The Holographic Universe – Radically Changing Our Beliefs on What is Possible (5/5)

The Holographic Universe - Radically changing our beliefs on what is possible

In this portion of the Holographic Universe series Stephen Davis continues to explore the profound implications of recent scientific findings, especially regarding our perceptions and beliefs. This portion is dedicated to radically changing our beliefs of reality and what we believe is possible for ourselves. The first thirty minutes is demonstrating the point that all of us interpret and see the world differently and so even if we are sharing the same experience we are actually experiencing different worlds. The difference arises from the fact that each of us has different lenses for perception which is composed of our beliefs …

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We Are the Product of What We Believe

We are the product of what we believe - liberation or limitation is all according to our own boundaries of belief

“We are the product of what we believe.” This sutra holds within it infinite depth in its efficacy and application if we are adventurous enough to explore it. What we have been told from spirituality and recent discoveries in quantum and theoretical physics is that our reality is actually a holographic experience (dream-like) in which we are perceiving our reality through the filters of our beliefs, judgments, and therefore spectrum for what we believe is possible. According to science and spirituality the Infinite I/Divinity is creating everything and anything for us according to what we are aligning our beliefs and perceptions …

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Meditation: Gateway to Peace

Meditation: The Gateway to Peace and transcendence

I wanted to bring up one of the most important things in becoming conscious and taking control of our thoughts and therefore lives and that is Meditation. There are several ways in which we can perform meditation and each person should find a method that works best for them. I wanted to share a simple outline by Melvin Saunders from his 100% Brain Course that I found helpful. “You should be very wary of visions encountered while attempting meditation. You could be easily fooled with false notions from this curious limbo region between hypnosis and meditation. Just observe, proceed and …

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Learning to Love Ourselves

Healing from within, learning to love ourselves

  Loving ourselves is the most important aspect of all psychological and physical healing and personal growth. However, remembering/learning to love ourselves can ironically be one of the most difficult things to do in our life. Loving ourselves was intended to be the most natural and easiest thing for us to do and yet our conditioning and culture has taught us otherwise, in fact many believe that it is natural to not love ourselves! Think about how all advertising works, for example, making us feel incomplete and imperfect without whatever it is they’re trying to sell. The consumer culture breeds …

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Understanding the Power of the Mind

To begin lets think of some questions from observation of life… Why is one man sad and another man happy? Why is one man joyous, successful, and full of love for life and another man poor and miserable? Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one man have a beautiful, luxurious home while another man lives out a meager existence in a slum? Why is one man a great success and another an abject failure? Why is one speaker outstanding and immensely popular and another mediocre and unpopular? Why is one …

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