Making Sense of the Holographic Universe

Self-Realization, Making Sense of the Holographic Universe - Surrendering to Radical Truth

With the radical Holographic Universe model of reality being presented to us at this time in humanity’s intellectual and spiritual evolution it is important to find guidance in understanding the vast implications. Just like accepting the world is round, it took humanity a while to adjust to just how life changing such a realization really is. New possibilities and explorative thinking arose that otherwise wasn’t available or even plausible to ponder or consider. Suddenly it was as if humanity literally lived on a different planet, which in most ways it did. And this is to be expected because our beliefs and paradigms for reality define our view of the world, establish barriers and boundaries for what is possible, tell us what we can or can’t do, and overall either confines our creativity or stimulates it. And now humanity is going through yet another even more radical shift in our collective consciousness and understanding of our world. Entire thought patterns and belief system paradigms are being radically changed now due to the implications of these new findings. Questions that seemed impossible to answer or understand are now making sense, limitations that we once agreed to now seem irrelevant, ignorant, or limited. With all this mind-blowing information, how do we make sense of this new reality we seem to exist within? Let’s explore…

The biggest issue I feel we have with this paradigm of the Holographic Universe is that we are afraid to lose ‘control’. The notion that thoughts, actions, and feelings are arising despite our ‘choice’ as we traditionally think of it is rattling to say the least. This very quickly spirals into worry of everything being predestined and free will being a childish illusion that we want to hold onto so badly. Which is perfectly acceptable and by the end of this post perhaps I can shed some light on how we are not actually losing anything but rather being set free more than anything. Yet at first when truly contemplating these ideas I must admit I had difficulty accepting that everything I’ve ever thought about, felt, or figured I was ‘doing’ was actually all being ‘given’ or downloaded to me and ‘I’, as the body Mathew, am actually a recipient, an effect, and never an actual cause of anything in my life. My life has been a gift from the beginning and has never been ‘my own’. This obviously deeply challenges our sense of self, ego identity, character attachments, and our fundamental sense of independence and free will.

Now to be clear, this model is not saying that we stop making choices, thinking about things, feeling, or personally experiencing life. All of this continues seamlessly and still requires inspired action. The point is that these things are unfolding before we consciously perceive them happening on the physical realm and so it is like we are following along with the script we are given. The important point being the physical world is a world of effects and has no power to cause anything. So on a practical level, we still experience ourselves ‘doing’ things, ‘thinking’ things, and ‘feeling’ things, but these things are not generated from the physical level (which is the effect) and are given/downloaded in accordance with our set of belief patterns (cause).

These realizations of the holographic universe are actually relieving because it means we don’t have to ‘try’ to make anything happen, we don’t have to ‘think’ about things, we can finally let go and stop trying to do the impossible – control physical life, which is only exhausting and frustrating. It’s impossible because by the time we experience the physical world it’s already an effect of our beliefs, so physically speaking, we’re always a step behind in a sense. So there’s no point in trying to change effects because they’re already expressed or “finished”. The relief of this comes from seeing that we can let life flow and come to us effortlessly, all mental and emotional effort is removed and we can be serenely nonattached, allowing life to reveal its wonder to us on its own. We can stop trying to grasp and be attached to life (effects), we are the only animal on this planet that does this on such a scale. We create suffering because of the mind’s obsession with clinging and trying to have control. So with this release, the main change is the amount of attachment to outcomes that we invest in because now we know that the physical world is all unfolding of its own. We still have all our preferences, desires, ambitions, and goals but the point is we are not attached to them happening, we are not attached to outcomes. If something happens or not doesn’t actually affect our inner peace because the physical world is not where happiness and satisfaction actually come from.

Connecting the Dots

These findings in quantum physics are in concordance with the implications from teachings of enlightenment and Nonduality and are what the devotee/seeker inevitably must realize. This can happen through intellectual contemplation or by inner realization through surrender, love, and devotion to Divine. Ultimately these are the two primary paths to liberation, through ‘the mind’ or ‘the heart’. The mind referring to contemplation of these types of radical truths in order to transcend the ego’s attachment, whereas the heart is referring to self-surrender through radical devotion, service, and love for existence to the point of transcending the ego’s attachment to ‘my’ life. The beauty of modern scientific discovery is that we are essentially validating what mystics have already proclaimed for thousands of years. In a way, I see these new discoveries as the scientific backing and support for the enlightenment of humanity – the fabled “2012 Paradigm Shift” and “critical mass” transformation of consciousness that we hear so much about these days.

Life Changing Implications

So if our sense of control and the thought that this is ‘my’ life is all an illusion, what do we make of this? As I’ve said before, everlasting joy comes from surrendering our attachment to outcomes in life. Letting life flow is the ultimate freedom and liberation. Resistance to the flow of life and trying to control things, is like grabbing a branch on the side of a swift river and being swamped by all the water rushing against us as we cling to our position. Yet if we let go we flow with ease and can be taken downstream without any extraneous effort or suffering. All suffering is only the result of attachment and resisting what is. Lastly, once we see that true life change doesn’t come from the level of the physical world (effect) we can begin to explore the power of belief (cause) which then unfolds our reality. This gives us clarity on how to actually change and improve our lives and stop going about it in a completely frustrating way.

So how will life continue if I don’t have attachment to outcomes?

