Past and Future – Remembering What is Real

The illusion of Time - Past and Future - remembering what is real

The Illusion of Time

A concept that has finally hit me after months of studying it is: Now is the only moment that is actually real. Everything else is simply a thought stemming from now and thus an illusory mental fabrication. The past and the future only exist within our minds. I’ve read this idea over and over again and it didn’t really sink in until recently. I want to take you through my thoughts on this concept and share with you what I realized in hopes that it might help others understand because I believe once we understand it, it will change how we think about everything in our lives. Follow me down the rabbit hole on this one,

What are the past and future? Are they some actual thing, place, or event? Well not necessarily because they don’t technically exist, they are actually only thoughts. Thoughts only occur in our mind and thus are not technically ‘real’ either. Thoughts are simply a metaphor for the actual existence of something. Thoughts can only describe or otherwise depict something but can never truly be the thing that is being ‘thought’ about. Thoughts are ultimately only a projection of opinion and limited perspective.

So if the past and the future are thoughts what are they then…. They must be simply illusions. They must, in reality, be fake in the sense that they don’t exist anymore(past) or don’t exist yet(future), but essentially they are not real. They’re not real because they exist only in our minds not in reality. They are literally figments of our imagination. Now we might say, but the past happened it’s real, that really happened… but, it’s not happening NOW so what relevance does it have in actuality? In this moment it is only a thought, it is only a thought that we’re letting affect us through giving it attention through thinking about it, but it’s not real in the sense that it is not happening right now.

Another aspect of this is that often we’ll add and twist it to increase or decrease the power of the memory or projection which just further distorts the reality of our thinking. So now not only are we thinking about something that isn’t real to begin with but we’re distorting that false reality even more so. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal if we understood and knew this while we were doing it but most people are thinking about the past or future as if it is in fact reality, which of course can have untold negative affects.

This is also how we keep affirming to themselves, and thus our subconscious, our destructive limiting belief systems from childhood or from some point in the past. Again, this isn’t a problem unless of course its a negative belief system such as “I’m not worthy of love”, “I’ll never be good enough”, “life is hard”, or any other limiting/destructive belief system. Also, the mind is going back and replaying and distorting memories to reinforce the belief, so now perhaps we are thinking about when our parent or friend told us they hated or disapproved of us or that they don’t have time for us or whatever our series of memories attached to the beliefs are.

So can you start to see how this can go out of control and start running our lives. Also, remember too, that sometimes our mind will fabricate evidence to support and reinforce the belief. So say someone says something to you, but your mind, because of the programmed belief system, perceives it to be negative when in reality the person might have meant it to be something positive or perhaps just neutral. But the point is that the ego mind will search for any chance it can to gather evidence to support a belief system we’ve programmed it to uphold. So if we think we are a lacking person we will constantly perceive people as treating us that way. But again, remember the program isn’t even real because it’s running based off a past memory of something that was established in the past. And if it was established in the past it therefore is not technically real in this moment.

The Only Thing Real is Now

The only thing real is the infinite moment of NOW. This is what is meant by becoming a conscious individual. In other words you are constantly in the moment and your mind is completely focused on the here and now, not what happened yesterday or three years ago or what’s going to happen later tonight or some other future time. Also by moving into this moment of now and becoming present we can take control of our lives by paying attention to what thoughts we are offering and thus what vibrations are we offering in the moment.

You see, if we’re thinking about the past or future all the time we’re therefore giving our attention to it and thus creating our reality from it. Thus, we’re creating our lives from something that doesn’t even exist or that we didn’t technically choose. For example, say we have a negative memory that we keep thinking about and giving attention to, well whether we like it or not we are going to create circumstances in our life to match that frequency of thought. So say for example the thought is of a situation where you were really jealous, well now you’re just setting yourself up for more experiences of jealously by attracting it to you through consequence. This is exactly why it is so important to stay conscious and stay in the moment, it is the only way we stay in control and can truly change our lives. If we’re focusing on what we’ve always done, then we’re going to continuously get what we’ve always got.

That means that by thinking about the past we are reliving that vibration. With that being said if we remember how our subconscious works it doesn’t know or care if it’s past or future it accepts it as now, real, and true regardless and thus sets out to create it for us. With this understanding we can do some amazing things and use our subconscious as a tool to create a reality of pure splendor for ourselves and others, however majority of people don’t know anything about this and are using it unknowingly to make their lives worse (Hence proper education is the key). So that means as we focus on our horrible past we’re actually setting ourselves up for more horrible experiences because we’re sending a message to our subconscious that we want more of it because through the law of attraction we’re giving it energy and reliving it over and over again. Or in other words, we keep putting ourselves in that vibration over and over again.

