Accepting Responsibility – Remembering Who We Are

Remember Who We Are - Living Without Limitations

With the Transcending the Themes of Consciousness series completed I’d like to share some more pragmatic wisdom with you. Today we’ll elaborate on the power of the mind and accepting the realization that we are creating our life experience in every moment through our perceptions. The biggest key to a truly successful (happy and fulfilled) and abundant life is to take responsibility for every moment and deny all temptations to play victim. Remember, the ego’s favorite tactic for keeping us powerless is dwelling on victimization. Anytime victimization arises or any sense of lack, separation, fear, doubt, or disbelief we must discard it immediately and give it absolutely no attention.

Taking Responsibility

It is important to first realize within every moment of life, ‘I am creating my perception of this’. This is most important because we immediately take responsibility for our experience and re-own the power that is rightfully ours. Whenever we forget this we feel powerless and a victim of life, such as “why is this happening to me?” or “why are things not working out?” The mind loves to play victim because then it doesn’t have to take responsibility for its self-created suffering. There are no victims in the universe and all suffering is self-created through our limiting perceptions. The ego would hate to admit that it actually wanted to be a ‘loser’, struggling, sick, in poverty, and that it loves the idea that life isn’t fair and ‘poor me’…

To overcome all temptations we must go beyond this idea to remember the true infinite power that we are. We have been taught to deny our own happiness and have become addicted to our weakness, but why? We don’t need to do this, it’s silly, narcissistic and ignorant. The world has programmed us to stay powerless, to be subservient, and deny our true happiness. We must abandon these limiting beliefs, we must stop shrinking, stop playing small, stop denying who we really are. We are still the innocent and naive child and so we accepted limiting belief systems as truth. Yet now that we are aware of the illusion we have been fed we can do the work to forgive ourselves and see clearly. It’s okay to be happy, it’s okay to be successful, it’s okay to be talented, it’s okay to follow your dreams, it’s okay to be wise, it’s okay to be full of love and joy. Don’t let anyone tell us otherwise for it is only a lie anyway, we are intended to be liberated and free. We are creating our experience and many have accepted to create struggle, misery, and heartache, but that doesn’t have to be our reality. We are the creators of our life story so ask yourself, what do I really want? What kind of a life would I really like to live if there were no excuses or limitations?

Reclaiming Our Power

Accepting that we are the one’s that determine our life experience through our power of perception and intention is so powerful and fundamental to joyful living. Once we understand this we reclaim our limitless empowerment and free ourselves from the trap of victimization. We accept that we are the one’s that are in control of our subjective experience at all times, life’s experience is solely dictated by us, and us alone. There is no ‘one’ or ‘thing’ out there that can actually effect us, it’s only an illusion as such. Stop giving our power away to things outside of ourselves – that is the easiest way to be a perpetual victim. All power comes from within… so keep it there.

Another aspect to embrace when taking responsibility is that there is absolutely nothing in the universe that is by ‘accident’, ‘random’, or a ‘coincidence’. We cannot accept such notions because if we do we are yet again giving our power away and separating ourselves from our true identity as the creator of our life story. Every person, place, thing, and situation is all according to our creation and is there for a reason that may be unknown to us at the moment but we must accept that it’s there for us to grow, mature, and learn from one way or another. Such an approach only leads to wisdom, empowerment, love, and acceptance. Every moment is only leading to our evolution, there is in fact nothing other than progress. Embracing this understanding gives us empowerment to yet again realize, ‘I created this’.

Manifestation of Intentions

With our power reclaimed and the realization that what we hold in mind we tend to see appear in our experience, we can begin to focus on clear manifestation of our beliefs and intentions. When contemplating a desire, take away ‘I’ and ‘want’ and then just focus on the thing itself. The ‘I’ is ego/mind and separation, the ‘want’ is desire and thus coming from lack. Both notions stem from lack and inability and so it is most useful to just eliminate them all together. If we stop giving them attention they eventually lose power and don’t even have to be said.

Remember, you’re so powerful you don’t even have to speak your desire or think it technically. The infinitely powerful, wordless intuition guides all things and all things manifest accordingly. Everything is based more so off our energy and vibration, thoughts are a form of this and an extension of our overall being and hearts intentions. Yet whenever we use ‘want’ we push things further from us. Assume that whatever you hold in mind will inevitably arrive in your experience in due time and I promise you, it will be so. The stronger and more steadfast the intention the faster the manifestation – analogously the stronger the magnet the stronger the pull of attraction.

As Above, So Below

When desiring something search for the underlying feeling or subjective state that would accompany already having, or already accomplishing, whatever it is that is desired. It is not the actual thing that we desire it is the feeling/subjective state, so go direct to the feeling and then the external manifests in due time – the irony being at that point it actually doesn’t matter to us. The process is complete when we have realized we are already fulfilled within and so whether or not the external desire ever manifests is no longer necessary. The subjective state is not technically dependent on the external, it can be created within our mind at any point. We can embody the energy of whatever state we desire and then the external world will shift in order to reflect our internal state.

Some of my examples:

Desire: ‘A gorgeous goddess to worship, my perfect queen and best friend, one I can be crazy about and it be mutual, empowering, and inspiring. My soul’s reflection in another – my equal physically, intellectually, and spiritually.’

