Ending Unhappiness in Our Lives

Realizing Unconditional Love and ending unhappiness in our lives

Another journal entry that I feel is important to share:

Life is full of joy we just have to open our eyes and see it. Too often our perspective is limited, too often our view of things is closed off to greater possibilities. We tend to miss the point and miss the true beauty behind everything by immediately jumping to conclusions/judgments of failure, lack, or error. But there is such amazing light behind and under all things that we can see if we choose to have an open mind and see that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. As discussed in the previous post, everything in this world is created from thought and thus everything is in perfect order according to law. Even the pain and suffering in this world is perfectly created through thought! When we step back and see it from a more objective stand point it’s beautiful and amazing seeing the essence of life create and express itself in all its various forms. Christ taught us this with His life and death by being a perfect representation of unconditional love and letting everything be exactly as it is intended. He did not change anyone’s choices, He allowed all their free will and loved them regardless of their choices, this is unconditional love, this is an unconditional love we all can aspire to.

However, unfortunately so many of us are blinded by the immediate external, we’re led easily astray by circumstances and thoughts of blame and victimization. If we choose more from the heart and looked to see the truth there would be no reason for phrases such as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If we had a sense of transparency then a wolf would be a wolf and there would be no deception because we’d see things for what they really are. Truth casts out all lies and darkness. Truth is light and love and there is nothing but it in essence. There is only very dim light never complete darkness. No soul is ever truly lost in darkness, only extremely misguided and confused. If we take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and our life as a whole we can begin to create from a state of consciousness where we literally choose the life we want.

There is hope in this world, there is infinite joy and boundless happiness awaiting all who seek it, all who ask for it, all who wish humbly to feel and enjoy it. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Search your soul as you read these words, feel your body, become conscious of it… Feel your soul resonating with the words as they speak volumes to you from within your own heart. There is no doubt where these things come from, because it is clear they do not come from me. This truth can only come from the spirit, it can only come from our source energy, love.

There is nothing greater than pure loving energy and this life is meant to be an expression of the love that we are. There is nothing other than it. Everything you do is masked as love one way or another, or of course a lack of love, which is a crying out for love anyway. Ultimately either way everything is still revolving around one source… Love.

If we slow down and listen from within we’d know this. There is something hiding truth from us, something that doesn’t want us know the truth of our power, our worth, our talents, our infinite creativity, our boundless abilities, our infinite joy and happiness all within us. Within us. There is something keeping from us the truth of who we are. I can speak of only ego thinking, the mastermind of deceit, the original master con artist(don’t be confused by the wording, the ego is not an entity it is simply a thought process of separation, fear, and lack). The ego is hiding the truth from us, it wants us to feel powerless, separate, and filled with lack of happiness. But it has no actual power! And this is its greatest fear. It fears that we’ll catch on to it. It doesn’t want us to know that it exists and that we control it and can choose to follow it’s advice or not. It doesn’t want us to know that we have control, it wants us to think it’s us and that we’re therefore only fighting ourselves. The ego uses this con on us so that we’ll stop trying to identify it so that it can continue to enslave us, control us, and ultimately destroy us one way or another.

Why would we let such a negative thought process rule us, a myriad of thoughts telling us we’re lacking, we’re not good enough, not capable, we can’t, we’re worthless, or on the flip side, I’m amazing look at me, I’m better than you, I hate you and only love myself, everyone is my enemy, I can’t trust anyone, people will hurt me, I have to overcompensate for my fear, I need more things to fill the void, happiness is always outside of me, things or people(outside circumstances) are to blame for why I’m not happy. Fear and therefore domination are the motivators.

This list could go on forever telling of all the ego lies that we’ve been fed from our parents, culture, and world. Few have actualized the truth, or at least not the most important people, such as the ones making major global decisions. Unfortunately leaders of countries and corporations are often extremely controlled by ego thinking. Competition(in terms of me vs you, I win you lose), consumerism, profiteering, social hierarchy, war, nationalism, capitalism, all of these are fueled and based on ego illusions. We must begin to see these things. We must help others realize the truth. We must look at ourselves and truly embrace the truth. Be the truth. Live the truth. Breathe the truth. Speak the truth. All these things we can be and all these things we can do to help ourselves and others.

