God and the Illusion of Judgment

     Today I’ve decided I would like to discuss further the concept of judgment in relationship not only to ourselves and others but the illusion of it coming from God. This illusion has taken me quite some time to transcend and cleanse from my consciousness and I admit that from time to time I still struggle with it. The unfortunate thing about this illusion is that it is so easy to see everywhere in our interactions with each other today. After pondering this for many weeks, months and perhaps years now, I have finally begun to understand how this illusion works within our minds. I’d like to share with you some thoughts that have occurred to me in hopes that it might spark your own inspiration and enlightenment.

     For starters, I would definitely reread the previous post, God and the Illusion of Need as I just did before beginning this. It lays a perfect foundation for understanding this illusion of judgment and how it arose. The post even briefly covers the concept of judgment and its inherent fallacy. We must remember that if we are all One and are thus all part of God and indeed therefore are God how could God judge that which is Itself, Perfect and beyond limitation. This is the big picture statement and we will look at a few levels of this statement to help break it down in order to better comprehend its magnitude and breadth of implication.

   The first level of understanding we will discuss is the concept of judging ourselves as human beings. This is the most interesting of subjects, at least for myself as a student of psychology, because it seems so unnatural and unloving. Then again the human ego mind is capable of some pretty insane(counter-productive/negative) beliefs so I can’t say that its surprising. I, myself, was raised in a belief system of extreme judgment and control, and in retrospect have to remember to extend absolute compassion for how lost and confused I was because of its programming. You see, to judge ourselves is really to punish ourselves, it’s to hurt ourselves, to not love ourselves, to keep ourselves from being happy, and in reality we’re killing ourselves. That might seem a bit drastic of a claim but in actuality it is true both spiritually and physically. In medical school they taught us that stress and negative energy (judgement) are extremely detrimental to the health of the body and mind, and that all the various forms of stress are the root of any ‘dis-ease’. In fact, chronic stress and thus negative energy(life destroying) are actually the things that kills us so quickly through constant illness and premature aging. Majority of people that live long, healthy, and active lives experience very little stress and thus their biological systems are at peace and in good health. Majority of aging is caused strictly because of this deterioration of the thymus gland through stress and harboring negative emotions. A great reference for these health claims is the book, Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers. But that’s a whole other discussion that is more based on the physicality of life. We certainly can spend time discussing it but I’d like to stick to the psychological and spiritual effects of judgment.

We can see that judgment of ourselves is basically giving ourselves stress. We are essentially stressing ourselves out, or in other words, draining ourselves of positive loving energy(life enhancing). That is why judgment is ultimately masochistic in nature and only hurts us and others. However, this isn’t surprising since the ego is ultimately the epitome of masochism, narcissism, and insanity. The human mind/ego left to its own ways will destroy itself over a period of time, some faster than others. Also the degree to which the ego mind goes to express its pain and suffering is variable as well according to one’s overall awareness. This can be accounted for the fact that consciousness will accept certain levels of negativity and insanity before it finally realizes that enough is enough. To a more highly evolved person, negativity is rejected based on its inherent fallacy and unproductive nature, whereas for a lesser evolved person negativity is their source of energy and is what they seek to perpetuate in order to feed off their victimization. A wise person then would seek to understand this interesting dynamic in order to cleanse themselves of destructive influences in their life. Judgment when looked at objectively is a complete vanity of opinion and is in no way ever true. We don’t have to indulge in the fantasy. More on this later.

      First let us see that all suffering and pain in our lives is only arising in order to teach us something and reveal something about ourselves we need to expand and stop resisting, or else it simply wouldn’t be there. The longer it takes us to learn and awaken to that which is trying to be presented, the more pain and suffering we will experience. Thus we see that we must always use our struggles as red flags that we’re missing something, our perspective is limited, and that we’re resisting the lesson(s) trying to be offered to us. Through resistance however we seem to judge ourselves in varying degrees according to our self-awareness and level of universal understanding. Some judge themselves extremely harsh even going as far as mutilating themselves for punishment for their “sinful” self or even for existing as a human. Then on the other side of the spectrum one can not judge at all but see the innate perfection of oneself and all things simply because existence. This is more so the side of spectrum I’d like to focus on.

