God and the Illusion of Need

Washing Away Illusion - God has no needs

Mankind’s Illusions

It has become apparent to me that it is time to discuss the concept of God and the illusions that mankind has created. These illusions are important to understand and notice in order to help heal the wounds they have facilitated. Countless lives have been not only ended in the name of these illusions but also completely controlled, misguided, and mentally imprisoned by them. Countless lives have been spent lost and confused because of these illusions, and it’s time to think about humanity’s inherited belief systems and if they really serve us.

The first and main illusion that is important to discuss is the illusion of need. I would invite you to enjoy these thoughts with an open mind and heart and let the truth set you free. Like a cork being held down below the surface of the water, we need to remove our limiting belief systems that are keeping us held under falsity so that we may rise up to the surface and be liberated. Once we remove the obstacles to enlightenment and peace of mind it comes naturally as part of our own evolution, just like the cork naturally floats to the surface when it is released.

Throughout humankind’s existence, we have tried to understand and comprehend a Higher Power that we could not help but recognize and acknowledge. Even with a brief study of religion we can notice the obvious evolution of thought. First humans worshiped physical idols such as the sun, stars, and moon. Then to make sense of the changes in nature and the more physical aspects of earthly life, they projected the ‘controllers of the universe’ as gods with human like traits, appearances, and issues. This was polytheistic at first then eventually simplified into more or less one being or a trinity that is somehow also technically one. In the East notions of a God as Self (such as with Buddhism and Zen) evolved also along with the notion that God is in fact all things and therefore has many faces, such as with Hinduism and the plentitude of ‘Gods’ – all of which are references to the same One. Mysticism and spirituality (personal experience) evolved alongside these notions as well as a fundamental essence of consciousness and ‘spirit’ that went beyond this world and therefore was eternal in nature. Some would even say this was first, such as the dictations in the Upanishads that were passed down from sage to student for over ten thousand years. Yet overall, there tended to be a sense of answering to some ‘thing’/’one’ outside ourselves thus demonstrating projection at its finest.

Transcending the Illusion of Separation

It is time for humankind to take another step in our evolution of belief systems, specifically our understanding of God. For starters we have to accept the fundamental reality that we are all connected and One. This is no longer just a spiritual truth but has been shown to be a scientific certitude through studies such as advanced quantum theories, that are undeniable in this day and age. For more information you could research on your own the notions of the universe as a hologram, the collapse of the wave function, infinite potentiality (the same atom simultaneously appearing in two places somehow), or string theory. With this being understood, we can then deduce that God, or this notion of Oneness/Nonduality, is everything and anything that is, was, and ever will be. And since we exist, or at least seem to, we are a part of the ‘everything and anything’, therefore we are an extension of God. Most specifically, we realize the implication thusly, we are God in human form.

This is hard for us to accept initially because we’ve been taught for so long to project Divinity away from ourselves and onto an external power/being. We’ve been programmed to believe self-defeating ideas of, “Who am I to be so powerful and divine?” “Who am I to be so perfect exactly as I am?” “Who am I to not be punished or judged?” Yet with our newfound realizations being discussed, we must open our mind to the most obvious fact that there is nothing external to us. In fact, all that we experience is actually subjective, meaning it is based purely on our own internal perceptions of our reality and is therefore completely within us. Strangely enough, there is no actual ‘objective’ reality. There is no ‘out there’, out there, which can be quite paradoxical to ponder.

So if everything is coming from within us then any form of separation must be a very clever illusion that we mistakenly bought into. Just as a drop of water into the ocean becomes one with the Ocean, the same is true for us. We, the individual, are an extension of the One Divinity. It is the illusion of the ego that clings so desperately to the notion of duality that would have us believe we are separate from everything and anything, especially our Source of Existence. Which if we think about for a moment has to be impossible because how could we exist if we were actually separate from our Source of Existence…

If we understand the process of the mind and the group of belief systems we refer to as the ‘ego, we can then begin to understand spirituality and Divinity on a level of truth rather than within the illusion of the lack and separation.

No Separation

Letting Go of Lack

     So I ask, if God is everything and everything is God then how could God ever need anything? Quite simply, It couldn’t. There is nothing that God needs because God is All That Is. Once we start to step back from our commonly held beliefs and understand this expanded view fully it will open our consciousness to a whole new way of viewing life. A wonderful perspective on this comes from Neale Walsch’s book, Communion with God:

“Need is non-existent in the Universe. One needs something only if one requires a particular result. The Universe does not require a particular result. The Universe is the result.