The greatest goal and accomplishment of man in his life is to return to his purest and truest nature, LOVE and Godliness. That is all man is, God in human form, Love in human form, Joy in human form, Happiness in human form. Man is however, due to his consciousness, only what he chooses to be. Many people have chosen to be weakness in human form, misery in human form, lack and suffering in human form, etc. It breaks my heart to see and to hear of the pain in this world. The violence, the hatred, the hurting of each other in all its various forms. The only way we can move towards unification is if we realize the basic truths of life. There is no enemy no matter what the voice in your head is telling you. It is only the result of ego thinking. It is only a thought and it doesn’t truly exist it’s just an illusion, it is not Who We Are. Which brings us to another important topic of human consciousness.

Through our gift of consciousness, man is an amazing creator and the highest form of creation we see on this planet. Humankind is so powerful because of this consciousness and yet no one teaches us what it is, how to use it appropriately, or use it at all for that matter. No one tells us that happiness is all inside of us and the joy of life comes from knowing that. Consciousness allows man to choose what he wants to think and thus be. Consciousness allows man to feel what he wants to feel, experience all that he wants to experience. There is no doubt that humans are capable of anything they set their intention towards and yet this truth is never truly taught to us.

Understanding this is the most basic and fundamental lesson of life there ever could be and yet we never hear of it. The sad fact is most people listen to their ego, let it control them, and thus empower it. But the ego is a master without a vision, goal, or purpose. It’s only ambition is to acquire or seek after more things or experiences that will “gratify” it. The reason why I accent gratify is because we are not talking about true gratification when it comes to ego. Not the kind of gratification that comes from helping others, from loving unconditionally, from nurturing and watching a baby grow, from giving back to the world of our talents and abilities for the betterment and enjoyment of others. The ego has an ability to make us believe that things and experiences are going to make us happier and bring us the peace we finally want. But as soon as we accomplish or have those things it doesn’t matter anymore and we want something else. In other words, it tells us we’re never truly satisfied and content. It always wants more which ultimately leads to more pain and misery in whatever form it happens to take. More external desire brings more suffering and discontent. Ego’s greed vast outweighs its reach and eventually leads to its own destruction.

But life is full and glorious if we open our mind to seeing it as such and seeing it as coming from within. There is more than enough love and good to go around in this world. There is more than enough glory for all. We have to dismantle and do away with the lie of scarcity that has infected our species, the erroneous thought process of weakness and powerlessness. I look out on the world and see endless potential and beauty, at the same time it is very easy to see a world covered in filth, pain, and separation. So many brave ones have gone before us trying to make a difference, trying to help people see truth. However, they are always met with opposition and usually destroyed. But this is not discouraging, quite the contrary, it just further proves the point that all opposition to love through discontent, conflict, and unhappiness are from ego thinking.

The ego makes all who threaten it it’s enemy. Right now by writing this and exposing it, it’s in fear and panic. It’s frantically trying to figure out any way to make you think that this isn’t true and will do anything to make you not believe the message. It does this by either attacking the messenger, the message, invalidating anything it can, or some other method that would be applicable. However, rest assured it will do everything it possibly can from letting you see your true power. Ego thinking is incredibly clever though, lets not go on thinking this is an easy battle. Rest assured the ego is around every corner and behind every thought trying to work it’s way into control. That is why masters have counseled us throughout time to be on constant guard and to stay conscious and aware of our thoughts and thus actions.

Even as you realize your power and Godliness it can still seep into the positive realm. The ego is so persistent it doesn’t care if it has to use seemingly good things to give it power. It would seem that the ego has two major angles it likes to work at. Either the depressive side lets call it, the thoughts of insufficiency and failure that inevitably will drive one to their own death, or the greed side lets call it, the thoughts of self worth to the point where one is better than all else and therefore pays no regard to the other, or they feel they have to seek constant praise from others, always needing more of whatever it is being sought after. This side of course too, will lead to self-destruction.

The question in the greed side of ego thinking is always, “what’s in it for me?” This question drives the ego to seek more and more experiences to put itself above others and in other words take from others. There is so much that could be said about the ego. It is endless the levels that it will sink to to get what it wants which is power over our mind. As mentioned before, all crime ever committed is based out of this thought process. The ego would have you never look out for anyone but yourself that is of course unless looking out for someone else benefits you and then the minute it doesn’t anymore it would abandon that person. Ego thinking is ultimate selfishness because it believes in separation so it makes sense to only take care of one’s own.

