Everything is Always Working Out for My Benefit

Everything is always working out for the best, there is nothing to ever fear

“Everything is always working out for my benefit” As we accept this affirmation we move ourselves into a vibration of positive expectancy and unconquerable optimism. I personally love this affirmation as it has proved its benefit to me several times whenever my thoughts become overrun with negativity. The beauty of this affirmation is that the mind can’t actually reject it because technically it’s projecting to an unknown and is based on faith. The mind can reason all it wants against optimism but in the end it has to accept that it doesn’t know the future. And if the future is …

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What We Resist, Persists

What we resist, persists - sutras for liberation

“What we resist, persists” This is a commonly mentioned adage/sutra that holds enormous power if we truly understand its full depth. The premise for this sutra is that ironically what we don’t want will continue to appear in our experiences so long as we continue to feed it energy – even if it is ‘not wanting’ it. The concept is, we will perceive/experience what it is we are aligning with or choosing to believe in. So this means if we believe life is hard and we have to struggle to make things happen for us then we will continue to …

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There is an Eternal Fountain of Love Within Me

Positive affirmations

“There is an Eternal Fountain of Love Within Me!” There is always more than enough love in this world if we know where to find it… within ourselves! All the love, joy, peace, happiness, and bliss you could imagine is all within you waiting to be found. So often ego thinking gets us caught up searching for circumstances and things that are going to make us happy and fulfilled but we miss the truth about where the real joy is; within us! And we always have a never ending amount of it! We often fail to realize that people don’t …

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Abundance Flows Freely in My Life

Affirmation of abundance and success

“There is an endless supply of ________ in my life that flows freely to me and everyone in this beautiful world!” This truth is important to remember because it helps go against everything the ego wants to create for us. The ego is trying to create thoughts, feelings, and thus outcomes, in our lives of scarcity and lack. But this is a lie and an illusion! There is more than enough good for everyone. There is more than enough joy, love, success, happiness, and fulfillment for all. It may be hard at first to accept these types of truths but …

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I am a Magnet of Joy

Courage to accept your greatness

“All things work out for my good and for the good of all” With all the buzz lately around the law of attraction and the wonderful discoveries in quantum physics it is important to understand the true implications of what they mean. People get so excited with this new age science that is telling them they can have and create anything they want. However, without first understanding the ego we will never be happy. The ego will always have us searching for the next external source of happiness. With that being said, this affirmation is a reminder that first, the …

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There is No Limit to My Greatness

“I am capable of anything that I set my mind to and nourish with unflinching belief and faith” I want to mention another powerful truth to be pondered early to help it sink into your subconscious and really resonate with you. Reflect on these affirmations often until you read them and really know they are true. Don’t read them as if someone else is trying to encourage you. You want to read these affirmations and feel their truth and power for yourself. There is no limit to what you can do. You are infinite in glory and power. Your life …

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I Am Powerful Beyond Measure

“I am powerful beyond measure” Remember who you truly are. You are Divine in human form. Your word is your creative power. Honor your word and know that every thought leads to your word which leads to action and result. Your word is your creative power, always remember this fact and that you are always creating in every moment. It is consistency of thoughts, words, and actions that lead to all of our dreams becoming a reality. Remember your strength and don’t be afraid of it but let it empower you and know that you can fill your life with …

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Most Important Affirmation to Remember

I Am, One with the Divine

“I Am, One with the Divine.” With this being the first affirmation I would like to make it the most important and most sacred to be remembered and cherished. This is the grandest truth that we seem to forget about mankind’s real power. Of course, we know why we forget it and it’s because the ego thinking is keeping it from us. Ego thinking is rooted in the lie of powerlessness and victimization and therefore the complete opposite of your true Divine Self. With advancements in Quantum Physics today, science has even been able to show how we are all …

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