Creative Meditation

Lately I’ve been discovering the meditative power of creativity, specifically in the form of music. From creating music I have found an amazing source of peace and energy of unconditional love. Some thoughts on the experience are:

Creativity is the direct flow of source energy coming through. When in an environment of unconditional love pure creativity pours through us but only once we are in a state to receive it. Meaning we have to rise above the ego and be present in the moment to express our true creative desire as our true authentic selves. This is a state of bliss, peace, and unconditional love in which all inner resistance has been let go of. It is a call to the present moment, a feeling of absolute peace and bliss because one sees the beauty and perfection of all, there is no such thing as error. The energy invigorates the Self and bursts forth from the heart and radiates out to the universe. One is filled with eternal happiness and peace and is totally present in the moment. Everything becomes rich and alive, but above all, everything is divinely beautiful. The feeling of divine presence brings feelings of absolute gratitude for everything because everything is perfect as it is and is an expression of divinity. Perfection is seen everywhere and thus one is filled with absolute bliss in the divine creativity of all.

Even in pain and suffering one finds absolute bliss in its perfection, in a state of unconditional love, all is beautiful and perfect with no need to change anything for all is perfect and an act of love. This feeling and state brings about an essence of peace, gratitude, and pure love for the present moment that is an indescribable joy. The present moment is perfect and thus there is no need to leave it through thoughts of the ego. The ego is submerged and the Self is free to express itself in all its purity. Moments of pure creativity are exactly this, moments of freedom from the dualistic ego self. True creativity only comes from the Self and thus is truly divine since it comes directly from the collective energy of consciousness. It is a perfect representation of how consciousness creates from seemingly nothing. Before the musician starts playing, the song is nothing but perhaps an intention, it is only once the musician allows the flow of source to come through them that they are illuminated with creative energy. This applies to all things in life as well whatever your passion may be. This is an amazing meditative state of bliss and peace when we are engaged in the moment through creativity. This experience shared is only magnified by the combined loving and creative energy. These moments also contribute energy to the immediate surroundings as well as the universe.

Conscious beings combining their creative divine energy together through the realization of oneness and love for All That Is creates a state of bliss through the power and energy vibration of unconditional love. This vibration is extremely powerful and can facilitate a massive shift in consciousness for those involved as well as for infinite others unknown and unseen to the original creator(s). Just as has been shown with the meditation studies correlated to crime reduction, time and energy spent on the vibration of love can literally reduce crime, heal, inspire, give comfort, give hope, and make others feel loved whether we realize it or not. The list is infinite the effect this vibration has on the universe especially when we consider the domino effect and how every single being will forever be different from feeling that vibration and thus we each effect the entire universe through our vibrations in this way. Once we start to wrap our heads around the idea that we are all connected and connected to All That Is, there literally is no ‘other’, that means that everything, absolutely everything is One. Thus we see how each of us contribute to the whole. This is the concept of entanglement that quantum physics discusses.

So by realizing our power we can begin to find joy in our service. The beautiful thing is that our joy is giving the service so it’s not seen as a negative responsibility but one that we happily want to uphold. Essentially, life is about experiencing joy and happiness and thus raising your vibration. Socrates said that every man does what he perceives to be best. As our awareness and consciousness rise so does our expressions of joy and happiness. Thus we see how primitive egos find happiness in external things where as more enlightened beings find happiness in giving love and sharing with others, which are intrinsic gifts coming from within and are therefore inexhaustible. In other words, the evolution of consciousness is the shifting from sporadic and fleeting external happiness to the realization of infinite internal happiness. As a reminder, neither are right or wrong, good or bad, they’re just simply options and each of us must decide for ourselves what we want. But that’s the beauty it’s not about following a certain set path but rather, finding one’s own way by naturally evolving. Eventually external things won’t make one happy anymore, at which point one will have to decide ‘do I keep chasing happiness or do I try something else’. It really is the most beautiful concept ever to only follow your love, happiness, and joy, whatever that may be. As we are allowed to do this our consciousness automatically evolves by the intention itself.

Here is an example of how the progression might transpire. The basic survival/life intent of all individuals is to be happy(in the form of food, shelter, safety, love, approval, etc), so first one will project happiness externally unless otherwise educated. Next as one chases fleeting external joys they eventually will stay stuck at this stage and always be chasing the next best thing that’s guaranteed to make them happy or they realize that there has to be something more lasting. This is the choice to pursue enlightenment whether one recognizes it consciously or unconsciously. Because once one makes this decision they will eventually end up at the conclusion that all happiness, love, joy, bliss, and all other states human beings might desire, are all within.

This decision to pursue lasting internal joy is the most crucial in ones journey. It is the first major challenge to the ego’s power and thus can take several weeks, months, years, maybe lifetimes, to transcend. It is extremely hard for a being’s consciousness to shift from thinking the world is all separate things and one is just a body to the realization that all is one. Thus one is a divine creative being that influences all since the one is the All. This concept seems to be built upon in layers of understanding. One’s consciousness is added upon through devotion and dedication. Spiritual truths are revealed when one is ready to comprehend them.

Many truths may be right in front of us but if we aren’t aware of that level of vibration we won’t comprehend it and thus don’t recognize it. An example is two people looking at the same painting, one being looks at it in disgust and moves on while another sees the beauty in every brush stroke, seeing the perfection of creation from the artist. A beautiful line from The Thin Red Line is “One man sees a dying bird and sees pain another man sees that same bird and feels the glory.” There is beauty in all, but as mentioned, this concept is hard for us to truly grasp and implement into our subconscious beliefs because we’ve been so trained by primitive ego thinking to have a judgement and opinion of everything. The joy is to just be/exist, be in the moment, love the moment for what it is, and be in a state of absolute peace because there is no need to change it or judge it.

Creating music inspired me and showed me how I can bring forth love from within, in this case, in the form of creativity. Creativity is the Divine coming through us in whatever form it may take, it all is beautiful and perfect. To explore one’s creativity is to explore the Divine. We are all Divinity and we are all perfect for we all are extensions of Creation.

What a beautiful concept, Love, Peace, Joy, and Happiness to all! Life is amazing! Truth is universal and is available to all as they seek it. I hope you find your own truth and perhaps something I wrote sparked something for you. I love you always and forever. As Joseph Campbell said, follow your bliss.

Always Love, Namaste’

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

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