Journey of the Liberated Lotus

The Liberated Lotus - For those ready to live without limitation

The lotus begins its journey encased in the binding limitations of the thick darkness of the mud. In this temporary prison it patiently awaits, full of perfect potential yet still ignorant of the radiance of the Sun that will bring it into full, fearless expression. If it survives the initial ignorance of the light and its awaiting liberation, it begins the most important task of finding strength in the mud, accepting it rather than resisting it, making its foundation of roots powerful and deep. The roots are nourished through understanding that this once thought prison is actually the most fertile place for growth and evolution, without it the lotus could not truly evolve and thrive. Unable to move on its own or change its location, the young lotus must accept what is given to it and make the best of its situation. This wisdom and newfound courage will be needed as it now pushes and expands its way up towards salvation, traversing the new limitations and challenges that arise in the depths of the water.

While the obstacles seem smaller in comparison to the beginning overwhelm of the mud, the water provides a continuously flowing experience of change. This constant change tests the emerging lotus from all angles and possibilities causing it to draw all the support and strength it can from its foundational roots of past wisdom of acceptance and surrender. For some growth is slow, light is limited, or creatures come and often take bites out of the stem and the lotus must retrace its steps and begin its climb to the surface again, this time more calm and patient from experience. For some growth is effortless, light is abundant, and there are no creatures in the water to postpone growth and offer immediate challenges. Yet regardless of which path the lotus may have been born into, all must go through the growth and evolution process to reach the same destination – liberation.

As it embraces and surrenders to the flow of challenges that come to it, the eager budding lotus gets closer to its freedom. Continuing to shed limitations, the surface of the water comes within reach and the light of the Sun radiates down with ever increasing intensity and nourishment, coursing within the lotus fueling its passion and excitement even more than ever before. With all challenges of the mud and depths overcome, the surface tension of the water provides the final barrier for the lotus to break through and with a final burst of the Sun’s energy offering timeless inspiration, at last there is an unfathomable rebirth of ecstasy.

Overwhelmed at first by the newly realized world, the energy of the Sun is now easily accessed and continues to invigorate, inspire, and urge the lotus to blossom and expand to its full expression. Its glorious journey now becoming obvious to have all been worth it no matter how difficult and trying it was at times, for nothing could compare to the illuminated exultation of liberation. Fearlessly unfolding and stretching forth its petals of Divine’s most precious artwork, it fully opens itself to the wonder of the world freely sharing its Sun inspired nectar with others who are searching for it. There is a sense of incomprehensible fulfillment with each energetic exchange both in receiving and giving and the gratitude for its existence seems to have truly reached its pinnacle. All is realized to be perfect, divine, and full of love – there is nothing to ever fear.

When the time of sharing is over the lotus willingly retreats back into the water which is no longer seen as a place of fear and bondage, but rather, growth, comfort, and even protection. Resting, regenerating, and rejuvenating itself the lotus patiently waits for the next opportunity to express and share itself with the world; gleaming now knowing of its potential and effortless power, surrendered to its destiny, grateful for each moment of its sacred existence, humbled by its fragility yet transcendent of all fear, and trusting its purpose. This is the journey of the Liberated Lotus.

May you find what it is you are seeking.

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  1. Thank you. The journey is a beautiful message. I also enjoyed the spiritual insights from the movies. I hope one day I will be able to meet with you and discuss with you lessons of life.

    Bless you my brother

    P. S. You can reach me at

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