Every Passing Moment Is Another Chance To Turn It All Around

Every moment is another chance to turn it all around

“Assume that this fleeting moment will never be exactly the same again. Embrace it fully surrendering yourself completely to its wonder and eternal potential. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.

Each moment of our lives holds within it infinite potential to lead us down one of countless miraculous paths. The magnitude of our choices is truly mind blowing, even to the point where if dwelt upon too much would render us incapable of possibly making decisions due to the sheer impact of its ripple effect, forever altering our course. Yet instead of dropping into fear or over analysis, we can instead live as if this is our last day here and act, not out of abandonment, selfish recklessness, or a need to change anything, but with full embrace for what is present as if we can’t change it. In this acceptance I have found it crucial to surrender our selfish desires to want to change anything or think anything is somehow ‘wrong’. This has proven itself to be the quickest way to end up in deeper layers of suffering and defeat, and contrary to what the world will tell you, things only got worse, not better, from thinking this way. ‘I am in control and the creator of my universe’ is the surest path to disappointment. On the other hand, through surrender of our desires and blossoming of humility we accept what is and strive to see only the best in it. The irony of this being that through our acceptance and joy for what is we subsequently lead ourselves onto the path towards the happiness and fulfillment that we desired all along – all of which comes about without having to have ever thought something needed to be different.

I have spent years pondering this concept, and still find myself working to let go of control and see the profound glory within every moment of life. It is truly incomprehensible our gift of existence, and it is through focusing on this radical truth that I find myself becoming more in alignment with my eternal, contented nature with nothing to do or need/have and no where to go. When we remember the gift and power of each moment of life, we live with a constant gratitude and appreciation for our Creator and therefore make choices out of peace, harmony, and love rather than fear, scarcity, and lack. We align with abundance and serenity because we are no longer seeing the negative but only the positive, starting with the very gift of consciousness. 

As splendid as this remembrance is, it is admittedly hard to maintain due to our past programming and cultural habits that lead us away from our innate peace and gratitude. The World draws us out and away from Peace, keeping us chasing, fighting, resisting, working to accomplish unmet desires, and most important, forget the astounding fact that our existence is an unasked for gift. However, through being vigilant our habits can change and we can find ourselves aligned with gratitude more often and therefore feel our lives shifting towards all the things we could ever dream of – again without any desire to actually need it to be different. I’ve found that this all happens of its own, it’s not something that has to be ‘sought’ because then you’re just stuck back in the mind’s games and looking to the external world for the answer. The answer always lies within never without. Going back to the most fundamental truth always seems to bring us straight to the obvious beauty of life. So just remember if you’re ever feeling stuck, drained, defeated, or torn over something, stop what you’re doing, get quiet, and slow your mind’s obsessions to a halt. Watch as the mind races, then through the act of observing it we create a separation from it. There is the thoughts and then there is us, whatever that is consciousness, the soul, etc. We are not the thoughts or else we couldn’t be aware of them. Breathe and remember that every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. What is the past, is past and is pointless to dwell upon, stay present in order to work towards a brighter future. Change your perspective, change your live.

[Photo Credit: Chris Burkard]

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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