Call to Greatness

Call to Greatness

As an elementary teacher, I feel my current service is to inspire and ignite the passion for learning and exploration of the endless, exciting possibilities of life. Yesterday I had an unusually profound day with my students; drawing their attention to the fact that history is being made as we speak, in this very moment choices and potentials for our lives are unfolding and being written in time. As they stared at me captivated and perhaps even mind-blown at the idea that in a hundred or thousand years other people would be studying us just as we were studying those before us, I reiterated to them that although they may still be young, their beliefs about themselves and their potential, their choices, and decisions are shaping their lives far beyond what they can see. The final, closing question being, “What will you make of your life? What do you want to do, who do you want to be? Because in every moment you are deciding.”

Upon hearing these words come from my mouth I have to admit that I was taken back by the moment, as I saw the profound magic unfolding right in front of my eyes and I stood there frozen, looking at them in awe. All of us were existing in that moment together bound by some mysterious power that brought us there to experience each other’s divine expressions of who we areEach of us being and sharing the precious, fleeting moment that will never be again. I had mentioned to them that this exact moment with all its infinite intricacies will never be again from the stars’ alignments, the planet’s age, our bodies’ chemical makeup, the dust in the room, etc. Becoming aware of the fleetingness of the moment, we must ultimately ask ourselves, “How do I want to spend this moment? Who do I want to be? What will my story be? What am I leaving for others to find or learn from?”

These questions have led me to write and share more of this passion for exploration that  burns within me. I refuse to let this magical gift of life to flow through me without exploring the boundaries of what I am capable of. As I’ve said before in my exploration of beliefs, I must accept that I was created for this reason and therefore I must never doubt my curiosities and passions. Why am I drawn to pondering these things and to writing this? I don’t know, nor do I need to anymore. I’ve given up trying to ‘figure out’ things and pursue the ‘why’, which never seems to solve anything. Instead it always leads to more ‘whys’ of the mind’s endless chasing. All I must do is accept that my passions are there, my life is now, and all that I am is waiting to be expressed and brought to life if I would only surrender and let it.

Pushing Through Attachement to the Familiarity of Fear

All of us have these quiet seeds of greatness waiting to be nourished, sprouted, and blossomed into fruition. And so we must ask ourselves, “What do I want for my life? Who do I want to be? What am I waiting for? What am I afraid of?” It is important to genuinely ask ourselves these questions and pursue their potential without limits to what is possible. In other words we could ask, “If there were no obstacles, what would I do with my life? We must first dive within our own hearts to see what we truly and deeply desire when we stop editing ourselves and saying “no” before we’ve even gotten the chance to find out who we really are and were created to be.

As soon as we begin to place limitations on ourselves we’ve already surrendered to a life of quiet desperation and mundanity. If we stop ourselves at the first sign of an obstacle and fear, the true magic of life will never work for us. We must know and accept that obstacles, fear, struggles, and opposition will always be there and are part of the process and to be expected. Of course, they don’t have to be, yet most of us want them to be there in accordance with our beliefs.

Remember that we interpret our experience, our perception of reality, and so if we perceive obstacles and fears it is because we are enjoying the challenges, the games, the excitement of pushing ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of. It’s invigorating, not defeating if we can see it this way. It’s inspiring and encouraging rather than crushing or paralyzing. Analyze your beliefs and always know that you have the power to perceive your reality as you choose. Life can be easy or a challenging struggle, it’s only up to us and what we want to enjoy. The Universe is unfolding everything according to our beliefs about what we hold to be possible. We can experience anything we want in life, our perception is up to us. Life will seem to be whatever we desire.

The only reason why we don’t see changes taking place more quickly is because we are holding on within, we are clinging to our old beliefs and can’t let go of our comfort of fear. Ironically, living a life without fear is one of the most fearful things to us! Because a life without fear is the unknown and we can’t imagine it, fear cunningly keeps us trapped in its paradox. In my studies of enlightenment/Nonduality I found that all mystics emphasized this point that the final barrier and liberation was to actually accept that there doesn’t have to be any fear in our existence and that there can actually only be Divinity/Nonduality – All is Love. In other words, realize the final and resolute conclusion that fear does not exist. Yet, because we refuse to see this, we cling to the familiarity with playing small. We resist accepting our inherent, fearless, ‘godly’ greatness because then we’d have to accept responsibility and forfeit our ability to ever play victim.

Embracing Our Highest Potential – Pushing Past the Paradox of Fear

I write for those of us who are ready to let go of fear, see its illusion, and to embrace our greatness in order to explore the possibilities and potential that we were born to explore. Those who are ready to live life without limitations of boundaries, borders, or controls. Let us release ourselves from our bondage of fear and insecurity and be free.

Once this has been declared and we’ve spent time nurturing our highest visions we must begin the process of removing all limiting belief systems that we have adopted that run contrary to our dreams. This I have found is the most challenging portion of the journey. For it requires us to face all of our demons, hidden fears and insecurities, and let go of the addiction to suffering (victimization). When we have decided life without limitations is our goal, the universe will naturally bring us all the opportunities we need to experience the liberating lessons required to get there. All of our limitations and fears will be brought to the surface, presented to us clearly, and will have to be broken down and processed. This requires that we are present in order to catch the beliefs as they arise.

The easiest way to identify our beliefs, which primarily are subconscious, is through their appearance as judgments and opinions in our conscious experience. Noticing my judgments and opinions in the moment they arise has been the most successful approach for me in uprooting any limitations that I’ve been working to remove. Once identified, the questioning can then be pursued until resolved, “Where did this come from? Why do I believe this? Do I still believe this, does it serve me? Can I let this go?”

When we see that we adopted a belief because it served us at the time of learning it, we then can have compassion for the truth that we simply didn’t know any better. With compassion and forgiveness we can then let it go because it is no longer necessary and can be replaced with what we do believe. There are endless beliefs that we have accumulated during our lives and awareness of them should be something to be attuned to in order to consciously decide which ones we agree with. If we unconsciously or mindlessly accept all belief systems that we come into contact with, we will be the very sheep that many beings on this planet would like us to be in order to keep us believing in limitation and subsequently easily controlled. Countless social programming methods are created for doing exactly this in order to manipulate the masses and control our perception of reality. The only solution is to stay awake, be present, be conscious of your experiences.

Evolution of Humanity

Going Beyond Limitation

As we remain present and focused throughout our daily lives we continue this process little by little, chipping away at old beliefs as they arise, analyzing them, breaking them down, and letting them go. Then through continuous focus upon the beliefs we do wish to accept for ourselves we gradually shift our consciousness to a new level of experience. As we process through all of our previously accepted limitations we begin to see a whole new world shifting and changing around us. It is as if the entire universe is collaborating for our success and exploration of life’s possibilities, which is exactly what is taking place. As we believe, it shall be. As above, so below.

Push yourself to the realms of your unknown and discover your greatness waiting behind your fears. Discover your power over your perception of reality, your ability to inspire yourself to do incredible things, beyond the scope of what you believe is ordinarily possible. People all over the world today are continuing to do this in increasing number as humanity evolves further out of ignorance. But evolution doesn’t happen all at once it is gradual; only a few emerged from the ocean first to lead the exploration of land, and so it is now that few are emerging from the manmade matrix of limitation to lead the exploration of the infinite. All great beings throughout time understood this on some level and left us with their example of going beyond what is commonly believed possible. They may have left us, but their examples are infused within our collective consciousness, within our very DNA, calling us to greatness!

~Go within and start knocking on the Door~

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.


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