Our Spiritual Evolution

The Progressive Themes of the Evolution of Consciousness - The evolution of creation

Our Spiritual Evolution

    Ever wonder why recurrent types of situations or issues keep arising in our lives no matter how many external things change it seems that there are similar issues that just keep coming back in differing forms? Well, throughout our spiritual evolution we will notice that there are distinct themes that are prevalent and serve as reflections of what our soul, or consciousness, is currently working to transcend and heal through acceptance and forgiveness. By accepting our current inner resistance and forgiving what they represent for us we can move into an expanded awareness of love. The evolution of consciousness is essentially the evolution of lovingness as the dualistic, selfish ego is transcended and therefore allows for nondualistic, selflessness, and innocence to come forth as an epitome of unconditional perfect love. This ultimately equates to a full surrender of ‘authorship’ of life back to God as one’s Creator. It is important to note that these themes are a reflection of awareness and contextual understanding of Divine Reality rather than actual levels or steps of any sort. Therefore, any level/theme is not ‘better’ or ‘worse’, ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ than others instead they are simply different reflections of awareness of our True Nature. Any use of words such as early or later, young or mature, higher or lower are just for the sake of semantics and conveying relationship.

     During a lifetime a soul can be highly aware of Truth or extremely unaware of Truth, yet the Truth itself remains the same always and forever. Therefore the themes of consciousness can best be thought of as varying degrees of awareness that reflect an overall spiritual maturity that demonstrates itself in our lives as organizations of thought patterns, beliefs, attractions and aversions, lifestyle attractions, personality characteristics, perspectives on Divinity, and overall perspective and context for our life. The themes are useful in clearly seeing where differences in perspectives, interpretations, and reactions to life’s events arise. We tend to forget that the person next to us could be experiencing a completely different perception of the world even though they are sharing the exact same moment.

      It is important to read this information with discernment and notice if the mind is attaching itself to being a certain theme, wishing it was somewhere else, depressed that it is where it is, or trying to ‘get’ anywhere. There is no goal and no where to get to. Notice how our mind attaches to ideas of what it thinks it should be and use that to facilitate surrender, which is the point of providing this information. Even through reading this our mind can very quickly reveal itself to us by how it reacts. But despite the mind’s projections, in Reality we are all of these things, we are all exactly where we’re supposed to be and a part of the perfect Whole. This series is simply to be used as a tool to help us understand ourselves and others more deeply.

Progressive Themes of Self-Identity

Self-Identity Primarily Associated with the Animal Body and Ruled by the Senses and Emotions

-Addiction to victimization, shame, disgrace, humiliation, self-abhorrence, reject of God/Life/Love, separation, and eternally lacking

-Self-condemnation, guilt, overwhelming sense of wrongness, self-loathing

-Hopelessness, apathy, hatred of self/others, meaninglessness, desolate

-Despondency, regret, grief, sorrow, depression, abandonment/sense of loss

-Fear, anxiety, worry, stress, inner torment, suspicion, angst, extreme/harsh judgments

-Desire, lust, addiction, enslavement, external attachment/obsession, greed, jealously

-Anger, disgruntlement due to passionate desire, vindictiveness, frustration, resentment, aggression, rebellion

-Pride, self-infatuation/inflation, arrogance, necessity of external approval, entitlement, denial of/mask for insecurities, vain, pious/’righteous’

~Transition into Self-Honesty and Commitment to Sincere Improvement~

Self-Identity Primarily Associated with the Mind as the ‘Thinker’

-Commitment, courage, empowerment, ambition, aspiration, integrity, exploration, humor, confidence

-Neutrality, unbiased, equitable, open-minded, easy-going, unassuming

-Inspiration, willingness, creativity, generosity, service, kindness, activity

-Acceptance of inner power/control of one’s experience of life, inner conviction of genuine self-confidence, emotional security, forgiveness, understanding

-Analytical thinking, reason and logic, intellectual development and prowess, philosophy and epistemology, science and medicine, mastery of the mind/form, scientific genius

