A Perspective on Anger, Frustration, and Resistance

Something has come to my awareness that I would like to share in hopes that it might perhaps inspire you. Upon pondering the concepts of anger and frustration a realization came to me that these emotions can only be experienced when we are in resistance with the current moment/what is. Furthermore, all energy of anger, aggression, or frustration is an attempt to control our reality through projection onto others making them the enemy and making us the victim, thus in control(even if it is in control of being a victim). This may seem conflicting since we are nevertheless a victim but at least we are choosing to be it. Thus, even if we accept lower energy patterns such as victimization and separation we are nevertheless in control and thus feel safe in that vibration. Transcendence therefore requires complete surrender to inspiration, actualization, and transformation. These are the larger scale points and perhaps questions that arise along side them that I’d like to discuss.

For starters we can think of a typical angry or stressed reaction to a life situation. When we observe the reaction we notice that all anger is fear of loss of control, fear of loss of Love, and fear of acceptance. In other words all anger has nothing to do with the outside world only our own inner turmoil. This inner turmoil is what we overlook in these moments and we seem to think that we need to control the outside world and thus focus solely on it. However, we’re completely overlooking the internal reality that we create. All internal reality will be released and projected onto our external reality. Thus if we consciously accept that life is beautiful and a grand experience we will continuously create realities in which that will be our perception and experience. However, with anger we are doing the opposite, we are basically saying to ourselves that life is hard and painful and you have no control over it so you might as well suck it up. We even make derogatory statements about how we hate our lives or how hard life is.These are all thoughts that will make us feel powerless and thus we resort to anger.

Essentially, anger is a projection of inner powerlessness and fear. Thus, anger is completely internal and self created despite what we normally think of something else making us angry. Anger can only come from when we are in a state of limited awareness, powerlessness, and we are cut off from the knowledge of Who We Really Are. We forget our divinity and fall like Adam and Eve. We feel angry and helpless to ‘cruel nature’ or the ‘will of God’ these are all expressions of powerlessness and unconsciousness. Anger is a denial of the moment for what it is. The ego/mind is wanting to change the current situation so bad that it is projecting its dislike for the present moment out onto the world. Thus, anger comes from self loathing, or self denial. The stronger the ego/mind’s control, the more anger one projects. In other words the more powerless we feel the stronger the anger.

These same ideas apply for frustrations as well. In frustration we are resisting the moment by becoming upset with it for not conforming to our ego’s liking. Thus, we think only of self and deny the Divinity of All. In other words, instead of honoring the process of life for what it is, a perfect Godly creation, we deny the current moment and project our disappointment of it out onto others trying to seek validation. With this being said, the master is always happy and at peace because they accept the moment for what it is and thus don’t give it any resistance. This surrender of resistance brings infinite peace because there is nothing to fight, there is no enemy, there is only acceptance of All. This includes all aspects of the situation, moment, and the totality of the Life path. One does not fight where they are in life or what their current situation is, or what the current moment is, the master accepts all these levels of understanding and finds peace in existence and moves forward. The peace comes from being one with the isness, as Eckhart Tolle refers to it, of All. The isness of the moment is perfection. Peace comes through non-attached observation and unconditional Love(in other words observation without the need to change anything). This is a higher level of conscious awareness that the master embodies at all times, a constant state of surrender, acceptance, and gratitude for the moment. We should be able to tell the difference between ‘higher’ consciousness and ‘lower’ consciousness very distinctly now through comparing the types of energy being projected. The spectrum ranges from lack, denial, and hatred to is acceptance, gratitude, and Love.

Thus, we recall that it is only through the power of surrender that we can begin to transcend our angers, frustrations, and resistances to Love/Life/God. Remember also that Happiness and Love are always waiting for us to enjoy we just simply have to want/choose it. Happiness and Love flow from an eternal spring within us and we can taste of its essence as often as we choose. But this can only be done through our own surrender of walls and defenses that are stopping us from quenching our thirst for Divinity, for Peace, and for Harmony. Once we get out of our own way and give ourselves a Loving space to rest in we find enlightenment and transcendence.  It is only by moving into a higher perspective of unconditional love that we find enlightenment, for no new thought can come from the ego/mind, it only reacts based on the past and can not genuinely create. Therefore, no inspiration can come without unconditional love first.

Life/God/Love must be free to inspire us and give us the answer to our prayers and in order to do so we have to release our ego/mind in order to expand our awareness to a new level. To release our ego/mind all we have to do is give ourselves Love. We must Love ourselves unconditionally and accept the moment exactly as it is. Love it for what it is. Accept the moment and a profound peace may wash over you due to the feeling of lifting the burden of resistance. The burden being enlightened is that of needing to change the moment, which actually is impossible! This is a stressful energy and belief system that is always telling us the the current moment isn’t good enough, it needs to be something else in order for us to be happy, feel loved, content or whatever other state is desired. The ego/mind will blame all outside circumstances on why we can’t be happy now but the truth is we can’t find peace now is because we’re not letting ourselves. We are subconsciously telling ourselves that it’s not okay to be happy and that the world needs to change to exactly how we want it, or most precisely how our ego/mind thinks it should be.

We can imagine then the feeling of releasing such an intense stressful energy by: realizing that the moment is perfect and couldn’t be any other way, seeing all life as valuable and of the exact worth that we want it to imply, experiencing Life for what it is without judgment or blame, and consciously observing all Life as full of meaning and purpose in the development of Love/Life/God. Just in reading such truth we feel the weight being lifted from our consciousness as we begin to explore a new perspective and approach to Life. Life becomes more glorious and perfect, the consciousness becomes instilled with a reverence for others and for all of Life’s expressions. And thus we grow eternally, growing in Light, in Truth, and in Love and we continue our progression to a conscious awareness of Divine Unconditional Love.

Ponder these things if you’d like, ponder the emotions of anger, hatred, and frustration. Notice their energies and the thoughts that accompany them. Notice the power these limiting thoughts have on us, especially in creating our reactions to Life. Ponder resistance and surrender and find your own truth in regards to learning to get out of our own way and grant ourselves Love and Happiness. I can not teach you anything but I hope I can perhaps simply help you remember what you already know. I love you indescribably and wish for you all the desires of your heart. May you walk on a blissful path.


Great Reference: The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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