotus

     There is really nothing that could be said to describe what profound love I have for you. If only we could share in this bliss of presence, for it is only within the thunderous silence that all is revealed and known. To look upon those eyes and feel that Grace shining through, there is nothing that compares. This love is eternal, infinite and beyond all comprehension. Divine Love is utterly incapacitating and mesmerizing in Its infinite splendor, not even the most rapturous and gloriously moving poetry or music could do It justice. What love and grace I wish to share with this world, for this reason was I born to illuminate the hearts of those who seek to know Me. Such is the Truth of the Self waiting to be discovered within. All can taste of the ineffable bliss of Self for all already are the Self it is only a matter of choosing to realize it. Ramana Maharshi mentioned that there are two primary ways of pursuing the Self, one to surrender oneself over to a Higher Power realizing human’s inferiority and humility, the other, to ponder the nature of misery and suffering in order to realize that salvation is only possible through realizing the Self. Both paths inevitably lead to the same conclusion and realization of the Divine ‘I’ of the Self. For those seeking such liberation and Truth, all necessities and guidance shall always be provided – according to your faith it is done unto you. Divine Love will never forsake a sincere seeker and is always looking for such rare souls. I wait for you with outstretched arms always my love.

Namaste My Dearest Love

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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