Self-Identity Associated with Spiritual Purification – Eternal Perspective

(A Soul — Beyond the Mind/Body)

-Emergence of true love and happiness, spiritual/nonlinear devotion, radical aesthetic appreciation, profound gratitude and humility, unconditional compassion and empathy, synchronistic intuition

-Unconditional love, inner joy, sainthood, bliss, ecstasy, restored ‘rightness’/wholeness, salvation, realization of perfection in all things, spiritual vision, innocence, absolute devotion and trust in Divine Love

Self-Identity Associated with Degrees of Awareness within Consciousness and Beyond

-Emergence of enlightenment as the transcendence of duality and surrender of the sensation of an independent self, awareness as the nonattached, impersonal observer/witness, unperturbed bliss, playful innocence, love, peace, and inner silence and serenity

-Awareness is, essence of life as perfection of its ‘isness’
the beingness of life
‘I Am’
liberation of all limiting labels – radical presence.

-Awareness encompassing Eternal Existence – Timeless
Eternal Context for beingness

-Awareness of Self (Divine Self) as Infinite Potentiality Manifest (Infinite Potential for Creation)
Essence and Subjective Source of Radical Conscious Awareness of All That Is
Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence

-Awareness of Self as beyond Existence and Nonexistence-Void/Nothingness
Self as Infinite Context/Potentiality for Awareness of Allness/All That Is

-Divinity Self-Realized – Supreme Personality of the Godhead
Self as Fundamental Subjectivity thus the Source and Creator of the Light of Consciousness and therefore Infinite Potentiality.
Krishna/Buddha/Christ Consciousness – Divinity Transcendent and Divinity Immanent (as One).
Liberation of all dualities and limiting identifications
Self as the Supreme, Unnamable, Indescribable Source of the Immortal ‘I’


     We can note that the early themes of consciousness represent the complete separation from Truth (our inherent fearlessness, lovability, and ‘rightness’) and are thus separate from all Love. Meanwhile, the later themes represent a complete unification with Truth and Love as the Divine Self-realized. The young ego believes itself to be a complete reject of life, love, and goodness and therefore believes itself to be a waste of existence (level of suicide). This is embodied by the theme of shame and self-abhorrence. From here the soul slowly learns to love itself ever so gradually and begins to make the climb out of darkness and into the light of self-acceptance. We can notice that love, compassion, and forgiveness then is gradually accepted and applied into our everyday lives. We become more refined and seek happiness in varying realms of interest until we eventually make our way back to Self-realization. This symbolized as the return to the recognition of our Divine Source as a purity of Love generally referred to as Enlightenment.

Science of Consciousness

      With the advances in modern science we now know that the entire universe is first, holographic in nature, and second, composed of one energy that we deem, consciousness that is composing that hologram.

Consciousness: For all intents and purposes of this writing, consciousness refers to the soul, spirit, karmic inheritance, Holy Spirit, life force, Qi/chi, or energy of life; they are all the conveying the same essence. In a human, it is the accumulation of conscious experience of existence and therefore reflects an overall contextual awareness that has been learned throughout one’s seemingly separate existence from Divine Unity. Consciousness also refers to the infinite field of Creation as the Essence of Life/Existence that is composed of infinitely varying degrees of vibrating energy patterns. When the universe is reduced to its most radical substrate for being it is realized to actually be composed of one energy, which is the infinite energy field of consciousness.

      Consciousness therefore is all present, all knowing, and all powerful as the very essence of All That Is. Consciousness then vibrates on differing frequencies that then makes up our ‘physical’ world that we perceive. In Reality, everything is simply energy and everything is interconnected as the same energy. The themes of spiritual evolution then could be thought of as differing energy frequencies, shame and hatred being very slow, ‘heavy’, stagnate energies which resemble the feeling of the body being tense, bogged down, unhealthy, and ultimately out of alignment. In contrast, the energies of love and joy are extremely high frequency vibrations that are much faster and ‘lighter’, thus resulting in the elevated feelings that accompany them such as health, energetic alignment, positivity, joviality, and abundance of energy.

