Letting Go is the Real “Secret”

Letting go is the real Secret of law of attraction - Letting go is the ultimate power of surrender

“We will never experience the changes we wish to see in our life until we are perfectly okay with them not changing.”

With the continuing buzz of talk of the “law of attraction” and other ideologies of “creating our reality” it is important to realize the true meaning of what these teachings are implying. While desires, meditations, mantras, visualizations, and endless ambitions are wonderful and important to feeling passionate about our life, if we attach too much energy into them being “law” then we will most likely end up frustrated and disappointed. The main reason is not because these things don’t work to some degree, but rather they aren’t taking into consideration the holographic nature of the universe. As we’ve been clarifying in the holographic universe series, we see that the Infinite I, or Divine Self, is the only Creator and humans are not ‘co’-creators, which is an egoic confusion.

If we believe that we are ‘co’-creators we are destined for upset because it’s just not true nor reflective of reality and leads to ego distractions more than anything. What this concept is really trying to express is that we are the creators of our experience of reality but not that we are creators of reality. Do you see this important difference? We don’t literally ‘create’ anything, only the mysterious Divine can do that. The world and physical manifestation of the universe is the level of effect and this is the level we commonly operate and function on; so we must accept humbly, that we have no power of our own. We did not birth ourselves, it was a gift. Life is a gift, not an entitlement, and if everyone had this understanding we would see a drastically different world. This is why surrender, gratitude, and humility are key traits to develop and lead to true, everlasting satisfaction in all possible circumstances and situations.

Making the Most of the Implications

So on the physical level all we can do is perceive. It is through this perception that we ‘create’ or, more accurately put, interpret our experience. The reason why I clarify this so often is because it really is the most important part of understanding how to realize lasting happiness and liberation. If we try to change life strictly from the level of effect we will never get anywhere and always feel powerless because we are trying to do the impossible.

If we instead realize that true power comes from the level of cause and not effect we can begin to surrender into the true meaning of these types of teachings. Our subconscious, core beliefs are the source of our perceptions of life. All opinion and judgment stem from our beliefs, and our opinions and judgments are the source of all our peace or suffering. It is this perception that generates our experience of our lives. Our perceptions can make us feel life is glorious and limitless or it can make us feel trapped and powerless. So instead of trying to do anything on the physical/external level we need to dive within our consciousness, our very core of what we believe about life, about ourselves, and who we are. It is only in this type of exploration and change of beliefs that we will begin to see true lasting changes and radical experiences of liberation in our physical lives.

In summary, the meaning of this sutra is to remind us that if we are addressing our desires from the level of physical manifestation we will never experience what we are desiring to experience. This is because it is a fundamentally flawed approach from the start. We have to accept the physical reality of our lives completely as it is without resistance before we can ever begin to explore anything else. It is only in surrender and radical acceptance of what is that we will find true liberation, as counter-intutive as it may seem to the mind and our commonly held beliefs of control and action. As we talked about before, resistance only leads to persistence and by fighting what is we will achieve nothing other than continuing to experience what it is we don’t want. Instead we have to let go completely of attachment to outcomes and the physical circumstances of our life (effect) and instead dive into our inner subjective world (cause). The wise go within while the ignorant look without.

As we go within and examine our beliefs through observing our judgments and opinions, we uproot the limitations that have been blocking us from experiencing all the desires of our heart. But the point is that whether the physical circumstances of our life change or not it won’t actually matter because the real reward was and is, within the entire time. And as we experience a major shift within we have already achieved all our desires.

“Go within and start knocking on the Door.”

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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