Law of Attraction and Our Vibrations

I would like to discuss the concepts of the Law of Attraction and the vibrational beings that we are and the energetic universe that we are a part of. We have discussed before how we are all connected and how scientists can show this now through fields of study such as quantum physics. With that being said, I’d like to elaborate on our connectivity and discuss how we can use that knowledge for our benefit and for our growth. A great understanding of this is from Ask and It Is Given:

“You are, even in your physical expression of flesh, blood, and bone, a ‘Vibrational Being,’ and everything you experience in your physical environment is vibrational. And, it is only through your ability to translate vibration that you are able to understand your physical world at all. You don’t see your physical world at all. In other words, through your eyes, you translate vibration into that which you see. Using your ears, you translate vibration into the sounds that you hear. Even your nose, tongue, and fingertips are translating vibrations into the smells, tastes, and touches that help you understand your world. But your most sophisticated of vibrational interpreters by far are your emotions.

By paying attention to the signals of your emotions, you can understand, with absolute precision, everything you are now living or have ever lived. And, with a precision and ease that you may have never before experienced, you can use this new understanding of your emotions to orchestrate a future experience that will please you in every way.

By paying attention to the way you feel, you can fulfill your reason for being here, and you can continue your intended expansion in the joyful way that you intended. By understanding your emotional connection to who you really are, you will come to understand not only what is happening in your own world and why, but you will also understand every other living Being with whom you interact. Never again will you have unanswered questions about your world. You will understand—from a very deep level, from your Non-Physical perspective, and through your own personal physical experience—everything about who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming.

The Law of Attraction, the Most Powerful Law in the Universe

Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction… The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn. And so, you might see the powerful Law of Attraction as a sort of Universal Manager that sees to it that all thoughts that match one another line up.

You understand this principle when you turn on your radio and deliberately tune your receiver to match a signal from a broadcasting tower. You do not expect to hear music that is being broadcast on the radio frequency of 101FM to be received on your tuner when it is set at 98.6FM. You understand that radio vibrational frequencies must match, and the Law of Attraction agrees with you.
So, as your experience causes you to [transmit] vibrations of [your] desires, you must then find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation.

The Science of Deliberate Creation

We want to assist you in the deliberate realization of the things that your environment has inspired within you, for we want you to experience the exhilaration of joyously, consciously, creating your own reality. You do create your own reality. No one else does. And, you create your own reality even if you do not understand that you do so. For that reason, you often create by default. When you are consciously aware of your own thoughts, and you are deliberately offering them, then you are the deliberate creator of your own reality—and that is what you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this body.
Your desires and beliefs are just thoughts: “Ask and it is given.” You ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire—that is the asking (whether you desire it to happen, or you desire it not to happen, you are asking… You do not have to use your words. You just have to feel it in your being: I desire this. I adore this. I appreciate this, and so on. That desire is the beginning of all attraction.

You never grow tired of expansion or of creation, for there is no ending to the new ideas of desires that flow. With every new idea of something you would like to experience, possess, or know… will come its actualization or manifestation—and with that manifestation will also come a new perspective from which you will desire. The contrast, or variety, never ends, so the sprouting forth of new desires will never end, and as that “asking” never ends, the “answering” never ceases to flow. And so, new perspectives will always be yours. New contrasts, and new inspiring desires and perspectives, will be laid out eternally before you.

Once you relax into the idea that you will never cease to be, that new desires will be constantly born within you, that Source will never stop answering your desires, and that your expansion is, therefore, eternal, then you may begin to relax if, in this moment, there is something that you desire that has not yet come to fruition.

It is our desire that you become one who is happy with that which you are and with that which you have— while at the same time being eager for more. That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.

To What Are You Giving Your Attention?

Whatever you are giving your attention to causes you to emit a vibration, and the vibrations that you offer equal your asking, which equals your point of attraction. If there is something you desire that you currently do not have, you need only put your attention upon it, and, by the Law of Attraction, it will come to you, for as you think about this thing or experience that you desire, you offer a vibration, and then, by Law, that very thing or experience must come to you. However, if there is something that you desire that you currently do not have, and you put your attention upon your current state of not having it, then Law of Attraction will continue to match that not having it vibration, so you will continue to not have that which you desire. It is Law.” – Teachings of Abraham (Ester Hicks – Ask and it is Given)

I think this sums it up perfectly and I fully thank Ester for her service. We have heard about this concept of the law of attraction from various different authors, philosophers, and scientists over the years and I think this is a great way to understand it. However, essentially everyone is saying the same thing and that’s the nice thing about Truth, it is universally true. Yet, still so many are resistant to this new thinking, like finding out the world is round, and they can’t be open minded enough to accept this new concept of reality.

We have to free ourselves of limiting belief systems and open ourselves up to the world of joy that is waiting for us. I assume that you are searching and open to find truth or else you wouldn’t be here to begin with. I’m honored and happy for you being here hopefully finding inspiration and perspective. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the key to changing our lives is through proper education and guidance. I for one, wish I was taught this when I was child so that I could have known how to take control of my life instead of “creating it by default” as Abraham says. But the good news is now we know, now we know the world is round, that everything is vibrational on a core quantum level, that our thoughts therefore effect not only ourselves but the world around us, that we are therefore all connected, that the law of attraction works from our thoughts and what we give our attention to, and the most important truth that we are all one.

Now we can act accordingly based on our new knowledge and will be able to explore the infinite possibilities for our lives. We can start to see how we are truly capable of having, being, and doing anything we want, especially when we understand how to work with the laws of the universe rather than resisting them. As always ponder and meditate on these ideas and come to your own conclusions. I love you unconditionally and wish only for your happiness in life.

Peace and Love always-

-This post was inspired by Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Ester Hicks, an amazing book regarding empowerment and the science of deliberate ‘creation’-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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