Underlying feelings/state: feeling loved, ‘seen’, understood, wanted, and desired/attractive. God loves me so much that It gave me my perfect companion and greatest source of joy (romance and love for my Queen) – so essentially blessed and lucky. Companionship/sensation of never being alone, accomplishment, self-esteem, and healthy pride/confidence. Empowerment and masculinity. Appreciation for sharing life with another reflection of myself.

Application: Enjoy the above states by imagining if she was already in my life, because she is, who knows she could be reading this now! The point is she’s out there somewhere – we’re on our way to each other through the merging of our life journey’s and preparations, I just don’t see it yet. So I embody the fact that she’s already in my life and already my companion and then ask myself how would I behave knowing it’s already done? How would I feel knowing I’m going to be coming home to her, being with her, playing and laughing with her, exploring and sharing life together? How would I feel knowing she loves me and I love her? How would I carry myself? How would I speak? What activities and priorities would perhaps be different?

[Since posting this my desired and intended Queen and I found each other in a beautifully serendipitous way and we are now happily reunited and engaged to be married]

You see, the point being pay attention to the inner state rather than focusing on the fact that the physical hasn’t presented itself yet. But again, the fact of the matter is the physical is not what we’re after anyway. I don’t actually want ‘her’ as a body or a ‘thing’ I want the subjective feelings that her presence facilitates me to allow myself to enjoy. Remember always, it’s not technically necessary though, we create our experience solely on our own – no person or thing can make us happy or fulfilled – this saves us from falling into attachment.

Desire: ‘Wealthy/successful – debt free’

Underlying feelings/state:  Freedom, empowerment, abundance, unlimited, powerful, blessed, grateful, lucky – so lucky and fortunate! Able to give back and share even more.

Application: Enjoy freedom knowing that all the money I could ever need is on its way to me. I can embrace all the energies above by looking around at what I already have and then emphasizing it. When it comes to abundance and money – gratitude is key. All it takes is going to a third world country, a prison, the projects, or a war zone to realize there is always worse. We never have the entitlement to complain or be ungrateful, such a belief is purely an ego vanity. Even if we’re in the above mentioned places it still can be worse! It always can be worse no matter what, there’s always better, there’s always worse, it depends purely on your perspective. The wisest approach then is to stay grateful at all times, all places, and see the abundance all around us regardless of circumstances. Celebrate the freedoms we do have and say thank you for it. What we praise increases and what we complain/worry about only frustrates us more and continues to show up in our experience. So I ask myself how would I behave knowing all the money I will ever need will always be there? How would I carry myself? How would I feel? Imagine it and act it out now. Embody the energy first and then the physical manifests accordingly. As Christ said, we must believe first before we can ever see.

[Since posting, I have received a new job paying far more than I’ve ever made before, completely fulfilling and an amazing ability to be of service, and I am enjoying a new level of abundance while my debt is quickly falling away.]

Desire:‘Serve and love all humanity to my greatest potential’

Underlying feelings/state: Full of infinite love/unconditionally loving, of service, fulfilling a purpose/destiny, life has meaning, caring, nurturing, healing and guiding/wise.

Application: This one is especially easy because our service to the world is directly correlated to our own personal work and self-love. As the great sage Ramana Maharshi said, our spiritual evolution and Self-realization is the greatest service we can render to the world. It is the being/love that we become that then serves others not anything we actually ‘do’. Whether we remain anonymous or serve as a public figure the service and love is equal – alignment is based on karmic destiny. For the mystic or those seeking enlightenment, the realization dawns that ‘self’ and ‘others’ are not separate and thus the mystic sees humanity as Self, there is no duality or separation.

This desire then is mainly regarding getting to express love, happiness, and truth, yet the love stays the same and is already present at all times. For example, it is infinite love that creates this writing otherwise it wouldn’t be attractive. And likewise, it is the same love that is present while surfing, sleeping, eating, reading, speaking, walking, meditating, playing music, or whatever else the body may be aligned with. Devotion is to love, truth, and Divinity/Self at all times. So out of a desire to be of the most service one can embody the surrender of ‘what will be will be’ and thus embody the prayer to be the greatest servant of Truth – always. This prayer bypasses all need for it to manifest a particular way, which would only be attachment. Thus we embody the infinite love of humanity within us at all times and see that our service is just as powerful and meaningful whether we’re inspiring one person or thousands/millions. Love is all-encompassing and is a way of being.

This World Will Pass

The external always changes and fades, so obviously it is not the ‘thing’ we desire. For example we don’t want the money itself we want what it subjectively symbolizes for us: power, freedom, happiness, empowerment, security, etc. So what we really want in life is the subjective states of overall peace, empowerment, love, fulfillment, and happiness. All of life’s form comes and goes and is always changing, this world will pass, so it is only relevant to stick to our internal world and thus no matter what changes we’ll always be secure. This is a great trick to overcome the world because when we truly master this nothing can ever faze us again. If we are masters of our internal world the external world holds no power over us. Remember, the external world only has the power that we allow it to have – we create our perception of it. Remember always – ‘I am creating my perceptions of this’. All power over our experience of life comes solely from within.

I’ll leave it at this for now, let me know if you have questions.

Namaste and wishing us Peace and Love always-

Mathew Micheletti

~You shall know Truth by the happiness, joy, and peace it brings~ Go within and start knocking on the Door.