Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.

I Am Powerful Beyond Measure

“I am powerful beyond measure” Remember who you truly are. You are Divine in human form. Your word is your creative power. Honor your word and know that every thought leads to your word which leads to action and result. Your word is your creative power, always remember this fact and that you are always creating in every moment. It is consistency of thoughts, words, and actions that lead to all of our dreams becoming a reality. Remember your strength and don’t be afraid of it but let it empower you and know that you can fill your life with …

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The Beginning of an Amazing Journey!

Hello brother/sister! I’m so happy we’ve been brought together with the amazing technology of today that allows us to connect all around the world. With this being the first post I’d like to set out the basic idea of what I’m really aiming to achieve by starting this site. My ultimate goal is to help us all live vital and happy lives full of everything we desire. This is my passion, desire, and eternal goal, to unconditionally love others and help others awaken to the amazing power and truth within themselves. There is an amazing truth that has been hidden …

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Most Important Affirmation to Remember

“I Am, One with the Divine.” With this being the first affirmation I would like to make it the most important and most sacred to be remembered and cherished. This is the grandest truth that we seem to forget about mankind’s real power. Of course, we know why we forget it and it’s because the ego thinking is keeping it from us. Ego thinking is rooted in the lie of powerlessness and victimization and therefore the complete opposite of your true Divine Self. With advancements in Quantum Physics today, science has even been able to show how we are all …

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