Divine Perfection

   Let us consider this sunset, how perfect it is in its absolute splendor and magnificence. There will never be another sunset exactly like it, there will never be another moment like this one with the ocean, the air, the sand, the clouds, the sun, the people, the planet’s and stars’ alignments, and so forth, none of it will ever be the exact same again. This gives it unparallelled perfection in that it could not be any other way and is completely ephemeral. Do we see how we can appreciate such a thing in its perfection? Not only because it’s beautiful and an amazing work of art but it’s so much more than that, it’s the perfection of God manifest and therefore it is beyond all possible judgment or limitation of any kind. It is ineffably perfect.

     Now, why is it that we can comprehend not judging nature, which we readily will call God’s creation, but can’t seem to comprehend not judging ourselves and other human beings? Human beings, you and I, are equally God’s creation and are infinitely perfect in every possible aspect from moment to moment just like the sunset, the stars, the moon, the earth, and indeed the entire universe. How could we ever judge the brilliance of the human being? If we only had the slightest comprehension of the trillions of things going on within our bodies in every moment we could only be in absolute awe of ourselves and others. The fact that these bodies exist and live and breathe is of such splendor and magnificence it is unsurpassed by anything we know today, except of course to the totality of the universe, which is truly beyond comprehension. If this doesn’t make sense or you find that you still can’t agree that we are perfect and could never in eternity ever possibly be wrong or bad then I shall continue to hopefully impress upon you how amazing you are.

     Let us consider the fact that life does not struggle to give, or in other words the grass does not strain to grow it just simply does. Likewise we are perfect and it is only our own ego mind that seems to resist the natural order of the universe which is love and progress. It is only the ego that fights the realization of our own perfection and seeks to judge itself and thus others, fighting its own happiness and light. We can have compassion for this process however because the ego knows that if we were to truly understand our perfection it would cease to exist because it would have no reason to continue its vanity of limiting opinions and judgments. With the ego transcended it becomes incredibly obvious that there is nothing wrong or needing to be changed in life for all is exactly as it should be. Which if we understand that we then can not help but understand the fact that we are exactly as we should be and are therefore always right always good because there is nothing other than it. There simply isn’t anything else other than perfection, the ego just projects that there is because it doesn’t know any better.

     The ego has created within our minds the concept and the illusion that we are capable of judging ourselves and because we believe we are capable of judging ourselves we then feel we are capable of judging others. However, all judgment is a fallacy to begin with because there is no judgment possible of perfection, it just is. All judgment would only therefore be a complete vanity and narcissism stemming from an arrogantly limiting perspective. Perhaps you are thinking “but I’m not perfect, I make mistakes all the time” or believe that you are flawed in some way physically due to the projections from the ridiculous world of imagery that we live in. But I tell you, these things are our perfection. It is the classic cliche’ that it is our imperfections that make us perfect. This however, is actually completely true and to think otherwise is an ego-indulgence. Recall that for us to even exist in these bodies there had to be an infinite string of events from the ‘beginning of the universe’ leading up to our birth and this present moment. We are in fact an extension of the entire universe being what it is. To possibly seek to judge such a thing is equivalent to judging the entire universe, which I would hope would seem to you like an absolute impossibility.

     With this expanded perspective we can start to see that all judgment only arises due to a limited point of view and misunderstanding. With humility and compassion all judgment is realized to be an absurdity, for all judgment is essentially judging the entire universe/God. As we realize that to judge ourselves is impossible we then realize that judging others is especially just as impossible. Once we release this notion of judgment it allows for greater peace to emerge and we find that the ego’s thoughts are not real, only illusions trying to keep us trapped in its limitation and suffering. It is the ego that projects all judgments, guilt, and negativity coming from a God figure and is completely erroneous. God is not a judiciary nor some negatively charged, old man with a beard and some serious psychological issues. All is aligned through the perfection of the universe as a perfect creation therefore free from all judgement. It radically just is and accordingly is full of absolute perfection.

