Everything is Always Working Out for My Benefit

Everything is always working out for the best, there is nothing to ever fear

“Everything is always working out for my benefit”

As we accept this affirmation we move ourselves into a vibration of positive expectancy and unconquerable optimism. I personally love this affirmation as it has proved its benefit to me several times whenever my thoughts become overrun with negativity. The beauty of this affirmation is that the mind can’t actually reject it because technically it’s projecting to an unknown and is based on faith. The mind can reason all it wants against optimism but in the end it has to accept that it doesn’t know the future. And if the future is unknown then the only power it has over us is what we think about it. If we take the position that the future is frightening then we become stuck in fear in this now moment which hinders our productivity and happiness, and therefore is likely to lead us to a frightening future.

On the other hand, if we accept that we do not know what the future holds but we will assume only the best is working out for us, then our happiness and productivity is enhanced now and therefore is more likely to lead us to a better future than if we lived in fear. It is a prime example of the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that what we believe, we will see. Most of us think that by living in fear it keeps us alive and successful because fear keeps us a step ahead and avoiding dangers, but this is an illusion of the mind to keep us in fight or flight mode and actually is hurting us. What we need to see is that we can still proactively work towards the future and be productive without fear of the future, and in fact we are far more productive this way. An easy example is to ask ourselves do we go to work out of fear of not having money or out of the joy of making money and being of service?

Immediate Results

The power of this affirmation is enormous because it offers us a chance to immediately change our emotional frequency and vibration to one of optimism and help us feel better now, thereby, attracting improved circumstances into our experience to match our frequency and reinforce our belief that things are improving. This affirmation also works to imprint and reinforce programming of optimism and positivity into our subconscious which has lifelong effects. Based on how our mind works, this affirmation of faith is extremely powerful because it can’t be argued by the conscious mind. The mental argument will always come down to the fact that the mind can never technically know the future since the only thing that is real and truly exists is the moment of Now. Also, remember that the subconscious accepts what we continue to give attention to and believe as true so what better message to embed in the subconscious then the fact that things are always working out for us.

No matter where we are in life and how we’re feeling we can always use this and continue to reinforce radical optimism within our subconscious. Whether we’re wealthy and happy and everything seems perfect, or we’re struggling and dealing with serious hardships it will always serve us. We can all look back on upsets and major struggles that we went through in our lives and notice that we actually grew so much from the experiences and it made us who we are today. Hopefully we can look back at these things and see them with a perspective of gratitude and see the wisdom and maturity they provided us.

The reason why I like to call this an affirmation of ‘radical optimism’ is because nothing can deny us our optimism and faith because all fears are of the unknown and are based on a perspective, and perspective and optimism are subjective realms of thought that the rational mind can’t argue against. Thus, we are able to believe things are always working out for our benefit as true, and therefore plant it into the subconscious without argument or objection. I recommend saying this affirmation, writing it somewhere, giving it attention however you choose, no matter where you are in life because it will always benefit you and will only attract new wonderful things into your life experience. Give this thought at least a little attention everyday and watch as your life begins to change in many positive ways, and as you continue to always give radical optimism attention it will always serve you!

Seems like Naive Wishful Thinking

If we have a hard time accepting this all we have to remember is, first of all, what do we have to lose by being hopeful and optimistic. Secondly, if we exercise some humility we can remember, who are we to say that things aren’t going to keep improving for us, for others, and the world. If we still have trouble accepting that things could possibly be okay and get better then we need to address the deeper issue that is causing the resistance before we can truly change our frequency of vibration. Most likely it is an attachment to victimization and wanting to be afraid of the unknown, as strange as it may seem, we tend to enjoy our suffering and struggles.

The other argument is that of pessimism, but by reviewing the reasoning in the beginning of the post regarding the future being unknown, we can see that being hopeful helps us now and is a clearly more productive outlook. At this point all we have to ask ourselves is do we really want to see change or are we attached to our fear. If we feel stuck in life and unhappy with the way things have been going, afraid of our past mistakes or the unknown future, or working to find more gratitude, then focus on this affirmation and give it constant attention however works best for you. As you focus on it throughout your day you will start to feel better and feel the truth of the statement within you, which will then make the impression on the subconscious stronger. The more resolutely and unwavering this truth embeds into our constant perception of life, the more rich and satisfying our lives will become. Coming into the New Year let us all truly know and trust that, Everything is always working out for my benefit.”

Trust in the goodness of life


Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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