Becoming Dedicated to the Quest

      To raise one’s level of consciousness and seek further evolution through awakening to grander Truth/Love each theme’s attractions and aversions have to be addressed and all barriers within each energetic realm have to be transcended in order to make significant progress. This is primarily done through the energy of forgiveness that releases the attachments formed to the varying degrees of ego illusion and therefore suffering. Recall that all suffering is only self-created and thus to transcend suffering is to forgive oneself for creating/being interested in suffering in the first place.

      As an example, in the theme of pride one has to learn to surrender self-infatuation and become more honest with themselves, seeing how pride is ultimately only masking true insecurities. Upon accepting one’s true vulnerability and inner weakness/fear one then makes the critical shift into self-honesty and the commitment required to make true progress emerges as the energetic theme shifts into courage and dedication. One therefore begins to relinquish pride by accepting that one still has a lot to learn and perhaps ‘my’ way isn’t the one and only. Therefore, humility helps shift one into looking at themselves and gaining the courage necessary to address insecurities and vulnerabilities and learn from them rather than deny, repress, or project them elsewhere. Again, the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of lovingness, this includes love for oneself that then naturally extends to all others and ultimately the entire universe.

       So no matter what theme is dominant in one’s life all healing and evolution comes from acceptance, compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness thus allowing for an expansion of awareness and love to come forth. It is significant to note that themes can vary throughout differing aspects of our lives. For example, one’s relationships may be primarily based in fear, desire, and possession while one’s career may be more so aligned with willingness and inspiration. Nevertheless, there will always be a theme that is overall dominant in our lives as the general guiding outlook/contextual awareness of life. As mentioned several times now in the discussions of the ego, the theme of consciousness colors one’s perceptions and therefore consciousness perceives its reality completely based on what it believes to be true for itself. Consciousness/the soul is naive and innocent and therefore accepts whatever is imprinted onto it. This was mentioned in the previous post in regards to learning in infancy whether or not love can be trusted/expected from the mother figure. Thus if one is repeatedly taught that the world is full of fear and hardship consciousness will set out to align experiences to prove this belief system. It is significant to recall, we only see and hear what we want…

Moving Forward

      To make significant progress we must simply start by becoming more aware to begin with, such as reading this and other material like it. Simply by reading this our awareness increases because consciousness is now aware of the concepts. Consciousness never forgets and therefore it readily knows that love and forgiveness is the source of eternal fulfillment and peace, thus the next time a temptation arises to play victim or otherwise be unloving to self or others it will remember that doing so is an illusion of suffering. All suffering is self-created, thus we can begin to re-own our power by accepting that although we may have inherited a certain level of awareness and have been playing victim for quite sometime, it doesn’t have to stay that way. The evolution of consciousness is purely volitional and through one’s dedication and devotion all things are possible through surrender of resistance. We have to let go of entrenched belief systems that are not serving us anymore in order to realize the love that they are blocking. By analogy, we must remove the clouds to realize the sun that was shining the entire time.

Rising above the clouds of illusion

      For now let us ponder these things and become acquainted with the themes of consciousness so that we can be more aware of them. The themes of consciousness are without a doubt the guiding determinant of all human behavior and experience. As we accept this it will readily demonstrate itself to us and in so doing begin to lead us to a new level of empowerment, joy, and fulfillment of love. The infinite love and happiness that is waiting within us to be realized is absolutely ineffable and it is this love that is rightfully meant to be ours as we seek it. Our natural state is joy, abundance, peace, and happiness it is only a matter of choosing to return to what was temporarily forgotten.

      As always, know we are absolutely perfect beyond possible reproach. We are infinitely beautiful and divine and it is only a matter of awakening to this fact that shall set us free. The ego will work incessantly to fight true love and acceptance because after all, the limited belief systems of the ego refute love and Truth since they are the opposite of what feeds it. Accept our perfection by realizing how amazing we truly are, not in an vain prideful sense, but in a humble, grateful sense in which love for self and others becomes absolutely obvious as the source of all fulfillment in life. I love you always and forever and hope this helps.


Wishing us Peace and Love always-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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