    Let us again reflect on how nature is our greatest teacher because it is a constant reminder of the most simple truths of life. Just look at this magical place above, it is so incredible and perfect in its brilliance. Furthermore, it simply could not be any other way. The infinite expressions of life on this planet and its splendor are so awe-inspiring and glorious there are no words to describe its perfection. Once again, it just is. What a wonderful feeling it is to appreciate something to the point of being overwhelmed with gratitude that we give thanks for the fact we even get to exist to experience it. This experience is innately wordless, subjective, and we even often express in those moments, ‘I’m speechless’ or ‘awe-struck’. And as we work to remember to think of ourselves in this way, without judgment and only appreciation we can then restore ourselves back to our natural state of inner peace and serenity. Nature does not judge itself, we are the only animal that created the insane idea. Furthermore, once we see this we then can extend freedom to others no matter what their actions or situation may be because we see only perfection in all things. As we work on this we begin to come closer to our enlightened/natural state of unconditional love. This surrender of judgment brings us closer to understanding Divine Love and its ability to love our ‘enemies’ and those who would seek to harm us or even destroy us.

   Christ taught this by loving and forgiving His ‘enemies’ even whilst they tortured and crucified Him. This is the highest love that we are all capable of and one of the main barriers to reaching it is judgment. Christ did not judge others obviously or else He wouldn’t have allowed His body to be killed and would have resented His accusers. Instead He saw the perfection in all and allowed others to live out their own lessons needed for their progression even if that meant His persecution. We too must surrender our judgments of ourselves and others and as we do this we will inevitably come to the conclusion that God could never possibly judge us either. The idea is truly one of humanity’s most absurd of delusional imaginings and projection of man’s own self-hatred.

Ineffable Perfection

    This realization will set us free and allow us to express love on a level we never experienced before to ourselves, others, and eventually All That Is. Thus we reclaim our Divinity and God perspective/consciousness. By removing judgment we reclaim our eternal happiness and our natural state rises to that of Divine Love. We in time, become the embodiment of Christ/Buddha/Krishna Love in which all is seen as Glorious without measure because all is realized as obviously only Divinity. Furthermore, we remember that as we love ourselves we love others and as we love All we realize that we are the All and that the All is One. The vision of unity becomes the only logical and plausible choice. We become filled with gratitude and insight for we are truly liberated. This is what we can strive for, this is what we can work towards each day without judging ourselves along the way. In fact we don’t have to even strive for this at all if we choose, that’s the beauty of the perfection. There is no rush, no punishment or reward, only what we decide. The punishments and rewards only express themselves right now in every moment through our thinking that we choose to indulge in.

     We choose our happiness and salvation based on our perspective and humility. We also choose our punishment by keeping ourselves unhappy and trapped in “hell” – negative delusions. If we don’t want to stop judging ourselves or others that’s perfect too, but we will never truly be at peace, happy, or fulfilled. So if we choose to remain unhappy in our judgments that is perfect and there is no need to change it for eventually the pain and suffering will be enough and we will be ready to transcend it. This is what we discussed earlier, we each control our level and degree of suffering and unhappiness it is only up to us to decide when we’d like to experience something else and be happier. I hope that you being here reading this means that you too, like me, are seeking the highest, grandest, most glorious expressions of ourselves in life. You too, seek joy, everlasting love, peace, bliss, eternal happiness and all other forms of wonder and fulfillment. And I’m here to tell you it is possible right now, it is waiting for us, within us, at all times and all places! All we have to do is allow it to come through us by letting go of our resistance. There is nothing we need to do other than surrender our limiting beliefs that are keeping us trapped, for it is only ourselves that is getting in our way, there is no one else.

I love you so indescribably and hope that you can feel that, all of these writings  are imbued with the purest love and joy of service and sharing this eternal happiness of liberation! I love you in your perfection and honor that perfection within you and wish that you may walk on a blissful path. I wish for you only happiness and joy forever. For now let us ponder these things, if you so choose, and remember to love ourselves even as the sun shines on us all unconditionally!

Namaste’ and thank you.

Wishing us Peace and Love always-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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  6. At last after a day of limitless reasoning with myself, I found out that how amazingly God never judges us, and how we too are capable of not judging ourselves. Loved it. :’)
    Thank You 🙂

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