Every Passing Moment Is Another Chance To Turn It All Around

Every moment is another chance to turn it all around

“Assume that this fleeting moment will never be exactly the same again. Embrace it fully surrendering yourself completely to its wonder and eternal potential. Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.“ Each moment of our lives holds within it infinite potential to lead us down one of countless miraculous paths. The magnitude of our choices is truly mind blowing, even to the point where if dwelt upon too much would render us incapable of possibly making decisions due to the sheer impact of its ripple effect, forever altering our course. Yet instead of dropping into fear …

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See All ‘Failures’ as Blessings in Disguise

Overcome the temptation of negativity - see all setbacks as blessings

“See all ‘failures’ and setbacks as blessings in disguise. There is wisdom within all things, thus leading us closer to what it is we are seeking.” Another powerful reminder to keep with us throughout our journey is to faithfully, without doubt, see all setbacks, disappointments, and ‘failures’ as perfectly orchestrated lessons and guides to our goals. More important than the goal itself is what we become during the process of overcoming our obstacles, and it is through our trials that we become the person we are desiring to be. Dwelling on negativity only stagnates our growth and could only be …

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The Power of Habit – A Great Creator or Destroyer

Taking a new path in life through forming new habits and a new destiny

“Habit is the most prominent challenge along the path of realigning our lives with a higher destiny of true happiness. Habit is a powerful seed that can bring forth poisonous creations that continuously mislead us or it can blossom soul-nurturing fruits that guide the way to godliness.” In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna often repeats to Arjuna to beware of the endless temptations and ensnarements of destructive habits. Our habits often run deep into our subconscious and therefore have an overwhelming power over us if we’re not careful and present in the moment to catch their automatic reactive nature. If we are not …

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Revealing the Light Through the Fog

The lighthouse of God's Love

“With true strength and conviction all things can be overcome so as to reveal the Light hidden behind the fog of the ego’s smoke and mirrors. With honest surrender for help comes endless support and guidance in alignment with our heart’s genuine intentions.” Once we make the honest commitment to improve and overcome our temptations of selfishness, Divine’s infinite love and guidance comes to assist us in all that we stand in need of. Just as all negative consequences and painful situations we’ve had to endure up to this point have been the result of our own choice and making, …

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The Con of the Senses

World of Choices - Good vs. Evil - All is aligned in perfect balance

“Following after the endless desires of the senses leads to an entrapment of addiction and the bondage of always needing more. Sense cravings can only be temporarily satisfied for varying lengths of time depending on the individual. Yet, inevitably attachments will always convince us we are lacking and thereby make us a slave to their needs.” It is the grandest illusion of the path of selfishness/ego that the senses (desire and attachment) can eventually be satisfied and ever-fulfilled. If I just got that career I would be complete. If I just made x amount of money I would be set. If …

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There is Nothing External Imposing Consequences, it is Self-Fulfilling According to Free Will

Which road will you choose to go down, that of righteousness or selfishness

“All are choosing their own destiny of liberated happiness or enslaved misery according to expressing their soul’s desires. There is nothing external imposing consequences, it is self-fulfilling according to free will.” There is no external power or entity for us to blame or project our circumstances on. Our entire reality is a holographic projection from within us that shifts and changes according to our own subconscious beliefs, desires, and perceptions. The world is perfect just as it is and has everything available within it for us to perceive, we are the one’s that label it otherwise and seek to find a …

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We Can Perceive a World of Selfishness or Godliness, the Choice is Ours

Ascension into Self-Realization the remembrance of our eternal gift of consciousness

“Some souls are attracted to goodness, abundance, and service while others by fear, scarcity, and selfishness. The attraction is self-imposed and according to each soul being what it is. All align with what they desire.” With the gift of consciousness we can perceive the universe unfolding to us as we see fit. Subsequently, some of us will choose to see scarcity and lack and thus respond with fear and selfishness while others will choose to see abundance and eternity and thus respond with service, joy, and peace. There is no right or wrong here, it is just a matter of perspective and …

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We Are Apertures Through Which the Universe Becomes Conscious of Itself

The Universe is Within us - there is no external reality

“We are an aperture through which the universe becomes conscious of itself.” Through the realization that all that is experienced “external” to us is actually just a projection of what is “internal”, we can further realize that the entire universe is therefore becoming conscious of itself as we continue to reveal it through our experiences. We are explorers of the universe and discoverers of Divine Consciousness, revealing and unfolding that which can only become known through us. There is no “out there” out there, no independently existing reality separate from us, it is only through our conscious experience that we evoke the entire …

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All That Is Perceived Outside Is Only A Projection From Within

First and most important sutra - what we see outside is only a projection from within

“All that is perceived outside is only a projection from within.” As I begin this series of sutras for liberation, I must start with reminding us that the most important thing to always know is that all experiences are only subjective and thus purely stemming from within us. What this means is that the world we see around us, and the perceptions we have about it, are only a mirror of our inner world. In other words, we will be drawn to seeing whatever it is we currently are aligning our consciousness with and in need of seeing in order to further …

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