Most Important Affirmation to Remember

“I Am, One with the Divine.”

With this being the first affirmation I would like to make it the most important and most sacred to be remembered and cherished. This is the grandest truth that we seem to forget about mankind’s real power. Of course, we know why we forget it and it’s because the ego thinking is keeping it from us. Ego thinking is rooted in the lie of powerlessness and victimization and therefore the complete opposite of your true Divine Self.

With advancements in Quantum Physics today, science has even been able to show how we are all connected and has started to explain how we attract things into our life by laws of the Universe. Science is basically starting to prove what many have known for thousands of years now, you are One with the Divine, you are God in human form! This is hard for people to understand and grasp but with an open mind and personal acceptance of truth it can not be denied. This is like I mentioned in another post about when people found out the planet was round instead of flat. Well this is the same concept!

We are not separate(old thinking), we are all connected, connected to All That Is, and thus connected to the Divine of the Universe!(new thinking) This isn’t just a theory, this is a self-evident fact. So why fight the truth? Why fight that the planet is round? Some might say this is blasphemy, but to you I say has not all religions said that love is within us and God is within us all or that we are greater than what we appear to be. There is some divine light within man. Or perhaps many will ask, “who am I to be so great, powerful, and godly?” and I reply, who are you not to be!? You are so magnificent beyond all comprehension and you have so much infinite love and creativity to offer to the world.

Ponder this truth and affirmation and feel it’s truth. It will be the basis for changing your life however you choose simply by making you realize that you are in fact creating your life. In every moment you are creating with the power of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Thus you remember that there can not be anything in your life which you did not think about first and thus create. Essentially all I ask is… Remember Who You Are, you are One with the Divine!

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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