Even when the ego uses us to do something “good” it is only doing it because it wants the praise. It wants to be seen as good and glorious, but most importantly, better than others. True giving and unconditional love is always anonymous, or at least in the sense that the giver seeks absolutely no recognition or praise for their service. A perspective to have when giving service to help us avoid the temptation of ego thinking to seek praise is to realize that we are just responding to someone’s thoughts and manifestations for help. Thus we’re just a messenger from the universe to another that their prayer or thoughts did not go unanswered. The fact that we get to help someone is just the result from paying attention to our intuition and now we get to experience the opportunity and joy to give back to others! If anything we can be grateful that we get to give back because that is the true joy of life after all anyway!

To help us stay centered we can also remind ourselves that the person we gave service to would have been helped eventually whether it was us or not by the laws of the universe. When we see it from this perspective we’re grateful for every opportunity that we have to give back to others! What beautiful way to think about service!

By keeping it in this perspective we remember that who are we to deny the power of another and say that they were hopeless until we found them. This would be an ego lie because we only truly help another when it is in accordance with all involved. They summoned, with the creative power that we all possess, someone to help them and we were lucky to be the person. When we see the truth behind how this works we remember that if anything we should be thankful to those we get to help and not the other way around!!

Giving love is the highest joy of all in life, it is the greatest thing one could ever accomplish it doesn’t matter what form it takes. Christ taught this when he said whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant. Giving love is the greatest happiness, peace, fulfillment, and bliss there is and ever was. When we see this truth we realize that it is our privilege and honor to give to others. If anything those who are in need should be the ones we bless and are so thankful for, and yet it tends to be the other way around. This of course is accounted for by ego thinking. The ego thinking is what makes us think we’re giving up something when in actuality what we gain is the infinite riches of heaven, where moth and dust doth not corrupt!

Love my friends, Love is all there is, and all there ever will be. Embrace the love inside you and watch as your life begins to overflow with joy, happiness, and bliss you never thought possible! However, as a word of caution, be careful that the ego doesn’t wheedle it’s way back into control by making you feel special and better than others because you have truth, more knowledge, or because you’re so generous and giving or whatever it may use to create a sense of separation. Be true to unconditional love and own your power and Godliness through conscious thought and action. Realizing always, that we are all one.

You are perfect and full of light and love regardless of anything you do so don’t worry or get down on yourself concerning these things. If you catch yourself in the midst of negative judgmental ego thinking or notice that lately it’s been coming back and making you feel worse, don’t let it get you down. The funny thing is that when this happens the ego wants you to feel bad that you let it take control. This just shows how desperate the ego is, even at the threat of it’s own demise it still is trying to make you feel “wrong” and imperfect for taking your own power back! I tell you this now, let it sink deep into your soul and resonate with your Higher Self, there is no such things as wrong, bad, failure, or error. They are all constructs of an ego mind. So as you go about life’s wonderful experience and the ego tries to take control when you let your guard down, keep peace in your mind and don’t get down on yourself. This is the most absurd thing you could ever do because You are perfect no matter what you choose! You are right! You are glorious beyond all comprehension no matter where you are in life! So instead get excited! Jump for joy, sing a song, smile at the very least, and realize that you are not wrong for thinking negatively but in fact this is a moment of celebration.

Illumination of the Liberated Lotus of our Soul

Every time we recognize ego thinking we just took one giant leap in our own evolution and progression of consciousness! And as this becomes more and more frequent eventually the ego has no real footing at all because the mind of our Higher Self knows it wants nothing to do with it. Thus thoughts of our Higher Self become our belief system and habitual thinking pattern. Our thoughts become filled with unconditional love, positivity, self-esteem, peace of mind, and optimism. The ego will finally be rendered powerless in our lives. Ego thinking is only as strong as we let it be, so stop giving it power. As a last reminder, remember that ego thinking is just that, it is thoughts, it is not some separate entity it is just simply a name for a type of thinking. We can stop giving negative thinking power by by not getting down on ourselves, start seeing the glory of realizing Who We Really Are, the perfection that we are and the infinite power we possess!

I love you unconditionally, always and forever! This is not just someone’s writing you are reading this is your inner truth speaking to you, your voice of higher truth, your soul’s desire for you. It is not a coincidence that this truth has come to you, there is no coincidences in life, all is aligned in harmony of consequence. Therefore, embrace the truth, embrace the knowledge of your Higher Self that tells you it is true. It is crying out to you wanting you to know how beautiful and perfect you are! It cries out to you begging you to open your eyes and mind to all the love that is around you and within you! It wants you to feel its presence and honor it’s essence in everything. You can never do or be wrong and you will never be judged. You are pure, you are perfect, I know it is true and I honor that truth in you, Namaste’, I love you always, all ways, and forever!

Always Love-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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