Power of Speech

So I’ve been studying a lot of the Silva Method lately, which is an elaborate mind control method that Jose Silva developed over 30 years of study and experimentation. I was reminded of some awesome concepts and wanted to share it with you in hopes that it’ll help someone as much as it helped me.

So first of all, we have to be conscious of what we say, what we say carries a lot of weight and impact in our lives. Our word is our creative power and directs our energy. What most don’t understand is that the inner conscious or subconscious mind doesn’t understand sarcasm, it doesn’t reason or judge what you say, it accepts it as truth. That’s why if you tell a child they’re worthless and will never amount to anything and they believe it they will struggle their whole lives with self-esteem and other issues related to self worth unless they eliminate the root cause. All of us were most likely raised incorrectly in terms of unconditional love and proper mental conditioning and have a lot of improper beliefs embedded in our psyche. Which isn’t to say our parents are awful and don’t love us, that’s not the case, they just didn’t know any better.

When I first started getting deeper in my psychology studies of child and adolescent psychology years ago, I couldn’t help but be angry with the limiting beliefs and core beliefs that I was noticing I held about myself. A lot of which came from religion growing up and my parents. But over time I’ve learned to stop being angry at my parents and am reminded to accept the fact that they didn’t know any better and loved me the best they knew how. We have to forgive those who have been negative to us in our lives and move forward. Just because these beliefs are there doesn’t mean we can’t replace them.

Another way some really bad beliefs can get instilled in our minds is from our friends and cultural messages, especially when we’re young. Think of class bullies or the way girls interact in our culture! Girls are the best at making each other feel insignificant, uncool, not beautiful, or “out of the loop.” It’s easy for them since our culture promotes extreme ego thinking unto them, telling them that it’s purely about their external value. They are taught to judge each other relentlessly from the things they wear, how they do their hair, the shoes they have on, the color of their nails, who they hang out with, the guys they like, their fashion style, the list is endless. Unfortunately these things do have a deep psychological effect that we don’t seem to think about when we treat each other this way. However, what we can do as a solution to stop this from keep happening is teach our children differently so that we don’t perpetuate this negative ego culture of judgment and external importance. Like I’ve said before, it’s about proper education, that’s what will change the world and break us out of ignorance.

So back to the concept, the idea is that we have all sorts of negative things we say all the time and we don’t realize that by saying it we may be “joking” or just saying the phrase that everyone else says and you tell yourself you’re not serious… but your subconscious doesn’t know that. So think about the negative things that we say to ourselves all the time, “I’m sick and tired, I don’t have time, I’m always late, I can’t do it…” can’t and impossible are absolutely the worst, be very careful with those words. “Look how clumsy I am, I always get hurt, I always get sick, this job is killing me, no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight, I lose weight but then I gain it, all I have to do is look at food and I gain weight, I’m stupid, I’m poor, money is hard to come by, it’s hard to find a job these days, things never work out for me, people don’t like me, I am no good at such and such,” this list goes on and on. Pay close attention to everything you say because it has a lot more impact on your life than you might think. The cure… be conscious of what you’re saying. It sounds funny, but when you really stop and think about it we don’t really pay attention to what we’re saying. We don’t think about the consequences of our words. Why? Because we weren’t taught too. I don’t know about you but I never had the power of my subconscious mind explained to me growing up or in school… that is not until I got into college and pursued a psychology degree. I would think that would be good to know from day one not 20 or more years later. So let me help shed some light on it now, we can start by taking the things we say literally because that’s how our subconscious mind is taking it and our subconscious mind takes your command and brings it into your reality. I will review the divisions of the mind in a later post.

So much mental programming is going on all the time in our world. This is how advertisements work for example. Advertisement companies hire psychologists to find better ways to manipulate us by using placement, messages, and imagery to hopefully control us. I remember in my psychology program learning about this field and it blew my mind that they would really do that but after watching and looking at a few ads it’s incredibly easy to see once you know how they’re doing it. They literally are using brainwashing through the media. Almost all the time they’re playing on ego thinking or they’re programming you over time with repeated exposure. This is how corporations perpetuate consumerism and make us think we “need” things to make us happy or complete! I actually met a psychologist who worked for an ad agency who did this! We had a great conversation and I just kept trying to point out to her “to make sure if you’re going to do that at least sell helpful products, you know the power you have I hope you’ll use it for good and betterment of the world.” She sort of understood but it seemed she was more interested in making more money working for the corporations and marketing their latest product and support the system of ego consumerism, seek but never find, buy but never be satisfied. Which is her right, but it definitely won’t serve her happiness.

And that reminds me of another point, people can “know” this information but whether we do anything about it or use it properly is still up to the person. I can educate you on concepts of psychology and metaphysics but you still have your free will of how are you going to use the information. I would hope that you’d use it to better your life and bring more true joy instead of false ego joy to yourself and others but that is ultimately up to you.