Need is likewise non-existent in the mind of God. God would need something only if God required a particular result. God does not require any particular result. God is that which produces all results.

If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God… There is nothing that is, that is not God.”

     These are powerful truths conveyed simply and clearly and if we open up to a new perspective we will realize their depth. We are divine and glorious and in truth we are an embodiment of the Divine. This is the most beautiful conceptual view and belief we could ever have about ourselves. This is not meant as a prideful statement for we are realizing all are Divine, meaning we respect ourselves to the utmost and therefore all others in the same way. To clarify, we are not saying, “I am Divine and all else are somehow different”, we are saying, “my brothers and sisters, I see you as I see myself, as the most wonderful creations in all existence, we are perfect in any and all ways. None are ‘wrong’, none are ‘better’, all share in the glorious perfection that we are.”

We are Magnificent in Our Perfection

     We’ve discussed this before, but we could never reiterate it enough, we are absolutely magnificent in our perfection. We are never ‘wrong’ in the traditional sense, for all is perfect and ‘right’. There is no ‘need’ in life other than what we choose there to be. Once we realize that we are one with All That Is how could we ever need anything. The problem that arises and why this is difficult for us to accept is because we believe we need certain things to be happy. Because we think we need certain things to be satisfied with life we project that mentality onto a God who needs something to be happy as well. Because we can’t imagine a human that needs nothing to be happy we can’t imagine a God who needs nothing to be happy. But this is the biggest illusion ever conjured.

External Projection of Happiness

     This is an illusion on various levels but for starters we know this can’t be true because as we’ve discussed before all is created from within us. Nothing external is actually going to make us happy, it is only the mind’s projection of value onto to external things that make us seek them in the first place. No where can this be more readily seen then in today’s consumer culture. Objects that have no practical use are coveted and valued to the point where people will lie, steal, cheat, and kill for them. This is all absurd and unfortunate since it’s all based on the illusion to begin with. Let us remember,

“Happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of happiness. This statement holds true for every other state of being as well.” – Neale Walsch

Happiness is Created Within Us

Happiness is Not Something External

     It is only once we realize that we need nothing in particular to be happy that we are able to accept that God needs nothing to be happy. Of course, this makes sense seeing how humankind tends to project their beliefs onto external things, including God. Because we judge ourselves we project judgement onto others and project judgment coming from God. So now we see that due to the confusion that the illusions of separation and lack have created by making us think happiness and rightness and other desirable states of mind are external to us, we have forgotten the truth about ourselves. We have forgotten how marvelous and perfect we already are without any ‘need’ for any external thing. All that we think we’re seeking from the external is already within us to begin with. All notions of a ‘need’ stem from a belief of lack and separation, yet we note since all experience arises subjectively and therefore, within, there could be nothing to search for.

     We are right no matter what because there is no right or wrong, good or bad in the first place, these are figments of our collective imagination. These are constructs of the  mind lost in victimization and separation that keeps us trapped in limiting thinking and thus robs us of joy and peace. The mind uses thoughts like this to fill us with fear and undesirability. However, if we turn this process around we can deduce: since all value is projected, why not project value and acceptance to all situations and all things? This would imply beauty and appreciation for all – unconditional love. But our mind fights this because then it would lose its ability to judge, play victim, be lacking, separate from happiness and peace, and inflate itself above others. Yet when we apply this realization and transcend this type of limited thinking even if for brief moments, we move into a field of acceptance and the realization of perfection.

Illusions of ‘Survival’

     Another aspect of this discussion, is that we feel we need things to survive, but if we are the All and we are a part of Divinity, then we need nothing to survive because we can never die. It is only the mind of duality that can die and thus it fills us with fear of death, a death that is only an illusion created by the mind in the first place. There is no such thing as death/end, only transition to another experience or version of ourselves that we choose.

    To truly grasp the concept that All is one and one is the All, we have to see that there is no ‘end’ and no ‘beginning’ since there has to be the opposite for the other to arise. If we go beyond time and duality and see that if all is connected and everything is one then there is no something else, or opposition because how could something oppose itself.

Could we actually accept that the universe just is/exists without end or beginning?