The body still goes about its business and fulfills whatever its purpose to exist may be. Goals still get accomplished, actions are taken, ambitions pursued, creativity explored, love shared, and whatever other desires you may have may be expressed. The point is it all unfolds of its own as a result of beliefs. On the level that we typically think of ourselves we would still be making decisions and participating in life and by all means should be passionate and excited about life. These decisions and actions however no longer come from a ‘me’, rather they just are. Subsequently there’s no more emotional, psychological investment one way or the other and so we are free to be ourselves without doubts or judgments. There’s no longer an attachment to an identity of a ‘doer’ or a ‘thinker’. What we really are is much more than this temporary ego character we identify ourselves with. The true Divine Self is Infinite and Immortal with unfathomable, limitless potential and if we surrender to this realization it can bring us complete peace and satisfaction.

So Who or What are We?

Stephen Davis, from the Holographic Universe Series makes his stance on us not being the ‘Higher Self’ very clear and based on the ‘us’ he’s referring to I can agree. The ego is not the Higher Self. On the level of the ‘me’ as we traditionally think of ourselves we are not the Higher Self. The mystics have taught humanity that the ‘ego self’ dissolves into the Self which it was a part of all along – the ego doesn’t ‘become’ the Self. To help make sense of this we could use the analogy of the ocean. We, as the ego characters, are each a perfect unique wave within the Ocean that is the Self. Now as a part of this Ocean, we are certainly one with it and to a limited degree could be said to be the Ocean but only in the sense that we are an aspect of it. This isn’t to say that the whole Ocean is contained within the wave, rather, the Ocean is composed of and one with the wave. A wave is not the entire Ocean. In other words, humans, on their own, are not ‘God’.
Ramakrishna, among other mystics, taught the danger of the path of Advaita/Nonduality and pursuing the mantra of “I am Brahman/I am God”. The goal being to realize that we are one with Brahman/God. But so long as anything is coming from the human form it is likely to lead to misunderstanding and delusion, such as the human ego possibly believing itself to be God. Like a wave claiming to be the Whole Ocean… Ramakrishna’s remedy to this predicament was to always instead repeat,

“God alone is the Doer, I am only Her servant.”

So Stephen Davis was right, ‘we’, the human characters, are not the Self, yet we are intimately one with the Self as our very Source. And according to Ramakrishna, our highest joy of life is to surrender ourselves to this Source and offer pure love and devotion for our gift of life.

What About Free Will?

Coming back to the level of these characters that we seem to be, our lives then can be whatever we choose to perceive them to be, this is our true ‘free will’. This is where our power of belief comes into play and is the invisible, infinite subjective power to perceive our experience and therefore ‘create’ it. I hope by now this misunderstanding of ‘co-creation’ has been clarified by seeing that we do not literally ‘create’ anything other than our own perception of what already is. We create our experience of life through what we believe about it. Life has everything in it available for us to perceive according to what we want to experience. This is the evolution of consciousness or the evolution of belief that guides our experience of life. We can experience life as a victim where Babylon and evil is rampant, we can see it as an experience of suffering and struggle, we can be neutral, we can see it as an experience of challenges and ambitions, we can see it as an experience of joy and blessings, or even see it as us being God Manifest. There is no limit to our beliefs, judgments, and perceptions and thus there is ultimately perfect free will. Ultimately however, we must face and accept the radical reality that we are not in control of the universe and our life is an inexplicable, profound gift. All is given, created, and manifested/downloaded to us, through us, and for us. We are the blessed recipients of the most glorious and incomprehensibly divine gift ever: Life.

Evolution of Beliefs – Where Does This Leave Us Now?

When we truly accept these radical discoveries we can’t help but be overwhelmed by them, and that is to be expected. Again, think of how crazy it probably seemed to realize the world was actually round! Yet I assume that you are here because you are well along your way on this journey of radical surrender. For to even be aligned to read such a thing is already proof of this. We wouldn’t be here, me writing – you reading, and have this experience if it wasn’t our destiny to inevitably realize the fullness of Liberation – life without limitations. The Buddha was alleged to have confirmed this concept by saying that once someone has heard of enlightenment its fulfillment is certain because nothing else will ever suffice. Our evolution of beliefs about life and ourselves has gradually led us here and shall continue to guide our lives so long as we continue to exist. What could possibly be the conclusion to our beliefs after realizing that everything is given and aligned for us according to a grander script of perfect love and harmony?

“I Am That I Am”

What could possibly be the meaning, purpose, or guiding principle for our life when we realize that all our ambitions and thoughts have never actually been our own? As Jesus allegedly said,

“I am about my Father’s business”

When we truly surrender our lives and realize the radical Truth of our gift of existence, we see that our lives are being perfectly guided, and have been all along, to our greatest destiny, calling, purpose, and glorious service of gratitude and happiness for our existence. We were perfectly created to be exactly what we are, when we are, where we are, and have always been fulfilling our purpose and destiny. What this means is not that life is meaningless, as I used to think for a while, but rather the meaning is ironically to surrender and the glory is revealed through being. It’s not some grandious meaning defined by our ego, but rather, it is the radical fact that we exist in the first place and how magical and significant that is in and of itself. We would not exist if we didn’t have a divine role to play within the perfection of the universe. We have been perfect in all our wanton ways, perfect and loved in all our downfalls, mistakes, and flaws, perfect and accepted throughout all our triumphs and accomplishments, guided and supported in any and all choices and beliefs. Life has everything available, we have been the only ones limiting or liberating ourselves based on what we believed was happening. We have been shaping our experience through our perceptions of reality and if we’d like we can be liberated from all limitation and remember the glory of this blissful life.

May you find what it is you are seeking.

I love you always,

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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