So if we start looking at all these negative things we say, it’s clear to see how we sabotage ourselves. The easiest example is, you’re trying to lose weight but you’re saying, “it’s hard for me to lose weight, I can never lose weight, I’m always going to be overweight, I lose it but it comes back…” and so on. Or “I’m always tired, I don’t have energy, or my metabolism is awful” We have to be careful with our words, our word is our creative power after all.

Now even if something may seem true to you it doesn’t mean you have to give it added energy by affirming it with your words. Find a creative way of saying things another way and make sure that it always ends positively. For example, say you’re trying to lose weight and you haven’t been seeing results so instead of saying “I just can’t seem to lose weight,” say something like “it’s going to be easy for me to lose weight, I am losing weight, I’m getting healthier.” Or if your mind feels that that is too much of a lie then say “I’ve been having a hard time losing weight but it’s going to get easier and I AM going to lose it.” That way your mind can’t deny it as a lie because you can always have a positive outlook and since you’re projecting towards the future your mind doesn’t know that it’s true or not yet so it can’t reject it. However, the best is to keep your focus on the present moment of now, so keep it to thinking pertaining to now such as “I am becoming healthier now and in every moment, I am losing weight, my body is beginning to change now and lose weight.”

Another example is say you didn’t do as well on a test as you would of liked. So instead of feeding it energy by saying “I’m so stupid, I don’t get this, I hate this subject, etc.” Say something like “I’ll do better next time, I’ll get better at test taking, or I may have not done so well but I will definitely do much better next time.” The point is that you are always sending off positive energy to attract the desired result. And with time, as you correct and secure a new vibration of thinking and new belief system in your subconscious your reality and experience will match that.

So with this knowledge, start thinking about ways to affirm desires positively to yourself. Say them to yourself often and don’t let yourself get down. If you have a hard time saying them because they feel like a lie, such as “I am capable, I am smart, I am beautiful” whatever it is, then use previous memories of when you felt those things as mentioned in the post about creating happiness. Go in your mind to those memories of feeling smart, beautiful, confident, whatever state of mind you desire and then relive it as vividly as possible in your mind and you will come out of the experience on that vibration or at least closer to it. Then that would be a good time to use the desired affirmation to further enhance the experience. Say you just went through the NLP method for happiness and when you come out of it affirm to yourself, “I am happy and my day will definitely be better, I will be happy all day.” Or whatever you want, be creative, set your own intention!

Now if you don’t have any good memories of being happy or confident, etc. then create one with your mind. Think about what that would look like. What it would feel like, what is would smell, taste, or move like. The more senses you can involve the better. The mind doesn’t care whether it’s real or not it will still create the experience of it if you make it real enough. So use your wonderful power of imagination to create an experience where you would feel, happy, content, wealthy, confident, or whatever you desire and it will be so. This may take practice but as you practice you will get better at it and will be able to control and create your state of mind more effectively and thus create your reality.

This is the control of your life that is inherently yours. If we were taught this as a child our lives would be completely different. And this is my argument for why it’s easy to correct the problems of the world if we understand the concept, it’s easy to live at peace if everyone is properly educated to know that everything comes from within! We can see that happiness is created from within us if we stop and ponder these things for a while and step back from ourselves and take note of where is our happiness coming from. I realized this through my own struggles with my ego thinking and I still have to check myself all the time although it gets easier with time and practice. That’s why I encourage positive support systems so much! It is so vital to stay around people who understand these things so that you can be reminded and encouraged to be positive and can piggyback, in a sense, off their energy when you’re down. Being around someone on a very positive frequency will lift your own vibration as well. Plus, their positive outlook will be contagious and hard for you to maintain a negative vibration since you’ll feel so “off” in comparison to the other(s).

To further conceptualize this idea imagine being around Christ or Buddha, imagine how you’d feel in their presence. Imagine what it’d be like to watch Christ perform a healing miracle or hear the Buddha teach. That’s exactly what we can be to each other, on granted a lesser frequency most likely but nevertheless we can be that amazing energy that people love to be around and feel better for being with and in fact we all are capable of being that for each other. That’s the beauty of coming together and that’s the power of coming together, because not only does it lift the one person up, both are benefited. Raise each others energies and enjoy the positivity and joy of life together. See the beauty all around you and watch how it makes you feel.

My favorite way to spend time with friends is in good humor and laughter. Laughter and positivity is so amazing and we all have great experiences, I’m sure, that we can think of when we were laughing with loved ones and how good that feels. That’s why in the last post I mentioned, take life less seriously, be joyous, be happy, BE what it is you want instead of wanting it externally! I will come back to the Silva Method in later posts. For now think about these things, refer to them often and remember to be conscious of your speech.

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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