This is extremely fascinating to me and yet it makes perfect sense. I wish I had understood this years ago, it sure would have changed my life, but I was never taught how my mind works as I’m assuming most others weren’t as well. That is why proper education is so important. If we understand how to use the amazing infinite power that we have at our disposal we can remove ourselves from ego thinking and stop playing the victim role. We can step into the field of consciousness and deliberate creation of our lives.

So lets remember, what is real? It is only the moment of now. All else are fabrications of the mind. The exciting thing about this is when we really grasp it we realize that we can change our past. If the past and future are just thoughts then why not think of thoughts of only positivity since it’s just a fabrication anyway it doesn’t really matter. People seem to have a hard time with this, they don’t want to let go of their past because they say that’s who they are… but, I tell you this, that is not who you are it is who you were. This is an amazing point that I really hope sinks in. Again, remember the past is not real, who you were yesterday is not who you are today and so forth all the way back to the beginning of time. You are an every expanding infinite being that is expressing yourself in the moment of NOW. This is so important to understand because with its understanding comes the power to change your life in untold ways!

So lets ponder this, if the past is just who we were, then why does it matter, why can’t we let it go? Here’s why… Ego attachment doesn’t want to. And thus it comes full circle. This is exactly why I stress the understanding of the concept of the ego. It is attachment, among various other things, and unfortunately it wants us to stay attached to our pain, our negative past, our tough lives, our hard lessons, etc. But why!? Why would we want to hold on and remember negative things in our past? Some might say but it made me who I am today, okay great and I’m glad you’re here but who you are today is only existing in the moment of now and who you are now can be anything you choose. If it’s good memories such as positive and constructive thoughts then great, keep them all you want, if the thoughts are making you feel good than that’s perfect but my question is for those of us who have countless negative thoughts from memories of our past, why do we keep them? Why not let go of them or change them?

Any reason will always be to the effect of because they happened, they’re real, they’re who I am, etc… But we already went over this, they are not real anymore, they were only real in that moment, but that moment has come and gone and is now only existing as our creation in our mind. With that being said now comes the hard part, learning to let go of our attachment to our misery or our “story” as some psychologists refer to it as. Studying psychology now for several years has taught me that people are very addicted to their pain and misery. Now it seems strange at first but I found that most of us all have ways in which we do this. Obviously some to greater degrees than others. And the only reason why we can’t let it go is because ego attachment doesn’t want us to. Ego thinking wants us to dwell on it, make it who we are, attach to it, and consequently create more of it, because after all it’s our identity. But this is all an illusion. We are whatever we choose to be in every moment. If we move into a sense of presence we will be able to sense this and realize that every moment is a choice of infinite possibility. If we stay conscious and in the moment we will see the illusion for what it is and realize that we are not our past or our future we are right now in this moment an eternal being of infinite possibilities. There is no limit to what we can be, have, or do once we grasp these concepts.

So with all this being said what can we do now? Well first and foremost we can remember to stay present and in the moment, in other words stay conscious in our lives and try not to switch into auto-pilot (meaning not in the moment, our mind is somewhere else consumed by the ego’s story). When in auto-pilot we let our conditioning and programming run us and give away our power and thus play the victim. I will admit it is at first very difficult to stay present unfortunately because our world is designed to be anything but present. Constantly we are bombarded with things that work to keep us in a state of lack and pushed out of the moment, always striving for something in the future, always working towards the end and not enjoying the journey. The “I’ll be happy when I make more money, have a bigger house, have that new car, etc.” concept is ruling our culture. But as I’ve discussed many times now this ego mentality while never bring lasting happiness, the ego will always be seeking but will never find

So if we find that we can’t stay in the moment then we can have fun working with the power of our mind by manipulating the thoughts to fit what we want our lives to be. For example, say you have memories or thoughts of a prominent negative experience in your youth or childhood. Think of the thought and then realize and tell yourself that it isn’t real, change it to make it funny, change the way it plays out, replace it with something else, alter the outcome, or just erase it all together by telling yourself, either mentally or verbally, that it is not who you areit is who you wereand it no longer holds any power over you. Repeat this to yourself or come up with your own phrase to the same effect in which you release the memory for what it is, a thought that isn’t reality anymore and isn’t serving you. As we do this we let go of our pain, of our negativity towards ourselves and begin to open the door for love to come to us. It really is exciting as you begin to realize that we can change how we think and feel about ourselves and thus others.

Experiment with this, ponder this, read it again from time to time as you feel so inclined, along with the other posts to help you remember how to stay in control of your mind. Proper education is key and I hope you can gain something from this. In the end, you already have all the answers you just have to find them within yourself, you have to stay present long enough to remember them. Seek the silence and stillness and think about these things and change your life to whatever it is you desire.


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.