Enlightenment Going Beyond Duality

Going Beyond Duality

     This brings up the notion that we were taught to believe there is an opposition to happiness, peace, and existence. This type of thinking also implies again that God could be unhappy, not peaceful, not powerful or in control, and could not exist. But by now we can see how this is an obvious fallacy because we’d have to ask if God is all powerful and is all that is,

“Why would God choose things to occur that would make God unhappy? The answer is an answer that you can not accept.”

“Nothing makes God unhappy.” – Neale Walsch

     This is a powerful truth that can set us free if we let it. But the mind thrives off this illusion and uses it for the majority of its cons. The illumined being needs nothing to be happy because they know that there is nothing to need in the first place. This implies that merely existing is the beauty and purpose of life and whatever we choose to do with this gift is absolutely sublime. There is no need other than what we choose there to be.

It’s all Simply Up to Us – There’s No One Else to Blame

    Thus, we see that life is merely a choice to express ourselves in the highest and grandest version that we choose for ourselves. If we want to be happy, peaceful, friendly and loving then we can live a life emulating these qualities and enjoying the experience of them. If we want to choose a life of war, struggle, pain, and suffering that’s our right too and can spend our lifetime emulating those qualities and enjoying the experience of them. The beauty and perfection is in the choice. All is perfect and beautiful when we realize that all is exactly as we think according to our own desires and creations.

     Once we know how to create eternal happiness and fulfillment within ourselves we begin to create continuous conditions of expressing and experiencing more of it by laws of the universe. Like attracts like and thus love attracts love, pain attracts pain, joy attracts joy, fun attracts fun, and so on. Therefore, there is no need other than our own imagination and heart’s endless desires for creation and existence. We need only to exercise our Divinity and create life however we choose, for life is not ‘happening’ to us as the ego mind would have us think, but we are creating life in every moment with every thought and with every action.

Need is an illusion due to the fact that there is nothing that is not perfect and beautiful to begin with. Need implies there is something that is undesirable, but all is desirable according to the belief system that is creating it. We are all creating exactly what we desire, even if it is to be a victim of something ‘undesirable’. We secretly wanted the experience of feeling like a victim, I can admit I have, and so it is/was… Yet this applies for all manifestations of life, we are the only ones that limit ourselves and our joy.

Dream on dreamers, what do you desire?

Live Life Free and True - Follow Your Bliss

“Need does not exist. It is a fiction. In reality, you need nothing to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind.” – Neale Walsch

     As mentioned before, as happiness is discovered to be internally flowing from an infinite, eternal spring our definition of happiness and concepts of pleasure begin to evolve naturally through the progression of our energy field(i.e. vibrations). In other words, as we become more and more aligned with Divinity and therefore unconditional acceptance and appreciation, we create life full of splendor and joy for ourselves that naturally radiates to others. Life becomes a sacred gift of bliss, happiness, and joy in every moment. And the more we focus on this concept the more it becomes clear that every moment of life is a moment of Divine expression.

     Thus, truth continues to attract more truth and we naturally evolve in awareness by attracting to us experiences or material that will expand our level of understanding. Think for a second why you find yourself here reading this right now. You attracted this to yourself one way or another just as I attracted the experience of writing it all down to share with you. When we start to view our reality in this way we are filled with absolute appreciation and gratitude for everything in our lives. Every action we take is an action of the Divine, every thought, every emotion, and all of life’s expressions are simply expressions of Divinity being. When our consciousness accepts this we can not help but be filled with compassion and unconditional love for all as we are humbled by the brilliant perfection of life.

The Liberated Lotus - Life without Limitations

     Buddha was once said to have stared at a flower in awe of its brilliance in front of his students and only one among them smiled with extreme ecstasy and joy in what was being taught. The lesson was in recognizing the absolute beauty and divine perfection in All That Is (i.e. the flower). And to take it the furtherest, yes, even in all pain and suffering there is perfection and divine essence that can be honored and held sacred.

Until the weed isn’t just a ‘weed’ anymore one has not seen God. Until trash or dirt isn’t just ‘trash’ or ‘dirt’, until pain isn’t just ‘pain’, until the sun isn’t just a ‘sun’, until all limiting labels and concepts fall away, one has not known of Love.

     Once we begin to understand this level of acceptance and appreciation and experience it for ourselves, we understand how any notion of a ‘God’ could never have a need to change anything, let alone even capable of experiencing unhappiness. How could God be unhappy with that which It is and created. All is Love, All is Divine, All is Perfect, and All is Self.


(Quotes from Communion with God)

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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